Thai Beat A Go-Go, Vol. 2 - Groovy 60's Sounds from the Land of Smile!

Review by Subliminal Sounds:
"If you dug volume 1 of Thai Beat A Go-Go, you'll go crazy over the new release in the Thai Beat A Go-Go series! Incredible and ultra rare recordings from Thailand in the 1960s. The amazing Thai Beat A Go Go vol 2, concentrates on exotic female pop and rock vocal numbers, beat, a go-go, psych and some very weird tracks, extreme sensuality and emotions, surreal and groovy, all with a totally otherworldly Thai flavor. Experience the blossoming Bangkok night club scene with the exotic bar and lounge go-go bands! There is a lot of work and effort behind these comps and they have taken a long time to compile. Records with Thai 60s-70s rock/pop a-go-go bands are incredible hard, if not impossible, to find as there is no Thai tradition of saving native artifacts from the 1960s."

1. Yok Yok (Jump Jump)
2. Ding Dong
3. Rak Tong Rorn (Love Passion)
4. Miss Chaa (My Darling)
5. Mahn Kao Lah (What Fun)
6. Shimmy Shimmy Ko Ko Bop
7. Boat That I Row
8. Kotmorn Yoop Yap (All Shook Up)
9. Soo Kwarm Rak Khorng Phom Doo Dai (You Can See My Love)
10. Wairoon (Teenager)
11. Nai Teum (Cool Guy)
12. Je T'Aime Moi Non Plus - Traces
13. Funky Broadway
14. Tee Makhuea Pok (Your Cheatin' Heart)
15. Lady Madonna
16. Let Your Life Be Free
17. Yim (Smile)
18. Pee Kow Pee Ork (Ghosts Come and Go)
19. I Find Only Dream
20. Nang Maew Pee (The Ghost of Catwoman)



Thai Beat A Go-Go, Vol. 1

Review by Subliminal Sounds!
"If you dug the Cambodian Rocks comps, you’ll go crazy over the new Thai Beat A Go-Go series! Incredible and ultra rare recordings from Thailand in the 1960s. Records with Thai 60s rock bands are incredible hard, if not impossible, to find as there is no Thai tradition of saving native artifacts from the 1960s. There is a lot of work and effort behind these comps and they have taken a long time to compile.The amazing Thai Beat A Go Go vol 1, which concentrates on red hot Thai curry rock n roll, includes cosmic instro surf bands, mad garage/beat bands, mystic go-go organ/wild guitar rave-ups, exotic female singers, extreme sensuality and emotions, surreal and groovy, all with a totally otherworldly Thai flavor. Experience the blossoming Bangkok night club scene with the exotic bar and lounge go-go bands! These recordings have a sound that's completely inexplicable despite the use of standard rock instrumentation and song structures combining a fascinating and primal version of rock n roll, surf, r 'n' b- sometimes all in one song."

1. Kratae - Johnny's Guitar
2. Tamai Dern Sae (Why Do You Walk Like a Drunkard) - Payom Moogda
3. Dance Dance Dance - Vichan Maneechot
4. Shake Baby Shake - Sodsai Chaengkij
5. Meow - Cat
6. Day Tripper - Starlights
7. Bangsaen '66 - Johnny's Guitar
8. Yipmerdai - Dang, Der Dong
9. Boongatanyon - Son Of P.M.
10. Loomsiah - Payom Moogda
11. Phom Rak Khoom Tching Tching (I Really Do Love You) - Viking Band
12. James Bond Theme - Son Of P.M.
13. Do the Watusi - Cat
14. Poo Yai Lee - Louise Kennedy
15. Supannahong - Johnny's Guitar
16. Kaw-Liga - Silver Sand
17. Klongyao - Johnny's Guitar
18. Yom Pha Barn Norn Pahwaa (Satan's Nightmare) - Paiboon
19. Hit the Road Jack - Cat
20. Muay Thai - Ong-Ard, Jiraphand





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James Brown and His Famous Flames-Please, Please, Please

James Brown and His Famous Flames

Review by William Ruhlmann, All Music Guide
Though James Brown and His Famous
Flames had scored an R&B Top 10 hit in 1956 with "Please, Please, Please," and Brown's next nine singles for Federal Records flopped until "Try Me," his third single of 1958, scored. That was when King Records (Federal's parent label) assembled this, Brown's debut album, out of some of those singles sessions. You can hear the sound of a group and its enthusiastic singer looking for a hit, sometimes in the rock & roll of "Chonnie-On-Chon" (1957) or the 1956 B-side "I Feel That Old Feeling Coming On," sometimes by remaking "Please, Please, Please" under another name, such as "I Don't Know" (1956), sometimes by tackling Coasters-like novelty material such as "That Dood It" (1958), sometimes by aping the smooth Sam Cooke, as on the 1958 B-side "That's When I Lost My Heart," and once by rewriting "My Bonnie (Lies Over The Ocean)" as the 1958 B-side "Baby Cries Over The Ocean." Only the two hits were really memorable, but the album presented the sound of a major star-to-be in search of his sound.

