The Ugly Ducklings - Ducktales

helton-rec's review of"Ducktales"is totally off the mark.The re-
view obviously refers to the rap-hip-hop group of the same name.
"Ducktales" is a reissue of some 45's and unreleased material plus some tracks from their sole lp-"Somewhere Outside".These are
the Ugly Ducklings of GARAGE band fame,from 1965-1968,out of Toronto,Canada.Highly sought after by fans of garage-beat-punk from
around the world.The reason for their popularity is primarily be-cause of their solid garage-punk material and raw delivery.Lots of influences are evident,but mainly early Stones,Yardbirds and
Kinks plus a definite Pretty Things appreciation.Buy either of these cds,"Somewhere Outside"or "Ducktales" NOW!You won't be dis-
appoimted.These boys rock!And the folks at Unidisc did a great remastering job on both cds.


1. Just In Case You Wonder
2. I Wish You Would
3. I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore
4. Gaslight
5. My Little Red Book
6. Hey Mama (Keep Your Big Mouth Shut)
7. Nothin'
8. 10-30 Train
9. I Need Your Love
10. She Ain't Used To Me
11. Rimb Nugget
12. I Can Tell
13. Epilogue
14. I Know What To Say

The Ugly Ducklings - Ducktales


We better, you bet

I will be back.

Merry Xmas!

"Wait till next year"
Eric Burdon


The Electric Banana Blows Your Mind

Sorry,no review found.The Electric Banana was a alias the Pretty Things used for making money playing in soundtracks,since their chart activity wasn't that good.Check the excellent early versions for some of the S.F. Sorrow's songs,like I See You



Soul Comes Home


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This Is Mod

This Is Mod - Complete Collection

Reviewer: Chris Woodstra, All Music Guide

The British mod revival may have been a fad, driven by fashion and most of the time too derivative, but it did produce some fun singles. Since many of the bands that jumped on the bandwagon only released singles or poorly distributed albums for independent labels, much of this music has been hopelessly lost over the years; This Is Mod, Vol. 1 collects many of the admittedly third-rate (though enjoyable) revival bands for the first time on CD. In 21 tracks, this disc provides the nearly complete recorded output of the Circles, the Amber Squad, the Cigarettes, the Deadbeats, the Letters, the Nips, the Odds, and the Sussed (whose novelty record, "I've Got Me Parka" takes a fun look at the fad) -- with each band receiving detailed biographical sketches. For specialists and fetishists, this disc is essential. For most, it's simply excessive.
The second volume of the This Is Mod series covers more mod revivalists: the Killermeters, the Exits, the V.I.P.'s, the Crooks, the Same, Teenage Filmstars, Terry Tonik, and the Purple Hearts. Only the Purple Hearts came close to being major contenders, but all provide a fascinating look at the short-lived genre.
Volume three of the This is Mod Series focuses on the short-lived Diamond Records, a London-based label which sought to keep the mod revival on life support during the mid-'80s -- and nearly all of the label's output is here with the exception (thankfully) of the obscure Oi! band, the Business. Most of the bands, which includes the Scene, Long Tall Shorty, the Moment, the B Team, the Way Out, and the Rage, were more '60s purists than the Jam, but it's not much of a stretch to lump these groups in with their late-'70s predecessors. It is, however, hard to believe this stuff was being done as late as 1986.
Modities continues the series' exhaustive mining of mod revival rarities, ranging from the more distinctive and noteworthy Lambrettas, Merton Parkas, and the Accidents to the hopelessly obscure Directions, the Nightriders, the Onlookers, the Reputation, and the Untouchables (U.K.). As with the first three installments, this may be excessive but it sure is fun.
The strength of Modulations gains momentum with each release. This release combines a further 22 tracks of rare Mod tracks from the Mod revival period of 1979-1983, with most of the tracks appearing on CD for the first time. Acts featured include Log Tall Shorty, The Purple Hearts, The Killermeters, The Teenbeats and Amber Squad.
The Volume 6 of this mod collection takes us to America. The album features 23 tracks all taken from the Mod revival period of the early 80'sand all by bands from the U.S.A.

This Is Mod, Vol. 1: The Rarities 1979-1981

Size: 55 Mb
Bit Rate: 128 Kbps

Track List:

1. Opening Up - Circles
2. Billy - Circles
3. We Can Go Dancing - Amber Squad
4. You Should See What I Do To You In My Dreams - Amber Squad
5. Can't Sleep At Night - Cigarettes
6. It's The Only Way To Live - Cigarettes
7. All I Want Is Your Money - Cigarettes
8. I've Forgotten My Number - Cigarettes
9. They're Back Again - Cigarettes
10. Choose You - Deadbeats (1)
11. Julies New Boyfriend - Deadbeats (1)
12. Oh No - Deadbeats (1)
13. Nobody Loves Me - Letters
14. Don't Want You Back - Letters
15. Happy Song - Nips
16. Nobody To Love - Nips
17. Saturday Night - Odds
18. Not Another Love Song - Odds
19. Circles - Circles
20. Summer Nights - Circles

Download This Is Mod Vol. 1

This Is Mod, Vol. 2: More Rarities 1979-1982

Size: 76 Mb
Bit Rate: 256 Kbps

Track List:

1. Twisted Wheel - The Killermeters
2. Sx225 - The Killermeters
3. Plane Crash - Purple Hearts
4. Scooby Doo - Purple Hearts
5. Gun Of Life - Purple Hearts
6. Fashion Plague, The - The Exits
7. Chem - The Exits
8. Need Somebody To Love - The V.I.P.'s
9. One More Chance - The V.I.P.'s
10. Stuttgart Special - The V.I.P.'s
11. Who Knows - The V.I.P.'s
12. Janine - The V.I.P.'s
13. Modern Boys - The Crooks
14. Beat Goes On, The - The Crooks
15. Wild About You - The Same
16. Movements - The Same
17. All The Time In The World - The Crooks
18. Banging My Head - The Crooks
19. Odd Man Out, The - Teenage Filmstars
20. I Apologise - Teenage Filmstars
21. Just A Little Mod - Terry Tonik
22. Smashed And Blocked - Terry Tonik

Download This Is Mod Vol. 2

This Is Mod, Vol.3: A Diamond Collection

Size: 93 Mb
Bit Rate: 192 Kbps

Track List:

1. Looking For Love - Scene
2. Let Me Know - Scene
3. On The Streets Again - Long Tall Shorty
4. I Fought The Law - Long Tall Shorty
5. Promises - Long Tall Shorty
6. Something That You Said - Scene
7. Stop Go - Scene
8. In This Town - Moment
9. What's Going On - Long Tall Shorty
10. I'm Not Your Steppin' Stone - Long Tall Shorty
11. Win Or Lose - Long Tall Shorty
12. England - Long Tall Shorty
13. One Two They Fly - Moment
14. Good Lovin' - Scene
15. 2 Plus 2 What's Music - Scene
16. All I Ever Wanted - B-Team
17. Bad Day - B-Team
18. This Working Way - Way Out
19. Just The Girl - Way Out
20. Looking For You - Rage (2)
21. Come On Now - Rage (2)
22. Halleljulah - Rage (2)

Download This Is Mod Vol.3

This Is Mod Vol.4: Modities

Size: 72 Mb
Bit Rate: 160 Kbps

Track List:

1. Looking For Love - Scene
2. Let Me Know - Scene
3. On The Streets Again - Long Tall Shorty
4. I Fought The Law - Long Tall Shorty
5. Promises - Long Tall Shorty
6. Something That You Said - Scene
7. Stop Go (live) - Scene
8. In This Town - Moment
9. What's Going On - Long Tall Music
10. Stepping Stone - Long Tall Music
11. Win Or Lose - Long Tall Shorty
12. England - Long Tall Shorty
13. One Two They Fly - Moment
14. Good Lovin' - Scene
15. 2 Plus 2 What's Music - Scene
16. All I Ever Wanted - B-Team
17. Bad Day - B-Team
18. This Working Way - Way Out
19. Just The Girl - Way Out
20. Looking For You - Rage
21. Come On Now - Rage
22. I Love Her So - Rage

Download This Is Mod Vol. 4

This Is Mod, Vol. 5: 1979-1983

Size: 38 Mb
Bit Rate: 128 Kbps

Track List:

