The Jam

The Jam - his is the Modern World (1977)[ORIGINAL RECORDING REMASTERED]

The US release had a different track order and added the single All Around The World which was a non-LP single in the UK released after In The City. The single had been their biggest UK hit to date, peaking at #13, a placement they would not match until 1979, when The Eton Rifles peaked at #3. (Thereafter, no domestically released single would ever reach a peak position of lower than #4.)

The only single off the album was The Modern World. While it was a minor hit, peaking at #36, it failed to capitalize on the headway into the singles market forged by the massive success of All Around The World

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01. The Modern World
02. London Traffic
03. Standards
04. Life From A Window
05. The Combine
06. Don't Tell Them You're Sane
07. In The Street Today
08. London Girl
09. I Need You (For Someone)
10. Here Comes The Weekend
11. Tonight At Noon
12. In The Midnight Hour

I would like to thank Leo, the guy who shared this album. ;)
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The Jam - This Is the Modern World (1977)[ORIGINAL RECORDING REMASTERED]


The Kinks

The Kinks - Lola Versus Powerman And The Moneygoround (1970)

Lyrically, Lola versus Powerman is a satirical look at the various facets of the music industry, including song publishers ("Denmark Street"), unions ("Get Back in Line"), the hitmaking machine ("Top of the Pops"), accountants and business managers ("The Moneygoround"), and the road ("This Time Tomorrow"). "Apeman" finds Davies becoming fed up with it all and expressing a desire to leave society and go swinging through the jungle. The closer, "Got to Be Free", is an anthem for maintaining personal independence in the face of all opposition. The album's most famous song, "Lola" (about an encounter with a person of ambiguous gender) actually has little to do with the album's theme.

Musically, the album is an extremely varied affair, contrasting gentle ballads like "Get Back in Line" and "A Long Way From Home" against songs like "Rats" and "Powerman", two of the hardest rockers in the Kinks repertoire. "Denmark Street" and "The Moneygoround", like much of Ray Davies's work, pay homage to the English music hall tradition.

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01. Contenders
02. Strangers
03. Denmark Street
04. Get Back in the Line
05. Lola
06. Top of the Pops
07. Moneygoround
08. This Time Tomorrow
09. Long Way from Home
10. Rats
11. Apeman
12. Powerman
13. Got to Be Free

The Kinks - Lola Versus Powerman And The Moneygoround (1970)


Vol. 3-Maximum R & B-Doin the Mod

Vol. 3-Maximum R & B-Doin the Mod

Mais uma coletânea mod, falar o que? Escuta aí! =p

Whereas the first two volumes of 'Doin' The Mod' concentrated on the jazzy end of R&B, based around theHammond organ, this CD is dominated by the harmonica, dueling with snotty, snarling vocals & raucous 12-bar blues guitar. All the tracks are valuable collector's items & many have never been reissued before, making this an essential purchase for any Mod or 60s aficionado. Remastered from the original Pye tapes. Artists include The Spectres (who later mutated into Status Quo), Jimmy Page plays guitar on many tracks, Rod Stewart sings backing vocals on a track by Jimmy Powell & The Dimensions, The Kinks, The Riot Squad, The Primitives & many more. 30 tracks in all. 2001.

Tamanho: 99,2 mB
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01. Milk Cow Blues - The Kinks
02. Neighbour Neighbour - The Spectres
03. Jump - The Riot Squad
04. Help Me - The Primitives
05. I Got My Mojo Working - The Sheffields
06. Country Line Special - Cyril Davies And His Rhythm And Blues
07. Im A Lover Not A Fighter - The Brand
08. Lets Make It Pretty Baby - The Soul Agents
09. Let The Live Live - The Sorrows
10. If You Dont Come Back - The Takers
11. What You Got - The Eccentrics
12. Susie Q - Peters Faces
13. Somewhere In The Night - The Koobas
14. Im Looking For A Woman - Jimmy Powell And The 5 Dimensions
15. Gotta Keep On Moving Baby - The Game
16. We Didnt Kiss We Didnt Love But Now We Do - The Clique
17. A Certain Girl - The First Gear
18. I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water - 5 A M Event
19. 1 To 7 - Gates Of Eden
20. Baby I Like The Look Of You - Peter London
21. Time Time Time - The Clique
22. Treat Me Nice - The Loving Kind
23. Ill Find Her - Reg Austin
24. Anytime - The Riot Squad
25. Hey Hey Lover Boy - The Sheffields
26. Teenage Letter - The Sorrows
27. Zulu Stomp - The Brand
28. Mean Woman Blues - The Soul Agents
29. Let Them Tell - The Primitives
30. I Need You - The Kinks

Esse arquivo nos foi trazido pelo rapaz Bernardo. Valeu, Bernardo.