1. Please Please Please
2. Chonnie-On-Chon
3. Hold My Baby's Hand
4. I Feel That Old Feeling Coming On
5. Just Won't Do Right
6. Baby Cries Over The Ocean
7. I Don't Know
8. Tell Me What I Did Wrong
9. Try Me
10. That Dood It
11. Begging Begging
12. I Walked Alone
13. No No No No
14. That's When I Lost My Heart
15. Let's Make It
16. Love Or A Game

James Brown and His Famous Flames-Please, Please, Please


The Fabulous Wailers

The Original Golden Crest Masters- The Fabulous Wailers-

Review by Steve Huey, All Music Guide
Sometimes known simply as the Wailers, The Original Golden Crest Masters officially reissues 16 sides cut by the Fabulous Wailers in the late '50s and early '60s, including their influential version of "Louie Louie" and their biggest hit, "Tall Cool One.

1. Tall Cool One
2. Road Runner
3. Mau-Mau
4. Dirty Robber
5. Wailin'
6. Shanghied
7. Beat Guitar
8. Driftwood
9. Lucille
10. Scratchin'
11. Long Gone
12. High Wall
13. Gunnin' For Peter
14. Why Did It Happen To Me
15. Swing Shift
16. Beat Guitar #2
17. Snake Pit
18. Driftwood #2
19. Dirty Robber
20. Tough Bounce

The Original Golden Crest Masters- The Fabulous Wailers


Northern Soul Connoisseurs

Northern Soul Connoisseurs

Review by Amazon.co.uk
Another week, another northern soul compilation. Ho hum. Thankfully, Northern Soul Connoisseurs is anything but a routine collection. Following on from the superb Motown Connoisseurs, this 18 tracker is once again compiled by eminent northern DJ Richard Searling--and what a selection. As well as a clutch of celebrated classics, including the scene's ultimate anthem, Frank Wilson's "Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)", there's a smattering of highly sought after rarities. The previously unreleased Motown cut "He Who Picks A Rose" by Jimmy Ruffin a number one sound on the scene, so its inclusion is an especially timely masterstroke. Other Motor City marvels include The Supremes jaw-droppingly stupendous "Stormy" and the CD debut of Earl Van Dyke's instrumental mod fave "6 X 6". More familiar perhaps, but equally welcome are Terry Callier's "Look At Me Now", Edwin Starr's "Back Street", Tony Clarke's "Landslide" and The Originals stampeding floor stomper "Suspicion". In short, there's not a single dud track and with its deft mix of the rare and the renowned, Northern Soul Connoisseurs is essential for fervent collectors and northern novices alike. --Chris King

1. He Who Picks A Rose - Ruffin, Jimmy
2. Do I Love You (Indeed I Do) - Wilson, Frank
3. 6x6 - Van Dyke, Earl
4. Look At Me Now - Callier, Terry
5. Stormy - The Supremes
6. The Way You've Been Acting - Kent, Al
7. Worth Every Tear I Cry - Warwick, Dee Dee
8. Key To My Happiness - The Charades
9. Learning To Trust My Man - Sisters Love
10. Landslide - Clarke, Tony Listen
11. Baby Hit And Run - The Contours
12. Suspicion - Originals Listen
13. Moody Woman - Butler, Jerry
14. Love Love Love - Hebb, Bobby
15. Back Street - Starr, Edwin
16. The Boogaloo Party - The Flamingos
17. It's Better To Have (And Don't Need) - Covay, Don

Northern Soul Connoisseurs


The Spirit of '67- Paul Revere and the Raiders

Paul Revere & The Raiders-

Review by William Ruhlmann, All Music Guide

The Spirit of '67, Paul Revere and the Raiders' third gold-selling, Top Ten album to be released in 1966, marked the triumph of the group's in-house writing team of lead singer Mark Lindsay, Paul Revere, and producer Terry Melcher. "Hungry," the Top Ten follow-up to "Kicks," was written, like the earlier hit, by Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil, but Lindsay-Revere-Melcher then hit the Top 40 with "The Great Airplane Strike" and the Top Ten with "Good Thing." (Actually, Revere was not a writer on "Good Thing," as subsequent releases indicated.) Those hits anchored this collection, which was filled out by showcases for bassist Phil Volk and drummer Mark Smith (guitarist Drake Levin had been replaced by Jim Valley), plus some secondary material by the group's leaders. As usual, they were listening closely to their peers, and much of the material had the twangy guitar-rock sound common to 1966, though some of the experimental eclecticism that would lead to the elaborate productions of 1967's Sgt. Pepper psychedelic era was also apparent in songs like "Oh! To Be a Man" and "Undecided Man" (the latter a near-copy of the Beatles' "Eleanor Rigby"). This stylistic trend-following did not bode well for the future, but for the moment Paul Revere and the Raiders were riding high. The CD reissue on Sundazed adds three bonus cuts, including the 45-single version of "The Great Airplane Strike," and an alternate version of "Hungry."