1. I Can't Put My Finger On You - The Amber Squad
2. Tell You A Lie - The Amber Squad
3. Why Should It Happen To Me - The Killermeters
4. Cardiac Arrest - The Killermeters
5. If You Want It - The Graduates
6. Hey Young Girl - The Graduates
7. One Way Street - The Aces
8. Why Should It Be Mine - The Aces
9. First Impressions - Small World
10. Stupidity Street - Small World
11. Tomorrow Never Comes - Small World
12. Win Or Lose - Long Tall Shorty
13. Ain't Done Wrong - Long Tall Shorty
14. Even If I Know - Sema 4
15. Messages - Sema 4
16. Actors All - Sema 4
17. Do You Know Your Friends - Sema 4
18. My Life's A Jigsaw - Purple Hearts
19. Guy Who Made Her A Star, The - Purple Hearts
20. Just To Please You - Purple Hearts
21. Strength Of The Nation - The Teenbeats
22. If I'm Gone Tomorrow - The Teenbeats

Download This Is Mod Vol. 5

This Is Mod, Vol. 6: The United States of Mod

Size: 53 Mb
Bit Rate: 128 Kbps

Track List:

1. Film Show - Chardon Square 65
2. Home With A View - Chardon Square 65
3. Distances Apart - The Question
4. Stare You Down - The Question
5. Easy - The Question
6. I've Seen Your Face Before - Modest Proposal
7. Nobody Says No - Modest Proposal
8. Nothing You Can Do - Manual Scan
9. American Way - Manual Scan
10. New Difference - Manual Scan
11. Anymore Jungle - Manual Scan
12. Jungle Beat - Manual Scan
13. 1/2/3, - NE1
14. Pocket Full Of Change, A - NE1
15. No Direction - Start
16. Invisible Man - Start
17. I'm Not Standing By Myself - The Edseys
18. Action Girl - The Edseys
19. I've Decided - The Edseys
20. Never Let Me Go - Dress Code
21. Something's Relly Wrong - Dress Code
22. Alcoholic - Dress Code
23. I Knew - Dress Code

Download This Is Mod Vol. 6

Eddie Floyd - Knock On Wood

Eddie Floyd

Reviewer: Alex Henderson, amg

In contrast to the 1970s -- when artists ranging from Curtis Mayfield to Parliament/Funkadelic were praised for their albums -- singles defined soul music in the 1960s. It has often been pointed out that many Stax and Motown albums of the '60s had their share of filler -- nonetheless, others were full of gems that should have been released as singles. Reissued on CD in 1991, Knock on Wood is one of Eddie Floyd's best albums. The soul shouter successfully embraced sleeker northern soul on other projects, but here he sticks to the type of raw, hard-edged Memphis soul that Stax was first known for. From the unforgettable title song (a number one R&B hit) to covers of J.J. Jackson's "But It's Alright," Jerry Butler's "I Stand Accused," and Wilson Pickett's "634-5789," this CD beautifully illustrates the splendor of down-home Southern R&B.

1. Knock On Wood
2. Somthing You Got
3. But It's Alright
4. I Stand Accused
5. If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody
6. I Don't Want To Cry
7. Raise Your Hand
8. Got To Make A Comeback
9. 634-5789 (Soulsville, USA)
10. I've Just Been Feeling Bad
11. High-Heel Sneakers
12. Warm And Tender Love

Download Knock On Wood

valeu, bernardo!


Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection 1959-1971

Reviewer: Ian Phillips

A well-assembled box set containing just some of Motown's most golden and definitive classics. Nobody knew Motown Records was going to take off in the way it did. Berry Gordy intended to use his artists to break down the then racial barriers, intending to encapsulate a golden and distinct sound that would not only please a black audience but would too appeal to whites. Berry Gordys visions for the company paid off. Key artists like Diana Ross, Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson and Stevie Wonder attracted a huge following from both blacks and whites.

Seemingly echoing the restrictions of ghetto life in Detroit (which is where Motown began) was the effective, bluesey Money (Thats What I Want) by Barret Strong, Motowns debut release. There is a raw, earthy feel to the classic that has stood the test of time impecably well. There is a strong injection of Rock and Roll on Motowns early releases though they found a more commercially favourable sound with vast elements of pop neatly blended into the production with The Marvelettes famous classic, Please Mr. Postman.

The Marvelettes were Motowns premier female group and took the credit of delivering Motown its first chart topper. The Marvelettes didn't have an entirley successful run at Motown. Though they pumped out a sprinkling of fantastic hits eratically through the duration of the decade, their acheivements were pretty limited, probably as they were overshadowed by Martha Reeves And The Vandellas who too admitedly found themselves overshadowed by Motowns biggest act, Diana Ross And The Supremes. Both Martha and the Vandellas and Diana and the Supremes had individual and unique qualities of their own. A vast selection of Martha Reeves finest recordings turn up here from the sassy Come And Get These Memories, the pop masterpiece Heat Wave (though I have to admit I actually prefer Diana Ross' version of it which was featured on The Supremes Sing Holland Dozier Holland album) and the rolling Dancing In The Streets. Just listening to the sheer volume and power of Reeves voice makes you appreciate her often over-looked vocal talents. Diana Ross had a much softer soprano which had soulful qualities, oozing heavy emotion and genuine feeling that showed subtle hints of a raw vulnreability in her vocal delivery and neatly surfboarded along Motowns complex musical arrangements. Many of their classics are here including the finest of their career with the raw, gritty Love Child and their breathtakingly beautiful ballad, Someday We'll Be Together. Holland Dozier Holland was the main driving force behind a lot of Motowns most golden classics. They wrote and assembled some of the most remarkable pieces of music for both Diana Ross and the fantasic Four Tops.

Lead singer of The Four Tops Levi Stubbs rocketing voice was just amazing and even managed to give you goose bumps. Several of their most famous classics turn up here including their pair of U.S chart toppers, I Can't Help Myself and the hauntingly atmospheric Reach Out I'll Be There.

The Temptations were one of Motowns hottest and most versatile acts. The splitting of lead vocal duties between the smooth, sensuous sound of Eddie Kendricks falsetto combined with the explosive volume of David Ruffins more forceful delivery marked an interesting transistion in their work. Tracks like the jamming Get Ready and My Girl respectivley show up on this box set though also highlights some of their most exciting work from the early 70's with the undertones of hot, pulsating funk on Cloud Nine, which saw Dennis Edwards being lead vocalist after the swift departure of David Ruffin and the utterly fantastic classic, Ball Of Confusion, divulging into contemporary social issues.

Smokey Robinson was a key artist at Motown who wrote some timeless music and was generally an all-round and highly versatile entertainer. Some of his most enthralling work is on here such as the infectious sounds of The Tears Of A Clown and the breathtakingly beautiful, The Tracks Of My Tears. Stevie Wonder was a sheer genius and some of his greatest work is included here, from the masterpiece production of Fingertips to the playful funk of Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours.

Marvin Gaye was another one of Motowns definitive artists. His work progresed from the formulaic sounds of Motown on tracks like Stubborn Kind Of Fellow to the masterpiece of I Heard It Through The Grapevine to the profound political statements expressed on the timeless Whats Going On that is deservedly included on here.

There is oddly only 1 offering from Diana Ross' solo career with the absolutley magnificent, golden Soul classic, Ain't No Mountin High Enough. Ashford and Simpson always knew how to make good records for Diana Ross and that tracks is one of the many landmarks in her career. You just get goose bumps as that exalting and rip-roaring climax builds and Diana effectivley talks through the verses, emphasising her truly sensual vocal style.

This box set hosts so many classics thats its impossible to chronicle them all but there are some surprisingly rare features on here such as a version of I Can't Give Back The Love I Feel For You by Rita Wright (later covered by Diana Ross on her Surrender album) and some offerings from the over-looked Brenda Holloway. Amongst other familiar classics are the fantastic and the at-the-time controversial nature of Edwin Starr's rip-roaring War, the beautiful This Old Heart Of Mine Is Weak For You by the highly underated The Isley Brothers, the sensational ShotGun by Junior Walker And The All Stars who bought a unique touch of Jazz to their mainstream sound of Soul/R&B/Pop, Needle In A haystack by The Velvettes, ABC by The Jackson 5 (featuring a young, nasal sounding Michael Jackson),Stoned Love by Thr Supremes (possibly their best post-Ross recording featuring Jean Terrell as lead vocalist) and the unforgetable classic, Nowhere To Run by Martha Reeves And The Vandellas. The lists could go on and on and on but the whole box set deserves a thorough listen!

Consistently bubbling with red hot, distinct and positivley infectious musical arrangements, Motown opened many doors for black singers and broke down many racial barriers. The golden Motown sound ceased to exist after its headquarters move from Detroit to L.A but all the magic is clearly encapsulated on here. Motown remains a key landmark in the history of black music and also made a significant impact in Pop music all together. Never has there been a record label that has managed to capture and encapsulate such a unique, distinct sound with such a wide range of diverse singing talents. The classics on here are timeless and enthralling. Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection is both superb and timeless but also essential to any serious Soul/R&B collection!