Para falar com ele acesse a comunidade Mods Brasil no orkut: http://www.orkut.com/Community.aspx?cmm=74486

Vol. 3-Maximum R & B-Doin the Mod


Beto Nickhorn & os Caras

Beto Nickhorn & os Caras

Como não coheço muito dessa banda lanço aqui além do disco, gentimente cedido pelo Beto, o link de uma matéria bem legal sobre a banda. Já ouvi o álbum, é claro, e gostei bastante. Beto Nickhorn & os Caras é uma banda mod do sul, além disso Beto é o organizador da famosa festa mod Brahmod.

This is a Brazilian mod band called Beto Nickhorn & os caras. This album was gently shared by Beto. I have already listened to this album and I can say it is amazing. Beto Nickhorn & os Caras are from de south of Brazil, Beto is the oraganizer of the famous brazilian mod party Brahmod.


Tamanho: 33 mB
Bit Rate: Não lembro kB

Para visitá-los basta acessar o link que estáno menu direito. -->

If you want to visit their site just search it at the right bar. -->

Beto Nickhorn & os Caras


Decca Originals

The Mod Scene - Volume 2

O segundo volume de uma coleção muito boa, a primeira pode ser encontrada mais abaixo no blog. Esse volume 2 é a versão japonesa, com 1 música a mais e a capa diferente. A capa do disco normal segue abaixo:
Obrigado e até mais. :)

The second volume of a very good collection, the first volume can be found on this blog. This is the Japanese version, it contains 1 music more than the standard version e its cover is different. The standard cover comes below.
Thank you and see you later.

Tamanho: 72,4 mB
Bit Rate: 383 kB


01. The Small Faces - Own Up Time
02. The Birds - Leaving Here
03. The Timebox - Beggin'
04. Davie Jones & The King Bees - Liza Jane
05. Alan Dean & His Problems - The Time It Takes
06. John Mayall - Looking Back
07. Zoot Money - Zoot's Suite
08. The Graham Bond Organization - Long Legged Baby
09. Bread & Beer Band - Breakdown Blues
10. Them - I Can Only Give You Everything
11. Jimmy Powell - Sugar Baby Pt 1
12. Jimmy Powell - Sugar Baby Pt 2
13. The Questions - We Got Love
14. The Crying Shames - What's New Pussycat?
15. The Presidents - Candy Man
16. The Quik - I Can't Sleep
17. Powerhouse - Can You Hear Me
18. The Knack - She Ain't No Good
19. Pete Kelly's Soulution - Midnight Confessions
20. Unit 4 + 2 - Baby Never Say Goodbye
21. Lulu - Lies
22. Robb & Dean Douglas - Phone Me
23. The Societe - Breaking Down
24. Double Feature - Baby Get Your Head Screwed On
25. Toby Twirl - Movin' In
26. The Attack - Try It

Esse arquivo nos foi trazido pelo rapaz Bernardo.

Para falar com ele acesse a comunidade Mods Brasil no orkut: http://www.orkut.com/Community.aspx?cmm=74486

The Mod Scene - Volume 2

Decca Originals

The UK Blues Scene (1964-1971)

Dos arquivos da Decca Records UK chega The Blues Scene (1999). Essa antologia de 25 faixas cobre as contribuições desse selo ao renascimento do R&B com um toque de rock dos anos 60. O movimento ainda alimentaria super grupos de heavy metal tais como Cream, Led Zeppelin e o maravilhoso Fleetwood Mac.