1. Good Thing - (featuring Mark)
2. All About Her - (featuring Mark)
3. In My Community - (featuring Fang)
4. Louise - (featuring Mark)
5. Why? Why? Why? (Is It So Hard) - (featuring Fang)
6. Oh! To Be A Man - (featuring Mark)
7. Hungry - (featuring Mark)
8. Undecided Man - (featuring Mark)
9. Our Candidate - (featuring Smitty)
10. 1001 Arabian Nights - (featuring Mark)
11. Great Airplane Strike, The - (featuring Mark)
12. Bad Girl, (You're A) - (reissue only, featuring Mark)
13. Hungry - (reissue only, alternate version, featuring Mark)
14. Great Airplane Strike, The - (mono, reissue only, featuring Mark)

The Spirit of '67- Paul Revere and the Raiders


Back to Peru: The Most Complete Compilation of Peruvian Underground 64-74

Marina uploaded this one! Thank you, Marina.

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Tamanho: ?? mB
Bit Rate: ?? kB


1. Bailemos - Termits
2. Abrazame Baby - Los Yorks
3. Tema De Los Golden Stars - Golden Stars
4. Stone - Texao
5. Pasos En La Luna - Los Mutables
6. Holys Psicodelicos - Los Holys
7. No Te Puedo Encontrar - Los 007
8. Los Extranos - Pina Y Sus Estrellas
9. Pa Pa Pa - Hot Butters Sound
10. You Gotta Try - Ringers
11. Glue - New Juggler Sound
12. Wiched Man - Smog
13. Eleva Tu Mente - Los Comandos
14. World Full Of Nuts - Laghonia
15. Mi Cueva - El Polen
16. Una Bruja En El Cuzco - El Opio
17. Tookie Tookie - Telegraph Avenue
18. Funky Man - Black Sugar
19. Candela - Zulu
20. Exorcismo - Pax
21. Meshkalina - Traffic Sound
22. Sonido Amazunico - Los Mirlos

Back to Peru: The Most Complete Compilation of Peruvian Underground 64-74


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Brian Poole & The Tremeloes -Twist And Shout & It's About Time

Mod64 still alive.

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Tamanho: 80 mB
Bit Rate: ?? kB


Disc 1
1. Twist and Shout
2. Twenty Miles
3. If You Gotta Make a Fool of Somebody
4. You Don't Love Me Anymore (And I Can Tell)
5. Meet Me Where We Used to Meet
6. Don't Be Afraid Little Darlin'
7. We Know
8. Alley Oop
9. Baby Workout
10. Over the Mountain, Across the Sea
11. Twist Little Sister
12. Doo Ron Ron (When He Walked Me Home)
13. Run Back Home
14. South Street
15. Peanuts
16. Keep On Dancing [From Just for Fun]
17. Twenty Miles
18. Come On In
19. Swinging On a Star
20. Yakety Yak

Disc 2
1. Time Is On My Side
2. Someone, Someone
3. You Can't Sit Down
4. I Could Make You Love Me
5. Rag Doll
6. After a While
7. Chills
8. Times Have Changed
9. Hands Off
10. Uncle Willie
11. Michael Row the Boat Ashore
12. What Do You Want With My Baby?
13. Song of a Broken Heart
14. Heard It All Before
15. Well Who's That?
16. Time Is On My Side
17. Sho' Miss You Baby
18. It's All Right
19. You Don't Own Me

Brian Poole & The Tremeloes -Twist And Shout & It's About Time


VVAA - Copenhaguen Beat (65-68 Denmark Garage Beat)

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Tamanho: 165 mB
Bit Rate: 256 kB