Disc 1

Size: 90 Mb
Bit Rate: 172 Kbps

Track List:

1. Money (That's What I Want) - Barrett Strong
2. Shop Around - The Miracles
3. Please Mr. Postman - The Marvelettes
4. Jamie - Eddie Holland
5. One Who Really Loves You, The - Mary Wells
6. Do You Love Me - The Contours
7. Beechwood 4-5789 - The Marvelettes
8. You Beat Me To The Punch - Mary Wells
9. Stubborn Kind Of Fellow - Marvin Gaye
10. Two Lovers - Mary Wells
11. You've Really Got A Hold On Me - The Miracles
12. Come And Get These Memories - Martha Reeves & The Vandellas
13. Pride And Joy - Marvin Gaye
14. Fingertips (Part 2) - Stevie Wonder
15. Heat Wave (Love Is Like A) - Martha Reeves & The Vandellas
16. Mickey's Monkey - The Miracles
17. Leaving Here - Eddie Holland
18. Way You Do The Things You Do, The - The Temptations
19. My Guy - Mary Wells
20. Devil With The Blue Dress - Shorty Long
21. Every Little Bit Hurts - Brenda Holloway
22. Baby I Need Your Loving - The Four Tops
23. Dancing In The Street - Martha Reeves & The Vandellas
24. My Smile Is Just A Frown (Turned Upside Down) - Carolyn Crawford
25. Needle In A Haystack - The Velvelettes
26. Baby Love - The Supremes
27. Come See About Me - The Supremes
28. How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) - Marvin Gaye

Download The Motown Singles Collection - Disc 1

Disc 2

Size: 93 Mb
Bit Rate: 171 Kbps

Track List:

1. My Girl - The Temptations
2. He Was Really Sayin' Somethin' - The Velvelettes
3. Ask The Lonely - The Four Tops
4. Shotgun - Jr. Walker & The All Stars
5. Nowhere To Run - Martha Reeves & The Vandellas
6. When I'm Gone - Brenda Holloway
7. Ooo Baby Baby - The Miracles
8. I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch) - The Four Tops
9. First I Look At The Purse - The Contours
10. Tracks Of My Tears, The - The Miracles
11. It's The Same Old Song - The Four Tops
12. Love (Makes Me Do Foolish Things) - Martha Reeves & The Vandellas
13. Take Me In Your Arms (Rock Me A Little While) - Kim Weston
14. Uptight (Everything's Alright) - S. Wonder
15. Don't Mess With Bill - The Marvelettes
16. Darling Baby - The Elgins
17. This Old Heart Of Mine (Is Weak For You) - The Isley Brothers
18. Greetings (This Is Uncle Sam) - The Monitors
19. Function At The Junction - Shorty Long
20. Roadrunner (I'm A) - Jr. Walker & The All Stars
21. Ain't Too Proud To Beg - The Temptations
22. What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted - Jimmy Ruffin
23. How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) - Jr. Walker & The All Stars
24. Love's Gone Bad - Chris Clark
25. You Can't Hurry Love - The Supremes
26. Beauty Is Only Skin Deep - The Temptations
27. Heaven Must Have Sent You - The Elgins

Download The Motown Singles Collection - Disc 2

Disc 3

Size: 92 Mb
Bit Rate: 170 Kbps

Track List:

1. Reach Out I'll Be There - The Four Tops
2. I'm Losing You (I Know) - The Temptations
3. Standing In The Shadows Of Love - The Four Tops
4. It Takes Two - Marvin Gaye & Kim Weston
5. Hunter Gets Captured By The Game, The - The Marvelettes
6. Jimmy Mack - Martha Reeves & The Vandellas
7. Bernadette - The Four Tops
8. Ain't No Mountain High Enough - Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell
9. More Love - Smokey Robinson & The Miracles
10. I Heard It Through The Grapevine - Gladys Knight & The Pips
11. I Second That Emotion - Smokey Robinson & The Miracles
12. I Wish It Would Rain - The Temptations
13. I Can't Give Back The Love I Feel For You - Rita Wright
14. Does Your Mama Know About Me -Bobby Taylor And The Vancouvers
15. Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing - Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell
16. Love Child - Diana Ross & The Supremes
17. For Once In My Life - Stevie Wonder
18. Cloud Nine - The Temptations
19. I Heard It Through The Grapevine - M. Gaye
20. Baby, Baby Don't Cry - Smokey Robinson & The Miracles
21. Twenty-Five Miles - Edwin Starr
22. My Whole World Ended (The Moment You Left Me) - David Ruffin
23. What Does It Take (To Win Your Love) - Jr. Walker & The All Stars
24. I Can't Get Next To You - The Temptations
25. Baby I'm For Real - The Originals
26. Up The Ladder To The Roof - The Supremes

Download The Motown Singles Collection - Disc 3

Disc 4

Size: 87 Mb
Bit Rate: 224 Kbps

Track List:

1. I Want You Back - The Jackson 5
2. The Bells - The Originals
3. Gat Ready - Rare Earth
4. ABC - The Jackson 5
5. Ball Of Confusion (That's What The World Is Today) - The Temptations
6. The Love You Save - The Jackson 5
7. Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours - Stevie Wonder
8. War - Edwin Starr
9. It's A Shame - The Spinners
10. Ain't No Mountain High Enough - Diana Ross
11. Still Water (Love) - Four Tops
12. I'll Be There - The Jackson 5
13. The Tears Of A Clown - Smokey Robinson & The Miracles
14. Stoned Love - The Supremes
15. If I Were Your Woman - Gladys Knight & The Pips
16. Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me) - The Temptations
17. What's Going On - Marvin Gaye
18. Never Can Say Goodbye - The Jackson 5
19. Nathan Jones - The Supremes
20. I Don't Want To Do Wrong - Gladys Knight & The Pips
21. Smiling Faces Sometimes - The Undisputed Truth
22. Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology) - Mavin Gaye
23. I Just Want To Celebrate - Rare Earth

Download The Motown Singles Collection - Disc 4


The Badge: Previously Unreleased Songs & Demos

Smash It Up!

Vol.1: 1981-1986

1. Kanashiki Midnight Rocker
2. Tomorrow
3. Lonely Night
4. Liberty
5. ????????????
6. Rainy Day
7. Ame No Monday
8. Akanuke Skinai Moonlight
9. Niken Na Roulette
10. Winter In The City
11. Hanashiki Prisonner
12. Come On!
13. Breaking Down The Glass (Too Young To Die)
14. He Was Really Saying Something - The Velvelettes
15. First I Look At The Purse - The Contours
16. Tonight (Radio Mix)

Download The Badge Smash It Up!

Strikes Back!

Vol. 2: 1979-1986

1. Angel Kids
2. Beat Jikake No Graffiti
3. Denwa Box
4. Instant Girl
5. Crazy Rendezvous
6. Kokoro Kara Aisuru Kimi Ni
7. Mada Minu Omae Ni [Hard Tour]
8. Mr. Girl
9. One More Time
10. Private Time
11. Secret Track
12. Standing In The Middle Of The Road
13. Sugarless Girl
14. Suteki Na Music
15. Yes!
16. You Are Everything

Download The Badge Strikes Back!

obrigado, roberto por me falar do Badge, e obrigado leo por me passar um dos discos :D

ah, e esses discos são meu presente de aniversário pra Mary B. :)


Animals' Decca Years

Don't Bring Me Down

Reviewer: Thom Jurek, amg

Don't Bring Me Down is a compilation of material from the Animals' internally combustive yet artistically creative Decca period and is a revelation. The band produced the music after leaving EMI's Columbia label in the U.K., and most notably the producer who had put them over the top, Mickie Most. Working with Tom Wilson (of Bob Dylan's Highway 61 fame), the band recorded a blistering album entitled Animalisms (issued as Animalism in the States on MGM with very different material). The U.K. album is here in its entirety, plus four singles and an early, rare 1963 EP, recorded before the band even signed with Most. What the Decca sessions signify is how much influence singer Eric Burdon was beginning to have on the direction of the band. Here is the raw-soul, tough, razored R&B cover of the folk song "Inside Looking Out" (which Grand Funk later murdered), the brutally soulful inspiration of the title track, a killer read of "I Put a Spell on You," a rollicking "Sweet Little Sixteen," a scorched-out, future R&B tune called "That's All I Am to You," which mixed equal parts Eddie Cochran and British blues, and the raw-edged teen ballad "You're on My Mind." Of the bonus tracks, the original version of "Mama Told Me Not to Come" is here, and four pre-Animals cuts by the same band with the "Alan Price Rhythm & Blues Combo" moniker. (Price left the band before they ever recorded with Decca.) These early versions of "Boom Boom," "Big Boss Man," "I Just Want to Make Love to You," and "Pretty Thing" were the sounds the band was trying to return to with Decca. Given the price, the stellar sound and wondrous liner notes by Peter Doggett, this is a must-have for any Animals fan.

