Thai Beat A Go-Go, Vol. 2 - Groovy 60's Sounds from the Land of Smile!

Review by Subliminal Sounds:
"If you dug volume 1 of Thai Beat A Go-Go, you'll go crazy over the new release in the Thai Beat A Go-Go series! Incredible and ultra rare recordings from Thailand in the 1960s. The amazing Thai Beat A Go Go vol 2, concentrates on exotic female pop and rock vocal numbers, beat, a go-go, psych and some very weird tracks, extreme sensuality and emotions, surreal and groovy, all with a totally otherworldly Thai flavor. Experience the blossoming Bangkok night club scene with the exotic bar and lounge go-go bands! There is a lot of work and effort behind these comps and they have taken a long time to compile. Records with Thai 60s-70s rock/pop a-go-go bands are incredible hard, if not impossible, to find as there is no Thai tradition of saving native artifacts from the 1960s."

1. Yok Yok (Jump Jump)
2. Ding Dong
3. Rak Tong Rorn (Love Passion)
4. Miss Chaa (My Darling)
5. Mahn Kao Lah (What Fun)
6. Shimmy Shimmy Ko Ko Bop
7. Boat That I Row
8. Kotmorn Yoop Yap (All Shook Up)
9. Soo Kwarm Rak Khorng Phom Doo Dai (You Can See My Love)
10. Wairoon (Teenager)
11. Nai Teum (Cool Guy)
12. Je T'Aime Moi Non Plus - Traces
13. Funky Broadway
14. Tee Makhuea Pok (Your Cheatin' Heart)
15. Lady Madonna
16. Let Your Life Be Free
17. Yim (Smile)
18. Pee Kow Pee Ork (Ghosts Come and Go)
19. I Find Only Dream
20. Nang Maew Pee (The Ghost of Catwoman)