From the archives of Decca Records UK comes the Blues Scene (1999). This 25-track anthology covers the label's copious contributions to the 1960s renaissance of rhythm and blues influenced rock. The movement would ultimately seed heavy metal supergroups such as Cream, Led Zeppelin and the seminal incarnation of Fleetwood Mac. Fittingly, the revolving-door personnel of John Mayall's assorted Bluesbreakers are particularly worthy of note. They not only commence and conclude this compilation, but more importantly Mayall also provided an entrance for a host of promising young talent such as Peter Green, John McVie, Mick Fleetwood, Eric Clapton and Aynsley Dunbar all of whom would eventually become internationally recognized icons. Among the Bluesbreaker's offerings presented here are the powerful instrumental "Curly", as well as The "Supernatural", which boasts the distinctive fretwork of Peter Green, "Steppin' Out" featuring Eric Clapton and an incendiary early live take of "I Need Your Love". Another interesting facet is the wide spectrum of American legends whose association with Deccabrought their music to new generations and audiences. Selections from Eddie Boyd ("Key To The Highway", "Blue Coat Man" and "Dust My Broom"), Otis Spann ("Pretty Girls Everywhere"), as well as Champion Jack Dupree ("24 Hours", "Barrel House Women" and "Third Degree") are among the highlights. In the case of the latter title, Dupree had a little help from both Mayall and Clapton on this 1966 recording. The label also heralded artists such as Alexis Korner ("Early In The Morning" and "Night Time Is The Right Time") and Savoy Brown ("Taste & Try Before You Buy", "Train To Nowhere" and "Train To Nowhere") who would have a much stronger impact in Europe than in the States. As such, Blues Scene (1999) is a worthwhile assessment of Decca's vaults, and a valuable primer for the novice. Interested parties should also note the other entries in this series -- including the R&B Scene (1999) and the Northern Soul Scene (1999). ~ Lindsay Planer, All Music Guide

Tamanho: 127 mB
Bit Rate: 224 kB


01. Curly - The Bluebreakers
02. Key To The Highway -eddie Boyd
03. The Supernatural - John Mayall's Bluesbreakers
04. Pretty Girls Everywhere - Otis Spann
05. Blue Coat Man - Eddie Boyd
06. Third Degree - Champion Jack Dupree
07. Steppin' Out - Jaon Mayall's Bluesbreakers
08. Train To Nowhere - Savoy Brown
09. Roll Me Over - Curtis Jones
10. Get On The Right Track Baby - Zoot Money
11. Night Time Is The Right Time - Alexis Korner
12. Sweet Little Angel - Mae Mercer
13. Strut Around - Graham Bond
14. Long Night - Stebe Anglo & John Mayall
15. Goin' Down Slow - Day Graham
16. Taste & Try Before You Buy - Savoy Brown
17. Me And My Woman - Keef Hartley
18. Dust My Broom - Eddie Boyd
19. Barrel House Woman - Mickey 'Guitar' Baker
20. I'm Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town - Rod Stewart
21. Double Trouble - John Mayall's Bluesbreakers
22. 24 Hours - Champion Jack Dupree
23. Early In The Morning - Alexis Korner
24. Let Me Love You Baby - Savoy Brown Blues Band
25. I Need Your Love - John Mayall's Blues Breakers

Gracias a 1pocodmusica.

The UK Blues Scene (1964-1971).part1
The UK Blues Scene (1964-1971).part2



Trojan Ska Rarities Box Set

Uma coleção dos sonhos para os fãs de ska. Nesta compilação de 3 CDs estão alguns gigantes da época, incuindo instrumentalistas. 50 faixas raras, todas da Trojan, são aqui apresentadas. Coleção lançada em 2005.

E um viva para a Mary Bee que me mostrou essa caixa!

Obrigado e até mais. :)

With all the recordings making their debut in CD, this compilation is every ska fan's dream. Featured on this 3-CD set are some of the giabts of the age, including instrumentalists, Tommy McCook, Don Drummond and Baba Brooks, top vocal groups, the Maytals, the Techniques and the Clarendonians, and popular vocalists, Stranger Cole, Joe White and Freddie McKay. 50 rare Ska tracks in all from Trojan, packaged in cardboard sleeves and housed in a slimline box. 2005.

A great UHA to Mary Bee that showed me this box.

Thank you and see you later.

Tamanho: 181 mB
Bit Rate: 192 kB


01. No One
02. Just One Little Girl
03. One Nation
04. My Daily Food
05. Isabelle
06. How Many Times
07. The World Is Wind
08. I Want To Take A Chance
09. Do You Keep On Dreaming
10. Last Time
11. Fine Fine Fine
12. You Wife And Mother
13. Rockin' Good Way
14. Open The Door
15. Hoochy Koochy Kai-Po
16. Windfall
17. Trojan
18. Samphey Man
19. Wildcat
20. I Love You
21. Alcatraz
22. Him Say You Say
23. Breeze Of The West
24. Day Will Come
25. You Are The One To Blame
26. You Are The One (I Love)
27. Love Will Be Mine
28. Raindrops
29. Lord Have Mercy
30. Low Minded People
31. So Long
32. We Ain't Got Nothing
33. Mally Sally
34. (Swing Low) Sweet Chariot
35. My Darling
36. J.F.K's Memory
37. You Took My Love
38. Mey Bein (My Friend)
39. Wanna Go Home
40. Clock
41. Feel So Lonesome
42. Country Girl
43. Why Worry
44. Living Soul
45. Big Brother
46. Spiritual Mambo
47. Amen
48. Remember I Told You (Aka Don't Do It)
49. Chances
50. Rocket Ship

Trojan Ska Rarities Box Set CD 1
Trojan Ska Rarities Box Set CD 2
Trojan Ska Rarities Box Set CD 3


Art and Culture

A Northern Soul é uma colaboração entre os artistas Miachael e Rebecca Hadfield.