1. Inside-Looking Out
2. Don't Bring Me Down
3. Cheating
4. One Monkey Don't Stop No Show
5. Maudie
6. Sweet Little Sixteen
7. You're On My Mind
8. Clapping
9. Gin House Blues
10. Squeeze Her - Tease Her (But Love Her)
11. What Am I Living For?
12. I Put A Spell On You
13. That's All I Am To You
14. She'll Return It
15. Help Me Girl
16. See See Rider
17. Mama Told Me (Not To Come)
18. I Just Wanna Make Love To You (*)
19. Boom Boom (*)
20. Big Boss Man (*)
21. Pretty Thing (*)

(*) = performed by The Alan Price Rythm & Blues Combo

Download The Decca Years


Alton Ellis & The Dreamlets


On 2001, King of RockStady, Mr. Alton Ellis and Dreamlets decided to join forces to record a couple songs on a studio, and the result was two tunes, one of wich is the well known all time classic by Mr. ELLIS "So Much Love" originally recorded on the 60's, and the other, a new original from ALTONE's pen tittled "Lovely Place" on wich ELLIS express to the world his deepest nice feelings about Japanese people. Both tunes was printed as a 7" single with "LOVELY PLACE" b/w "DUBBING PLACE", and as a 10" vinyl with "SO MUCH LOVE" b/w "SO MUCH DUB". Both DUB versions was done by a Japan Dub Master, a DRY&HEAVY CONNECTION member Naoyuki Uchida, Also all 4 tracks was compiled on this E.P. CD Single. On this recording sessions, The Dreamlets band was complemented by guest friends from DETERMINATIONS on Trumpet and Saxophones and EGO WRAPPIN' Masaki Mori on Guitar. All this recordings was manufactured and distributed by Drum&Bass Records, always supporting the Jamaican Muzik scene on Japan. Let's hope to hear news very soon.

1.Lovely Place
2.Dubbing Place
3.So Much Love
4.So Much Dub

roberto, muito obrigado por upar esse disco! :D

Download Alton Ellis & Dreamlets


The Crooks

The Crooks - Just Released

Reviewer: Bruce Eder, All Music Guide

The Crooks' Just Released originally appeared in England in 1980 on the Blueprint label, where its '60s-influenced mod revival sound made it into a cult favorite. The record, built almost entirely on originals by co-founder Tim Parry (aka "Jimmy Fingers"), still rocks with a lean, powerful sound strongly reminiscent of the Jam -- everything here is well played and fervently sung, but even with the occasional Chris Dean number interspersed, there's a certain sameness to the songs. The best song here is the muscular cover of the Steve Marriott/Ronnie Lane-authored "Understanding," and there's nothing quite as memorable as the single "Modern Boys," with its catchy hooks and chorus, or its B-side "Bangin' My Head," neither of which was on this LP. Among the four players, Parry and Dean make a great guitar duo, and Chris Broderick's bass work is astonishingly fluid and nimble, but Micky Sparrow's drumming is still the most impressive component of the band's sound a quarter-century later -- if this band was compared to the Who (and they were), it was his playing that helped cast that illusion.

Size: 37 mb
Bit Rate: 128 kb


1. All The Time In The World
2. Waiting For You
3. Let's Get Together
4. Sound Of Today
5. Hold Me
6. 1000 Faces
7. Beat Goes On
8. You Don't Have To Tell Me
9. I'm In Love
10. Me And My Friends
11. I Don't Love You
12. Understanding
13. Modern Boys
14. Bangin' My Head

The Crooks - Just Released


Amiga A Go-Go Vol.1 - Deutsch-Demokratische Rare Grooves

Deutsch-Demokratische Rare Grooves

Sorry, no review found. Enjoy!

1.Derby - Theo Schumann Combo
2.Welch ein Zufall - Uschi Brüning
3.Hallo Carlos - Modern Soul Band
4.Es bleibt die Sonne - Gerd-Michaelis-Chor
5.Glückliches Mädchen - Klaus Lenz
6.Philly-Nova - Günther Fischer
7.Komm und spiel mit mir - Manfred Krug
8.Tentakel - Orchester W. Kubiczeck
9.Glaub nicht - Doerk & Sckikora Combo
10.Philodendron - Veronica Fischer & Band
11.Sonnenbrand - Evgeni Kantschev Quintett
12.Jede Blume blüht nur einmal auf - Reinhard Lakomy
13.Es steht ein Haus in New Orleans - Orchester Günter Gollash
14.Don Gil - Theo Schumann Combo
15.Hochzeitsnacht - Uschi Brüning
16.Premiere - Günther Fischer
17.5 nach halb 7 - Modern Soul Band
18.Morgen - Manfred Krug
19.Grashalme - Klaus Lenz
20.Finis - Pantha Rei

obrigado, raphael, por me mostrar e passar esse ótimo disco!

Download Amiga A Go-Go


J.J. Allstars

J.J. Allstars - Massive

Reviewer: Scott Yanow

The Jazz Jamaica Allstars, founded and led by bassist Gary Crosby, is a powerful British big band that pays tribute to Crosby's roots in Jamaica. The orchestra utilizes reggae and other rhythms from Jamaica along with advanced post-bop solos on top of the spirited ensembles. Juliet Roberts has three lightweight pop vocals but otherwise the music is pretty jazz-oriented. No less than 20 of the sidemen have solo space including saxophonist Andy Sheppard, vibraphonist Orphy Robinson and trumpeter Guy Barker, but it is the unusual sound of the ensembles that really stands out. Think of it as a safer version of the Brotherhood of Breath mixed in with the Mingus Big Band and one gets an idea about this group's potential. Well-worth checking out.

Size: 85 mb
Bit Rate: 160 kb


1. Ball Of Fire
2. My Boy Lollipop
3. Dolphin Dance
4. Again
5. Footprints
6. Confucius
7. Vitamin A
8. Walk On By
9. Liquidator
10. Capullito De Aleil
11. Medley: (Love Theme From) The Godfather/Al Capone

J.J. Allstars - Massive


The Big Three - Cavern Stomp (1963-64 UK R&B)

The Big Three were possibly the most highly respected musicians of all the Liverpool groups. They evolved from a group called Cass & The Cassanovas which were formed in the late 50's by Brian Casser. Although originally a four-piece outfit, by 1959 they had slimmed down to a trio comprising of Casser (guitar/vocals), Adrian Barber (guitar) and Johnny Hutchinson (drums). In need of a bass guitarist, Hutchinson brought in Johnny Gustafson. At that time Gustafson didn't have a proper bass guitar so Barber converted an acoustic for him.

Late in 1960, Casser left the group and moved to London reducing them to a trio again. In January 1961 the Cassanovas re-emerged as the Big Three. Despite being a three-piece they were one of the loudest bands in Liverpool due to Barber's talents in the electronics field. He built the band giant amps, standing over five feet high, which were nicknamed "coffins".

Brian Epstein signed them to his sable and sent them over to Hamburg. It was during that trip that Brian Griffiths joined the group, Barber left, and the best-known line-up of the Big Three was established. Their musicianship and attack were legendary and they exerted a considerable influence on their contemporaries.

Epstein arranged for them to audition for Decca Records and they recorded "Some Other Guy". The group were not happy with the recording and appalled when they were told that Decca would be releasing it and wouldn't allow them a proper recording session so they could perform the song they way they wished it to be played.

Instead of understanding why the Big Three were so popular - because of their aggressive sound, their wildness, their casual appearance on stage - he put them into suits and began to dilute their sound, choosing lightweight pop numbers and insisting, against their wishes, that they record them.

The Big Three and Epstein terminated their partnership in July 1963, but the damage had been done. Gustafson and Griffiths quit, and with drummer Ian Broad from Rory Storm & the Hurricanes formed the Seniors and left for Germany. Hutchinson replaced them with Faron and Paddy Chambers from Faron's Flamingo's.

By mid-'64 their days were numbered. Paddy Chambers left and was replaced by Paul Pilnick from the All Stars. Pilnick only stayed a short time before moving on to Tony Jackson & the Vibrations. Hutchinson received an offer to join Kingsixe Taylor & the Dominoes but declined, opting insted to hang up his drumsticks.

Their best memorial is probably the E.P. "Live At The Cavern", actually recorded in 1963 and featuring the classic Griffiths/Gustafson/Hutchinson line-up, which conveys something of the excitement they created in their heyday.

Tamanho: ? mB
Bit Rate: ? kB


01. Some Other Guy
02. I'm With You
03. Let True Love Begin
04. By The Way
05. Cavern Stomp
06. Peanut Butter
07. Bring It On Home To Me (aka If You Ever Change Your Mind)
08. What'd I Say
09. Don't Start Running Away
10. Zip A Dee Doo Dah
11. Reelin' And Rockin'
12. You've Got To Keep Her Under Hand

The Big Three - Cavern Stomp (1963-64 UK R&B)

The Jam - Setting Sons

The Jam's Setting Sons was originally planned as a concept album about three childhood friends who, upon meeting after some time apart, discover the different directions in which they've grown apart. Only about half of the songs ended up following the concept due to a rushed recording schedule, but where they do, Paul Weller vividly depicts British life, male relationships, and coming to terms with entry into adulthood. Weller's observations of society are more pointed and pessimistic than ever, but at the same time, he's employed stronger melodies with a slicker production and comparatively fuller arrangements, even using heavy orchestration for a reworked version of Bruce Foxton's "Smithers-Jones." Setting Sons often reaches brilliance and stands among the Jam's best albums, but the inclusion of a number of throwaways and knockoffs (especially the out-of-place cover of "Heat Wave" which closes the album) mars an otherwise perfect album.

1. Girl On The Phone
2. Thick As Thieves
3. Private Hell
4. Little Boy Soldiers
5. Wasteland
6. Burning Sky
7. Smithers-Jones
8. Saturday's Kids
9. Eton Rifles, The
10. Heat Wave



Northern Soul Floorshakers!

20 Anthems & Rarities From The RCA Vaults

Reviewer: WHSmith

Uplifting 'floorstompers' to put a grin on your face! Brings back those memories of sweaty youth clubs, old dancehalls, and the most famous of them all, WIGAN CASINO!

1. Hold To My Baby - The Cavaliers
2. I Can't Change - Lorraine Chandler
3. Since I Found My Baby - The Metros
4. Blowing Up My Mind - The Exciters
5. I Need Your Love - The Dynamics
6. Tears And Misery - Sonny Till
7. What's That On Your Finger - Willie Kendricks
8. Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid - Ketty Lester
9. Honest To Goodness - Herb Ward
10. Could It Be You - Sharon Scott
11. Lucky To Be Loved By You - Willie Hutch
12. I Don't Mind - Carolyn Cook
13. It Didn't Take Much (For Me To Fall In Love) - Percy Wiggins
14. I've Gotta Know Right Now - Rose Valentine
15. Born A Loser - Don Ray
16. Don't Pity Me - Sue Lynne
17. You Shook Me Up - Roy Hamilton
18. Coz It's You Girl - James Walsh Gypsy Band
19. Moonlight Music And You - Laura Greene
20. Gotta Get Myself Together - Kenny Carter

download Northern Soul Floorshakers!


Remember The High Numbers

High Numbers

Tracks 1-4 recorded at Fontana Studios as the "High Numbers" in 1964. Tracks 5-13 recorded live at the "Marquee Club", London as the "High Numbers" in Autumn 1964.


1. I'm the Face
2. Zoot Suit
3. Leaving Here
4. Baby Don't You Do It
5. Here 'Tis
6. Dance To Keep From Crying
7. You Really Got Me
8. Young Man Blues
9. Green Onions
10. Improvisation
11. Long Tall Shorty
12. Pretty Thing
13. Smokestack Lightning / Money

Download The High Numbers


The Sonics - The Jerden Years

The Sonics - The Jerden Years (1966-1969)

Reviewer: amazon.com

Munster Records is proud to present the ultimate compilation by the Pacific Northwest garage rock band. Includes the 1983 release 'Fire & Ice' & the 1991 compilation, 'Maintaining My Cool' together on one CD. This extraordinary release will reach you with.

1. The Witch
2. You've Got Your Head On Backwards
3. I'm A Man
4. On The Road Again
5. Psycho
6. Dirty Old Man
7. I'm Going Home
8. High Time
9. I'm A Rolling Stone
10. Like No Other Man
11. Maintaining My Cool
12. Bama Lama Lu
13. Leaving My Kitten Alone
14. Hanky Panky
15. Diddy Wah Diddy
16. Anyway The Wind Blows (Pt. 1)
17. Anyway The Wind Blows (Pt. 2)
18. Loveitis
19. Always Love Her
20. Lost Love
21. Good Hard Rock
22. Once Again
23. I'll Stay With You
24. I'm Right
25. Only She Would Do
26. Love Lights
27. Goodbye
28. Near My Soul
29. Wake Me, Shake Me
30. You're In Love

Download The Jerden Years


The Prisoners

The Prisoners - In from the Cold

Reviewer: Amazon.com

For the best part of four years I arrogantly dismissed this LP as the Prisoners worst....how wrong I was. Listening to it today (indeed at least a couple of times a week still now) it is an extremely criminally overlooked album of musical excellence, albeit a little more "polished" than the other Prisoners LPs.
Hell there's nothing wrong with a bit of Mr. Sheen though and as soon as the brass of "All You Gotta Do Is Say" kicks in you know it's got soul. Check out the vocals on "Deceiving Eye", "The More That I Teach You", "I Know How To Please You" and you will hear one of the very best Soul/RnB singers (Ye Olde Style) this country has seen and heard since the late sixties.
Lots of nods to various Kent Comp LPs and Northern Soulesqueness are evident on a good few of the tracks but there still remains that underlying seedy side provided by the haunting Hammond and ivory experimentations of James Taylor. Listen to the kitchen sink self-scathing lyrics to "Mourn My Health" and ask yourself if you've never felt like that, or the "good riddance" cold heartedness of "Be On Your Way"...great stuff. There's even a Hendrix cover here which, contrary to being a "good ol' filler" is superbly carried off and sits delightfully with the rest of these class tunes...infact has anyone ever heard anyone else do a cover of "Ain't No Tellin'"? Don't think Stevie Ray tried that one did he? And if he had would it have been carried off with the same spirited aplomb? Who cares, this version's good enough.
With a few demos and B sides of equally sound quality tagged on the end of the CD along with the presentation and sleeve notes this is nothing less than a bargain as well as an aural treat to the lugholes. Invest and ingest, and you'll be greatly impressed..I kid you not.

Size: 43 mb

Bit Rate: 128 kb


1. All You Gotta Do Is Say
2. Come Closer
3. More That I Teach You
4. Mourn My Health
5. I Know How To Please You
6. Deceiving Eye
7. In From The Cold
8. Wish The Rain
9. Be On Your Way
10. Find And Seek
11. Ain't No Tellin'
12. Lesser Evil
13. Whenever I'm Gone
14. Promised Land
15. Gravedigger
16. Pop Star Party
17. Happiness For Once

The Prisoners - In from the Cold


The Chords

The Chords - So Far Away

Reviewer: Jo-Ann Greene, All Music Guide

In later years, the Chords were often cursorily dismissed as little more than Jam copyists, and while there's no denying that the two groups traveled in very similar musical waters, both drawing from the British beat and Northern soul that filled their youths and sending it soaring through the prism of punk, it's there that the comparisons end. While Paul Weller coyly played footsy with both the punk and mod scenes, refusing to commit to either, there was no doubt that his soul lay with the latter, and regardless of the trio's aggressive punk-fueled delivery, his lyrics lacked punk's burning fury. Regardless of the class warfare related in "Eton Rifles," the racism reflected in "Down in the Tube Station," or the alienation of "Strange Town," no matter his country's evident flaws (and Weller etched them vividly), he still couldn't shake his love of his homeland and optimistic hope that her problems would eventually be solved. Guitarist and songwriter Chris Pope refused to see the world through the Jam's English rose-colored glasses, turning his own equally eloquent pen to scathing vignettes virtually the flip of Weller's own. In this respect, the Jam comparisons are red herrings, for if anything, Pope played the snottier, rebellious younger brother to Weller's more respectful good son.
This was apparent from the start with the Chords' debut 45, "Now It's Gone," where the group's dream of love is trampled underfoot, and driven home by its follow-up, "Maybe Tomorrow," which firmly puts the boot into the Jam's sanguine vision of Britain and turns it into a fascist horror. That single would kick off the group's sole album, So Far Away, 12 fierce tracks that defined mod's potential as punk's successor. Filled with fire and fury, the set skips from affairs of the heart to the pitiful state of the nation. Musically it's a revelation; the band's two guitarists give the group much more scope for aural assault than a trio, and with a much more aggressive rhythm section in tow, Far is as vociferous as many of its punk contemporaries. In fact, reviews threw bands like the Buzzcocks and the Undertones into the brew of the Chords' notable inspirations. For while the Chords' melodies were shaped by the '60s, their delivery was forged in punk, with even Sham 69's anthemic stomp stirred into the mix. This set reissues the stellar Far, a U.K. Top 30 album, in full, then tacks on all five of the original lineup's singles along with its B-sides, as well as the free 45 that was included with early copies of the album. The bonus tracks are helpfully sequenced in chronological order, and a full discography and excellent biography complete this phenomenal package. Of course, the two-CD This Is What They Want album made this set redundant, but if your wallet doesn't stretch that far, this will easily suffice.