1. Beefeaters - "Big City" (2:09)
2. Blackpools - "I'm Wild About You" (2:21)
3. Heaters - "Walking Down the Street" (2:37)
4. King Beats - "She's Fine, She's Mine" (3:23)
5. Ole Neumann and His Newmen - "Get Out of My Life Woman" (3:56)
6. Raws - "When I Walked" (3:26)
7. John Inglis and His Group - "I'm Looking For" (2:21)
8. Swinging Five - "Little Zula" (2:24)
9. Black Devils - "Cherry Stone" (3:01)
10. Blackpools - "Endless Hoping" (3:02)
11. Caravans - "Everything is Allright" (3:12)
12. Joe E. Carters Group - "Gloria" (2:22)
13. Butterfly - "Am I to Blame" (1:50)
14. Bristols - "A Rolling Stone" (3:25)
15. Blackpools - "I'll Go Crazy" (2:36)
16. Telstars - "Where-Where" (1:40)
17. Noblermen - "I'm Mad Again" (3:17)
18. Beatmakers - "Coming On Strong" (2:18)
19. Caravans - "Can I Get a Witness" (3:05)
20. Meteors - "Anytime" (3:11)
21. Dandy Swingers - "He's a Loser" (2:36)
22. King Beats - "Roadrunner" (2:47)
23. Blackpools - "All Right" (2:44)
24. Snaphanerne - "My Lucky Day" (2:15)
25. Beefeaters - "L.S.D." (2:27)
26. John Inglis & His Group - "Tell Me" (1:56)
27. Silverbeats - "If You Tell Me" (3:01)
28. Heaters - "Just Can't Go to Sleep" (2:00)
29. Big Boss Man - "Get the Picture" (2:01)

VVAA - Copenhaguen Beat (65-68 Denmark Garage Beat) - Part 1
VVAA - Copenhaguen Beat (65-68 Denmark Garage Beat) - Part 2


The Troggs - Cellophane/Mixed Bag

Review from Alex, Ohio @ Amazon.com

First I want to start this review by saying this is original releases, nothing re-done here. This two-fer is the 3rd and 4th albums by the Troggs, released in 1967 and 1968 respectively. Some of the songs on both albums are in Stereo, some are in mono. 24 great songs.

The Cellophane album is (for the most part) 3 guitars and drums pure rock, occasional flute. pretty basic for 1967, but not EVERY group would go psychedelic in 1966-67. The only ones that even resemble flower power or Psychedelic are the last 3-4 songs on the album. One of those songs being the top 40 hit "Love Is All Around" besides the song just mentioned, There is a melodic song or two on here, "Its Showing" is one of them.

The first few songs are pretty basic pop/rock, except "Butterflies And Bees" which has a modern jazz/pop sound. a great song and a change for the mostly raw and grungy 60s rock Sound the Troggs are known for.

Is this album good? yes, its one of their best. highlights on this album, "Little Red Donkey", "Butterflies And Bees", "All of The Time", "Somewhere My Girl Is Waiting", "My Lady", and of course "Love Is All Around". Was this the Troggs idea of, "All You Need Is Love"? or a "boy loves girl" song, maybe a little of both.

Now, the album Mixed Bag is another story, it still has the Troggs signature of the basic rock/pop sound, but there is more psychedlic songs on this album, it was 1968 after all.

The first song "Surprise, Surprise, is very good. One of those hitting the snare and Tom Tom and banging the piano songs. "Say Darlin" is very Troggs sounding in Lyric and music style.

Why wasnt "Purple Shades" a hit in the U.S.? talk about your lost hit single, great song. The Psychedelic songs? thats where "Maybe The Madman" comes in, and maybe a hint of Psychedelic on a few others. I'm wondering why this album is not getting more recognition! is this a Concept album? in a way yes, this is a very good album, maybe even their best. (Their first album from 1966 was great too).

One of the songs on this album called "Off The Record" is some Tom foolery in the studio, its fun. Another melodic song on here is "Theres something about you". No hit singles on here, from America that is. Probably a UK hit or two on here. The highlights are, Surprise,Surprise, Say Darlin, Purple Shades, Heads Or Tails, Hip Hip Hooray, Maybe The Madman", We Waited For Someone.

Get it now, these sort of releases dont always wait around to be bought.

...I don't know how these albums didnt get re-released sooner, maybe they were, I never saw them till I saw this 2-fer CD release. Buy it.

Tamanho: 118 mB
Bit Rate: ?? kB


1. Little Red Donkey
2. Too Muci of a Good Thing
3. Butterflies and Bees
4. All of the Time
5. Seventeen
6. Somewhere My Girl Is Waiting
7. It's Snowing
8. Her Emotion
9. When Will the Rain Come
10. My Lady
11. Come the Day
12. Love Is All Around
13. Surprise Surprise
14. You Can Cry If You Want To
15. Say Darlin'
16. Marbles and Some Gum
17. Purple Shades
18. Heads or Tails
19. Hip Hip Hooray
20. Little Girl
21. Maybe the Madman
22. Off the Record
23. We Waited for Someone
24. There's Something About You

The Troggs - Cellophane/Mixed Bag - