VVAA - Copenhaguen Beat (65-68 Denmark Garage Beat)

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1. Beefeaters - "Big City" (2:09)
2. Blackpools - "I'm Wild About You" (2:21)
3. Heaters - "Walking Down the Street" (2:37)
4. King Beats - "She's Fine, She's Mine" (3:23)
5. Ole Neumann and His Newmen - "Get Out of My Life Woman" (3:56)
6. Raws - "When I Walked" (3:26)
7. John Inglis and His Group - "I'm Looking For" (2:21)
8. Swinging Five - "Little Zula" (2:24)
9. Black Devils - "Cherry Stone" (3:01)
10. Blackpools - "Endless Hoping" (3:02)
11. Caravans - "Everything is Allright" (3:12)
12. Joe E. Carters Group - "Gloria" (2:22)
13. Butterfly - "Am I to Blame" (1:50)
14. Bristols - "A Rolling Stone" (3:25)
15. Blackpools - "I'll Go Crazy" (2:36)
16. Telstars - "Where-Where" (1:40)
17. Noblermen - "I'm Mad Again" (3:17)
18. Beatmakers - "Coming On Strong" (2:18)
19. Caravans - "Can I Get a Witness" (3:05)
20. Meteors - "Anytime" (3:11)
21. Dandy Swingers - "He's a Loser" (2:36)
22. King Beats - "Roadrunner" (2:47)
23. Blackpools - "All Right" (2:44)
24. Snaphanerne - "My Lucky Day" (2:15)
25. Beefeaters - "L.S.D." (2:27)
26. John Inglis & His Group - "Tell Me" (1:56)
27. Silverbeats - "If You Tell Me" (3:01)
28. Heaters - "Just Can't Go to Sleep" (2:00)
29. Big Boss Man - "Get the Picture" (2:01)

VVAA - Copenhaguen Beat (65-68 Denmark Garage Beat) - Part 1
VVAA - Copenhaguen Beat (65-68 Denmark Garage Beat) - Part 2


The Troggs - Cellophane/Mixed Bag

Review from Alex, Ohio @ Amazon.com

First I want to start this review by saying this is original releases, nothing re-done here. This two-fer is the 3rd and 4th albums by the Troggs, released in 1967 and 1968 respectively. Some of the songs on both albums are in Stereo, some are in mono. 24 great songs.

The Cellophane album is (for the most part) 3 guitars and drums pure rock, occasional flute. pretty basic for 1967, but not EVERY group would go psychedelic in 1966-67. The only ones that even resemble flower power or Psychedelic are the last 3-4 songs on the album. One of those songs being the top 40 hit "Love Is All Around" besides the song just mentioned, There is a melodic song or two on here, "Its Showing" is one of them.

The first few songs are pretty basic pop/rock, except "Butterflies And Bees" which has a modern jazz/pop sound. a great song and a change for the mostly raw and grungy 60s rock Sound the Troggs are known for.

Is this album good? yes, its one of their best. highlights on this album, "Little Red Donkey", "Butterflies And Bees", "All of The Time", "Somewhere My Girl Is Waiting", "My Lady", and of course "Love Is All Around". Was this the Troggs idea of, "All You Need Is Love"? or a "boy loves girl" song, maybe a little of both.

Now, the album Mixed Bag is another story, it still has the Troggs signature of the basic rock/pop sound, but there is more psychedlic songs on this album, it was 1968 after all.

The first song "Surprise, Surprise, is very good. One of those hitting the snare and Tom Tom and banging the piano songs. "Say Darlin" is very Troggs sounding in Lyric and music style.

Why wasnt "Purple Shades" a hit in the U.S.? talk about your lost hit single, great song. The Psychedelic songs? thats where "Maybe The Madman" comes in, and maybe a hint of Psychedelic on a few others. I'm wondering why this album is not getting more recognition! is this a Concept album? in a way yes, this is a very good album, maybe even their best. (Their first album from 1966 was great too).

One of the songs on this album called "Off The Record" is some Tom foolery in the studio, its fun. Another melodic song on here is "Theres something about you". No hit singles on here, from America that is. Probably a UK hit or two on here. The highlights are, Surprise,Surprise, Say Darlin, Purple Shades, Heads Or Tails, Hip Hip Hooray, Maybe The Madman", We Waited For Someone.

Get it now, these sort of releases dont always wait around to be bought.

...I don't know how these albums didnt get re-released sooner, maybe they were, I never saw them till I saw this 2-fer CD release. Buy it.

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1. Little Red Donkey
2. Too Muci of a Good Thing
3. Butterflies and Bees
4. All of the Time
5. Seventeen
6. Somewhere My Girl Is Waiting
7. It's Snowing
8. Her Emotion
9. When Will the Rain Come
10. My Lady
11. Come the Day
12. Love Is All Around
13. Surprise Surprise
14. You Can Cry If You Want To
15. Say Darlin'
16. Marbles and Some Gum
17. Purple Shades
18. Heads or Tails
19. Hip Hip Hooray
20. Little Girl
21. Maybe the Madman
22. Off the Record
23. We Waited for Someone
24. There's Something About You

The Troggs - Cellophane/Mixed Bag - Part 1
The Troggs - Cellophane/Mixed Bag - Part 2

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Manfred Mann - Best of the EMI Years

This is a wonderful collection and history of the bands early hits and B sides. Superb overview. They are one of my all time fav bands. These guys are real musicians and very accomplished in all areas of music, ranging from jazz to blues to pop/rock to folk and ballads. Check this collection out, it's a must for any true collector. Simply a killer.