Size: 67 mb
Bit Rate: 128 kb


1. Maybe Tomorrow
2. Happy Families
3. Breaks My Heart
4. Tumbling Down
5. Hold On I'm Comin'
6. I'm Not Sure
7. Something's Missing
8. It's No Use
9. What Are We Going To Do Now
10. She Said She Said
11. Dream Dolls
12. So Far Away
13. Now It's Gone
14. Don't Look Back
15. Now It's Gone
16. Things We Said
17. I Don't Wanna Know
18. Hey Girl
19. This Is What They Want
20. British Way Of Life
21. Way It's Got To Be
22. In My Street
23. I'll Keep Holding On

The Chords - So far Away



Relespública - As Histórias São Iguais

Reviewer: Wladimyr Cruz, Zona Punk.
(Edited by Mariana "Mary Bee" Bento)

Relespública could be the salvation to brazilian rock. And why not? In an age who pop-rock bands are called melody hardcore/emo and little prefabricated groups sings proto-revolted foolish in the disk MTV or something like that, listen to an honest rock'n'roll band seems like a gift, almost a salvation.
Mod to the bones, punk in the spirit and rock-as-fuck in the sound, "As Histórias São Iguais" is them second album to show how to do the rock. Nasi from IRA! sings "A Fumaça É Melhor Que O Ar" and "Boatos De Bar".
With fast chords and heavy drums, the album has love, frustration, rainy nights and energy, all a big mod album must have, and honestly, the better one just recorded by the band.

Size: 29 mb
Bit Rate: 128 kb


1. Os Garotos São Espertos?
2. O Camburão
3. Boatos de Bar
4. Nunca Mais
5. Marcianos
6. Eu Soul
7. A Fumaça É Melhor Que o Ar
8. Notícias
9. Garoa e Solidão
10. Sobre Você
11. Essa Canção

Relespública - As Histórias São Iguais


Decca (Repost)

Decca - The R&B Scene (1962-1966)

From the archives of Decca Records comes a compilation with 25 Rhythm & Blues-driven tracks, many of which are on CD for the first time. Includes early recordings featuring David Bowie, Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker, Jimmy Page, Rod Stewart and Ron Wood. Universal. 2005.

Tamanho: 90 mB
Bit Rate: 224 kB


01. You're on My Mind - The Birds
02. Anytime at All - The Fairies
03. Boom Boom - Blues by Five
04. Gotta Be a Reason
05. Don't Gimme No Lip, Child - Dave Berry
06. I'll Come Running Over - Lulu
07. Long Tall Shorty - Graham Bond
08. Keep Me Covered
09. Louie Louie Go Home - Davie Jones & the King Bees
10. Crawling Up a Hill - John Mayall
11. Hey Little Girl
12. Uncle Willie - Zoot Money,
13. Can't Let Her Go - Hipster Image
14. To Catch That Man - David John & the Mood
15. Blue Beat - The Beazers
16. Cross My Heart - Exotics
17. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl - Rod Stewart
18. I Got My Mojo Working
19. King Lonley the Blue
20. You've Gotta Keep Her Underhand
21. Babe I'm Gonna Leave You - The Plebs
22. Can I Get Witness - Steve Aldo
23. Talkin' Bout You - The Redcaps
24. See That My Grave Is Kept Clean - Paul's Disciples
25. You Don't Love Me - The Birds

Decca Records - The R&B Scene (1962-1966)



Today I reuploaded these ones:

The Faces - First Step (1970)

The Kinks - Arthur - Or The Decline And Fall Of The British Empire (1969)

Brian Auger - The Mod Years (1965-1969)

Mods Mayday '79 (UK 1979)

The Jam - In The City (1977)

See you.

Blues Magoos

Blues Magoos - Psychedlic Lollipop (1966)

Reviewed by Gary (Auburn, California), from amazon.com

Wow, this is a great album! I bought this record while in high school, living in Hoyt Lakes, Minnesota, that's ranger country people. Nothing much to do there, except listen to music. This album had been out of print for many years until recently released on cd. I have depended on reel to reel tapes to keep from losing track of this fine group altogether.

The Blues Magoos sounded like no one else in 1966, fresh and heavy with new psychedelic sounds and great vocal harmonies. "We ain't got nothin'yet" went on to be a big hit for the Magoos, but "She's coming home", "Queen of my nights" and the best version ever of "Tobacco Road" are my favorites on their first and best lp. If you like Aorta, early Country Joe & the Fish, Clear Light, Fever Tree or the Seeds you need this fine cd in your collection. Peace & Rock on


1. (We Ain't Got) Nothin' Yet
2. Love Seems Doomed
3. Tobacco Road
4. Queen of My Nights
5. I'll Go Crazy
6. Gotta Get Away
7. Sometimes I Think About
8. One by One
9. Worried Life Blues
10. She's Coming Hom

Blues Magoos - Psychedelic Lollipop (1966)


The Specials' Singles Collection

The Specials' Singles Collection

Reviewer: Chris Woodstra, allmucisguide.com

All of the essential singles from the Specials' three albums are present on this 15-track collection. Not only the perfect starting point for the curious, the inclusion of B-sides and rarities, like an inspired cover of Dylan's "Maggie's Farm," makes this essential for fans.


01. Gangsters
02. Rudy, A Message To You
03. Nite Klub
04. Too Much Too Young (live)
05. Guns Of Navarone (live)
06. Rat Race
07. Rude Boys Outta Jail
08. Maggie's Farm
09. Do Nothing
10. Stereotype
11. Ghost Town (12 version)
12. Why?
13. Friday Night, Sunday Morning
14. Racist Friend
15. Free Nelson Mandela

The Specials' Singles Collection


Mod Fave Raves

Mod Fave Raves Vol.1

Reviewer: Thom Jurek, allmusic guide

Another in the endless line of Motown repackages done on the European side of the Atlantic, this one has some well-known cuts, as well as a few lesser-known — but not obscure — selections as well. Some of the better-known tracks, hits like Barrett Strong's "Money (That's What I Want), and the Contours' "First I Look at the Purse," and the Miracles "Going to a Go-Go," and Martha & the Vandellas' read of "Hitch Hike" have shown up on other comps, but never on an up-tempo groover like this one. These picks are juxtaposed against stuff that the collectors have had for years perhaps, but the rest of us missed, like Eddie Holland's vocal, piano and horn rave-up — based on Stevie Wonder's "Fingertips, Part 2" — "Leaving Here," and Earl Van Dyke's killer instrumental dance jams "6X6," that uses the Tijuana Brass M.O. and turns it inside out — and the finger-poppin' classic "All For You." And that's not even half of the stuff here. Solid.


1. Money (That's What I Want) - Barrett Strong
2. Too Many Fish In The Sea - The Marvelettes
3. Needle In A Haystack - The Velvelettes
4. 6x6 - Earl Van Dyke
5. Leaving Here - Eddie Holland
6. I'll Always Love You - Detroit Spinners
7. Can You Jerk Like Me? - The Contours
8. One Way Out - Martha & The Vandellas
9. One More Heartache - Marvin Gaye
10. I Heard It Through The Grapevine - Gladys Knight & The Pips
11. Number One In Your Heart - The Monitors
12. Baby I Miss You - Tommy Good
13. All For You - Earl Van Dyke
14. He Was Really Saying Something - The Velvelettes
15. First I Look At The Purse - The Contours
16. Going To A Go-Go - The Miracles
17. Baby Don't Do It - Marvin Gaye
18. Hitch Hike - Martha Reeves & The Vandellas
19. Hey Harmonica Man - Stevie Wonder
20. Every Little Bit Hurts - Brenda Holloway

Download Vol. 1

Mod Fave Raves Vol.2

Reviewer: Thom Jurek, allmusic guide

This second — and long overdue, horribly-titled — volume in the Motown Mod Fave Raves series issued in Europe has more hits than the first set had, but other than Martha Reeves' "Heat Wave," Shorty Long's ubiquitous "Function at the Junction," the Miracles' "C'mon Do the Jerk," and the Temptations' "(I Know) I'm Losin' You," there are other cuts that don't make the compilation circuit often enough — Kim Weston's "Helpless," Earl Van Dyke's crushing groover "Soul Stomp," Chris Clark's "From Head to Toe," and Barbara McNair's "You're Gonna Love My Baby" are all welcome additions to the general selection. In all there are 20 cuts, and there's not a weak one in the bunch. Those who are looking for the more up-tempo side of the Motown sound will find this one satisfying.