O trabalho deles é caracterizado pelo ícone pop art, que pode ser visto tanto no lar como em bares e restaurantes hoje em dia.

Em sua galeria você vai achar centenas de quadros à venda.


A Northern Soul is a collaboration between artists Michael and Rebecca Hadfield.

Their work is characterised by iconic pop art, which is suited to the home as well as contemporary bars and restaurants.

In their gallery you will find hundreds of designs for you to purchase.



Decca Originals

The Mod Scene (1962-1968)

Este álbum com 25 músicas é muito mais do que somente uma excursão aos extensos domínios da inglesa Decca Records' vaults - é também, de fato, uma viagem pela playlist dos clubes Mods mais apreciados da Inglaterra da metade pro fim dos anos 60; dificilmente uma música dessa coleção já chegou perto de figurar em alguma parada musical, isso no Reino Unido (muito menos do que nos EUA), mas muito do que está aqui foi selecionado localmente em Londres dentre os mods que foram a audiência da maioria dessas bandas.

This 25-song CD is much more than just an excursion into the farther reaches of English Decca Records' vaults — it's also a de facto tour of the playlists of some of England's hottest mod clubs of the mid-/late '60s; hardly a sound on this collection ever made it anywhere near a chart listing, anywhere in the U.K. (much less the U.S.A.), but a lot of what is here did get picked up locally in London among the mods that made up the audiences of most of these bands.
Considering how badly England's Decca Records fared in the middle-late 1960's (apart from the Rolling Stones, the Small Faces, and the Moody Blues) in signing really solid acts, this is an astonishingly good collection of soul-influenced, mod-oriented singles from the company's vaults.
A few of the acts included, such as the Small Faces, Tom Jones, St. Louis Union, Chris Farlowe, and the Amen Corner, made some kind of splash on the charts, but most of the musicians here got their chance on these single sides, failed to find success, and disappeared into the mist of musical history.

The CD jumps headfirst into the kind of hard-rocking, intense soul numbers that were played to death in London' mod clubs, even if they never scraped even the lower reaches of the charts. The sound on these singles tells you right away why most of these groups were never going to make it as world-class recording acts, being too raw and direct — without the distinctive hooks to get more than a listen from any radio deejays. By themselves, the Ronnie Jones track, coupled with those by Tom Jones, Steve Aldo, Graham Gouldman, Poets, the Eyes of Blue, and the Quik, justify the cost of this $20 import.

The sound is excellent throughout, and it's also reassuring on some level to learn from the notes that Decca is digging so deeply into its vaults that these acts are nearly as obscure to the people producing this compilation as they are to us.

If you wanna be a MOD - then you have to download this!!
See you later.

Tamanho: 112 mB
Bit Rate: 224 kB


01. Bert's apple crumble - The Quik
02. Make her mine - Hipster Image
03. That's the way it's gotta be - The Poets
04. How could you say one thing - The Wards Of Court
05. Stop stop stop (or honey I'll be gone) - Graham Gouldman
06. If your love don't swing - Alan Kelly
07. Girl don't let me wait - Timebox
08. Lovingly yours - Mockingbirds
09. Expressway to your heart - Amen Corner
10. We don't know - The Attack
11. Air travel - Chris Farlowe
12. Little girl - Graham Bond Organisation
13. Just one more chance - The Outer Limits
14. I need your lovin' - Ronnie Jones & The Nightimers
15. Grow your own - Small Faces
16. Walking the dog - Zoot Money's Big Roll Band
17. Baby what you want me to do - Steve Aldo
18. Dr Love - Tom Jones
19. It's not what you do - Jimmy Winston & His Reflections
20. Elbow baby - The Habits
21. Beg me - The Score
22. That's it - Loose Ends
23. East side story - St. Louis Union
24. There you go - Paul Ryan & Barry
25. Supermarket full of cans - Eyes Of Blue

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The Mod Scene (1962-1968).part1
The Mod Scene (1962-1968).part2