From Amazon.com

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1. Do Wah Diddy Diddy
2. Cock-A-Hoop
3. I've Got My Mojo Working
4. Sticks And Stones
5. 5-4-3-2-1
6. Why Should We Not
7. I'm Your Kingpin
8. Without You
9. I Put A Spell On You
10. Hubble Bubble (Toil And Trouble)
11. Dashing Away With A Smoothing Iron
12. Sha La La
13. I Can't Believe What You Say
14. The One In The Middle
15. Watermelon Man
16. With God On Our Side
17. Come Tomorrow
18. It's Gonna Work Out Fine
19. She
20. Oh No Not My Baby
21. My Little Red Book
22. Come Home Baby
23. Pretty Flamingo
24. If You Gotta Go, Go Now
25. Tired Of Trying, Bored With Lying, Scared Of Dying
26. There's No Living Without Your Loving
27. You Gave Me Somebody To Love
28. 5-4-3-2-1 (Ready Steady Go Theme)
29. Do Wah Diddy Diddy (Unedited Version)

Manfred Mann - Best of the EMI Years - Part 1
Manfred Mann - Best of the EMI Years - Part 2


The Standells - Dirty Water/Why Pick on Me (1966)

The Standells were a 1960s rock and roll band from Los Angeles, California who, like The Seeds, exemplified the garage rock style.

The band was formed in 1962 by guitarist Tony Valentino and organist Larry Tamblyn. The Standells' first hit single was "Dirty Water," which reached #11 on the Billboard charts on June 11, 1966.

Other hits included "Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White," "Why Pick On Me," "Riot On Sunset Strip" (about the 1966 riots resulting from police attacks on hippies), and "Try It."

Singer/drummer Dick Dodd, who sang the lead on "Dirty Water", is a former Mouseketeer, and singer/keyboardist Larry Tamblyn is the brother of actor Russ Tamblyn and uncle of Amber Tamblyn, star of "Joan of Arcadia". The group appeared in several low budget films of the 1960s, including "Get Yourself a College Girl" and "Riot on Sunset Strip". Lowell George, who would go on to play with Little Feat, briefly played guitar in the Standells prior to their breakup in 1968.

The Standells also made an appearance on the 1964-1966 television sitcom The Munsters in the episode "Far Out Munster". The band was an integral part of the show, and performed the songs "Come On and Ringo" and The Beatles' "I Want to Hold Your Hand."

Despite the lyrics of "Dirty Water", which states, "Boston, you're my home." The Standells are not from Massachusetts. The song was written by their producer Ed Cobb. "Dirty Water" is played after every home victory by the Boston Red Sox and Boston Bruins.

All of the original members are back together, and recently performed at the second game of the World Series at Fenway Park.

In 1999 several band members got together for a live show at the Cavestomp festival, and their performance was subsequently released as an album called "Ban This!"

Reviewer: Mike Reed (USA) - See all my reviews
Obviously,the band's 1966 landmark 'Dirty Water' lp,with their 'Why Pick On Me' album tagged on,this must-have 2-lp's-on one disc release.Great move,Big Beat!Just a couple of noteworthy cuts are their sole hit,of course "Dirty Water",the Stone's "Paint It Black" and "Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear Black".Total of 19 tracks.Enjoy.

From Amazon.com

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01. Medication
02. Little Sally Tease
03. There Is A Storm Comin'
04. 19th Nervous Breakdown
05. Dirty Water
06. Pride And Devotion
07. Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White
08. Hey Joe, Where You Gonna Go?
09. Why Did You Hurt Me?
10. Rari
11. Why Pick On Me
12. Paint It Black
13. Mi Hai Fatto Innamorare
14. Black Hearted Woman
15. Girl And The Moon
16. Mr Nobody
17. My Little Red Book
18. Mainline
19. Have You Ever Spent The Night In Jail

The Standells - Dirty Water/Why Pick on Me (1966) >>Megaupload Mirror

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Art School - 3 Close Mates

Art School - 3 Close Mates

I just can't stop listening to...

Size: 39,7 MB
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01. London Breeze
02. The Chimney Sweeper
03. Your Little Sister
04. Two Guys For A Woman
05. The Trip
06. As Never Before
07. Southern Lullaby
08. Despairing
09. Dance (Lambrettas's Cover)
10. Man In The Mirror
11. Flying On Love

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01. (Intro:Pop Five Music Incorporated) - Overture (0:46)
02. Os Tártaros - Tartária (2:49)
03. Quinteto Académico - Train (2:22)
04. Daniel Bacelar - Tema Dos Gentlemen (1:48)
05. Pop Five Music Incorporated - Fire (2:29)
06. Conjunto Académico Joao Paulo - Sue Lin A Minha Chinesa (2:20)
07. Victor Gomes & Sideriais - Mama (2:18)
08. Paulo Machado - Hoje Mais Feliz Do Que Nunca (2:18)
09. Conjunto Ruy Manuel - Fuga (2:30)
10. Conjunto Mistério - Tired Of Waiting (2:33)
11. Os Morgans - Opus (1:50)
12. Conjunto Académico Joao Paulo - Hully Gully Do Montanhes (2:28)
13. Os Titas - Tema Para Titas (3:04)
14. Sheiks - Try To Understand (2:04)
15. Os Chinchilas - I`m A Believer (2:38)
16. Quarteto 1111 - Bissaide (3:13)
17. Jets - Let Me Live My Live (3:10)
18. Os Blusoes Negros - Tequilla (2:37)
19. Os Ekos - Esquece (2:45)
20. (Outro:Eusebio) - (Outro:Eusebio) (0:32)