1. Soul Stomp - Earl Van Dyke
2. Come On Do The Jerk - The Miracles
3. Motoring - Martha Reeves & The Vandellas
4. Just A Little Misunderstanding - The Contours
5. Shoot Your Shot - Junior Walker & The Allstars
6. I'll Keep On Holding On - The Marvelettes
7. I Can't Help Myself - The Four Tops
8. Just Ain't Enough Love - The Isley Brothers
9. (I Know) I'm Losing You - The Temptations
10. Just Walk In My Shoes - Glady's Knight & The Pips
11. Long Function At The Junction - Shorty Long
12. Take Me In Your Arms (Rock Me A Little While) - Kim Weston
13. You're Gonna Love My Baby - Barbara McNair
14. I Gotta Dance To Keep From Crying - The Miracles
15. Tune Up - Junior Walker & The Allstars
16. Love Is Like An Itching In My Heart - The Supremes
17. (Love Is Like A) Heat Wave - Martha Reeves & The Vandellas
18. Little Miss Sweetness - The Temptations
19. Helpless - Kim Weston
20. From Head To Toe - Chris Clark

Download Vol. 2


The Action

The Action - ActionPacked

from allmusic.com

After the Beatles, the Action were the most impressive band signed to EMI by George Martin during the mid-'60s. That they never managed to chart a single in the space of two years with the label, even as lesser bands sold tens of thousands of records with seemingly no effort, is one of those great ironies of mid-'60s English rock & roll.

The band started out in North London during 1963 as quartet called the Boys, and cut one single as a backing band for Sandra Barry before getting their own shot at immortality on the Pye label with a single "It Ain't Fair." The Boys went out of existence in 1964, but didn't split up, instead reconfiguring themselves as a five-piece. The original lineup, Alan "Bam" King (guitar), Reg King (vocals), Mike Evans (bass), and Roger Powell (drums) added Pete Watson...


01. Land of 1000 Dances
02. In My Lonely Room
03. Harlem Shuffle
04. I Love You (Yeah)
05. I'll Keep on Holding On
06. Hey Sha-Lo-Ney
07. Just Once in My Life
08. Wasn't It You?
09. Baby You've Got It
10. Since I Lost My Baby
11. Never Ever
12. Twenty-Fourth Hour
13. Place
14. Come on, Come With Me
15. Cissy
16. Something Has Hit Me
17. Shadows and Reflections

The Action - Action Packed

The Action - Rolled Gold

Reviewed by Jeffrey Jotz "You'll know him when you find him" (Rahway, NJ USA), from amazon.com

The earlier stuff by the Action -- who achieved notoriety through the support of Beatles' producer George Martin -- was your standard collection of guitar-driven, English mid-60s interpretations of American R&B tunes, but in 1968, the world was changing, and the Action changed along with it.

Like their contemporaties the Who and the Small Faces, the Action began to move away from traditional mod melodies like "I'll Keep Holding On" to more expansive pieces like "Come Around," "Brain" and "Strange Roads."

What results is not a full "mod" or "psychedelic" collection, but a fantastic collage of great British pop that can hold its own with the big stars of the era (Beatles, Kinks, etc). Each song gets better after each listen.

The songs on Rolled Gold were recorded as demos for an upcoming album but never released. Thankfully, they were remastered and repackaged as a CD with liner notes from band members and modern-day popsters like Matthew Sweet and Brent Rademaker of Beechwood Sparks.

In fact, listening to this disc immediately draws parallels to many indie pop icons of the present day, most notably Robert Pollard and his Guided by Voices. I don't even know if these artists intentionally drew their work from that of the Action's Rolled Gold days, but the parallels are striking.

Placing this CD in my player with the Kinks "Arthur" and the Beatles "Magical Mystery Tour" will complete your fun trip through edgy psychedelic pop of a time long gone.


01. Come Around
02. Something to Say
03. Love is All
04. Icarus
05. Strange Roads
06. Things You Cannot See
07. Brain
08. Look at the View
09. Climbing Up the Wall
10. Really Doesn't Matter
11. I'm a Stranger
12. Little Boy
13. Follow Me
14. In My Dream

The Action - Rolled Gold

Apesar desse post não ser meu, dedico os dois álbuns ao Tin, um ilustre visitante de Brasília ou Patos de Minas, ou de onde quer que ele nos acesse. ;)


The Yardbirds

The Yardbirds - BBC Sessions (1965-1968)

Reviewed by Patrick Earley (Edmond, Oklahoma USA), from amazon.com

I love live radio broadcast albums. And this is one of the best of the BBC series releases. It's got some memorable performances by both the Beck and the Page lineups from 1965-68. This is pretty much Jeff Beck's show though. He appears on 20 of these cuts and he just cooks on here. Especially on "Too Much Monkey Business", where his guitar playing is just ferocious! This had to be pretty shocking stuff at the time for those stiff lipped studio technitions to hear. I love all the old blues covers they were generous enough to put on here. Especially Bo Diddley's "I'm A Man". There's nothing quite like hearing the spelling out of M-A-N with an english accent. Also another great cover is Chester Burnett's "The Sun Is Shining" where Beck plays a mean sounding bottleneck slide. But their best material is their originals such as "For Your Love", "Heart Full of Soul", Shapes Of Things, and my favorite "Over Under Sideways Down". It's hard to believe most of these songs were from the 65-66 era. They were so far ahead of their time. The only thing that gives it away is when those cheesy disc jockeys start introducing the band before each song with "Groovy" and "Here's a Real Knockout Band". But this album is just like a Best Of from the Yardbirds. It's got all their good stuff that's played pretty close to their studio versions, but with a little Beck and Page pizzaz. And being in the BBC studios, the recordings are crystal clear, with none of that annoying hiss. So if you haven't got any Yardbirds cd's yet, this is as good a place as any to start. Excellent

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01. I Ain't Got You
02. Keith Relf Talks About The Band's Background
03. For Your Love
04. I'm Not Talking
05. I Wish You Would
06. Keith Relf Talks About USA Tour
07. Heart Full Of Soul
08. I Ain't Done Wrong
09. Too Much Monkey Business
10. Love Me Like I Love You
11. I'm A Man
12. Evil Hearted You
13. Interview About The 'Still I'm Sad' Single
14. Still I'm Sad
15. Hang On Sloopy
16. Smokestack Lightning
17. The Yardbirds Give Their New Year's Resolutions
18. You're A Better Man Than I
19. The Train Kept A-Rollin'
20. Shapes Of Things
21. Dust My Broom
22. Baby, Scratch My Back
23. Keith Relf Talks About His Solo Single
24. Over Under Sideways Down
25. The Sun Is Shining
26. Shapes Of Things, Version 2
27. Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I'll Go Mine)
28. Little Games
29. Drinking Muddy Water
30. Think About It
31. Interview With Jimmy Page
32. Goodnight Sweet Josephine
33. My Babys

The Yardbirds - BBC Sessions (1965-1968)

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The Seeds

The Seeds - Future (1967)

from amazon.com

The "A Thousand Shadows" 45 rpm from this album, Future, came in a pink sleeve decorated by gray four-leaf clovers and a negative picture of the Seeds next to a sign that says "Wishing Well - Help Us Grow." "A Thousand Shadows" is the melody as well as the feel of their Top 40 1967 hit "Pushin' Too Hard." Breaking no new ground, the band insisted on revisiting its formula, reinventing new versions of "Pushin' Too Hard" like "Flower Lady & Her Assistant." This is a sophisticated package with a gatefold which includes lyrics over pastel sunflowers as if the band was Joni Mitchell. Three colorful pages come inside the album, including two beautiful photos of the group along with single flowers representing the songs on the disc with instructions: "Cut out paste on whatever" for grade schoolers or those so strung out on LSD they have regressed to that point. "Six Dreams" is Black Sabbath's Ozzie meeting George Harrison in some biker film soundtrack with weird sound effects and a sitar. The harp on "Fallin'" underscores Saxon's passionate garage vocal. Imagine, if you will, Brian Jones during the recording of Satanic Majesties deciding to bare all the excesses of rock stardom. This album is a trip, not because it reflects the ideas captured in the Peter Fonda film of the same name, but because a band had the audacity to experiment with record company money and make something so noncommercial and playful. Droning organ sounds penetrate "Fallin'," the seven minute, 40 second final track. Saxon writes in the inner-sleeve essay "Originations of the Flower Generation" "...The farmer lives by the elements alone, the sun, the rain, and the earth, but the earth needs its seeds to sow the flower generation of the leaf...." It's heady stuff, and the melody and sound of "Pushin' Too Hard" permeates incessantly. Hardly a Future, as the title proclaims, this is actually the Sgt. Pepper of the flower-power set, a reinvention of past efforts, but no "Strawberry Fields" or "Day in the Life" to bring it out of its cult niche. Very listenable, highly entertaining, and totally not for the mass audience. GNP stands for Gene Norman Presents, and the label should be commended for allowing such creativity which inspired Iggy Pop and the Lyres' Mono Mann. Saxon played his game to the hilt, and that followers like Mono Mann and Jeff Connelly would get stuck in his groove is only testament to how original and enthralling these sounds are. Tunes like "Now a Man" are low-key Ventures riffs with naïve guitar and Saxon being as indulgent as humanly possible. Fans should also seek out a 45 on Expression records, "Beautiful Stars" by Sky Sunlight and Thee New Seeds featuring Rainbow. Despite its musical limitations, Future holds up quite well to repeated plays by sitting firmly in the past..

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Bit Rate: 128 kB


01. Introduction
02. March of the Flower Children
03. Travel With Your Mind
04. Out of the Question
05. Painted Doll
06. Flower Lady and Her Assistant
07. Now a Man
08. Thousand Shadows
09. Two Fingers Pointing on You
10. Where Is the Entrance Way to Play?
11. Six Dreams
12. Fallin'

The Seeds - Future (1967)

Nancy Sinatra

Nancy Sinatra's Boots

Reviewer: amazon.com

1995 reissue on Sundazed of her 1966 debut for Reprise with four single sides as bonus tracks: the B-sides 'The City Never Sleeps At Night' & 'Leave My Dog Alone', the A-side 'In Our Time' and 'These Boots Are Made For Walkin'' (Mono Single Version). 'Boots', which reached #5 in the U.S., alsofeatures the #1 smash 'These Boots Are Made For Walkin'' & the chart hit 'So Long, Babe'. Also featured here is the original cover art. 15 tracks total. Standard jewel case.


1. As Tears Go By
2. Day Tripper
3. I Move Around
4. It Ain't Me Babe
5. These Boots Are Made For Walkin'
6. In My Room
7. Lies
8. So Long, Babe
9. Flowers On The Wall
10. If He'd Love Me
11. Run For Your Life
12. The City Never Sleeps At Night
13. Leave My Dog Alone
14. In Our Time
15. These Boots Are Made For Walkin' (Mono Single Version)

Nancy Sinatra - Boots

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Decca (Repost)

The UK Beat Scene - (Various UK Beat 1963-66)

These 25 tracks have been culled from a host of mid-'60s artists on the U.K.-based Decca Records label as part of their critically and enthusiastically lauded "Decca Originals" series. Each thematic entry gathers hard-to-locate tunes by a variety of lesser-known acts. The Beat Scene (1998) concentrates on groups stylistically akin to the early- to mid- '60s British Invasion beat bands. However, unlike the Beatles, the Dave Clark Five, or any of their other internationally renowned contemporaries, many of the acts featured here had comparatively nominal, if any, success outside of Europe. In the case of the Poets — whose longing rocker "I Love Her Still" is found on this volume — they created music broad enough in scope to have covered the freakbeat and psychedelic subgenres as well. Almost by definition, one of the more obvious components of the Beat Scene is the hearty backbeat that drives the Game's "Gonna Get Me Someone," the Mockingbirds' "One by One," and Joe Cocker's seminal remake of the Fab Four's "I'll Cry Instead." The latter is a fascinating glimpse into Cocker's primordial sound, blending the essence of American rockabilly with a hint of skiffle tucked into the rhythm. Another notable name is Lulu, who takes the Luvvers through the Mick Jagger/Keith Richard composition "Surprise Surprise." Although pop music fans might remember the name Pete Best as the pre-Ringo Starr percussionist for the Beatles, he lends his name to a combo covering Eddie Hodges' "I'm Gonna Knock on Your Door," a one-off single circa 1964. Other Beat-era trademarks include compact arrangements, as displayed by the tight syncopation heard on Rick & Sandy's "Lost My Girl," the Warriors' "Don't Make Me Blue," and the Beat Chics' lively "Now I Know." A direct contrast is the Andrew Oldham Orchestra's faux Wall of Sound rendition of "Da Doo Run Run," with uncredited vocals from Mick Jagger. Parties interested in this edition should check out the other erstwhile installments: Mod Scene (1998) and Mod Scene, Vol. 2, Psychedelic Scene (1998), Rock N' Roll Scene (1998), and Blues Scene (1999).

Tamanho: 100 mB
Bit Rate: 256 kB


01. I love her still - Poets (2)
02. Gonna get me someone - GAME (4)
03. Each and every day - Thee
04. Walkin' thru the Sleepy city - Mighty Avengers
05. It's gonna happen soon - Naylor, Shel
06. I'll cry instead - Cocker, Joe
007. Third time lucky - Beat Boys
08. Hurt me if you will - Mark Four
09. Really gonna shake - Barry, Sandra & The Boys
10. Surprise surprise - Lulu & The Luvvers
11. Everything's alright - Mojos
12. Now I know - Beat Chics
13. I'm gonna knock on your door - Best, Pete Four
14. Don't make me blue - Warriors (3)
15. That's what I want - Marauders
16. Once in a while - Brooks (1)
17. Lost my girl - Rick & Sandy
18. I was only playing games - Unit 4+2
19. Did you want to run away - Tierney's Fugitives
20. One by one - Mockingbirds (1)
21. Itty bitty pieces - Rockin' Berries
22. Who'll be next in line - Knack (1)
23. Keep on dancing - Poole, Brian & The Tremeloes
24. Heart of stone - Hi-Numbers (2)
25. Da do ron ron - Oldham, Andrew Loog Orchestra & Chorus

The UK Beat Scene - (Various UK Beat 1963-66)

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The Zombies

The Zombies - Odessey and Oracle (1968)

from Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org)

Odessey and Oracle is a rock album by the Zombies released in 1968. The famous misspelling of "odyssey" in the title was the result of a mistake by the designer of the LP cover, Terry Quirk (who was the flatmate of bass player Chris White). The band, however, claims that the title was deliberate.

Odessey and Oracle was recorded in 1967 after the Zombies signed to the CBS label, and was only the second album they had released since 1965. As their first LP, Begin Here, was a collection of singles, Odessey can be regarded as the only true Zombies album.

The group began work on the album in June 1967. Some songs were recorded at EMI's Abbey Road Studios, where earlier in the year the Beatles had recorded Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. By the time the recording was finished, in late 1967, the Zombies were effectively disbanded, due to lack of financial success. Odessey and Oracle was released in the U.K. in April 1968 and in the United States in June. The single "Time of the Season" became a surprise hit in early 1969, and Columbia Records (in the United States) re-released Odessey in February, with a slightly different album cover.

Since its release the LP has come to be regarded as one of the greatest of all pop albums, with indelible melodies, complex harmonies, and an air of nostalgia and longing that makes it comparable to such albums as Love's Forever Changes and the Beach Boys' Pet Sounds.

In 2002, Rolling Stone placed Odessey in 80th place on their list of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time[1].

The first song on the album, "Care of Cell 44" has been covered by such notable artists as Elliott Smith.

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Size: 73,9 mB


01. "Care of Cell 44" (Rod Argent)
02. "A Rose for Emily" (Argent)
03. "Maybe After He's Gone" (Chris White)
04. "Beechwood Park" (White)
05. "Brief Candles" (White)
06. "Hung up on a Dream" (Argent)
07. "Changes" (White)
08. "I Want Her She Wants Me" (Argent)
09. "This Will Be Our Year" (White)
10. "Butcher's Tale (Western Front 1914)" (White)
11. "Friends of Mine" (White)
12. "Time of the Season" (Argent)

The Zombies - Odessey and Oracle (1968)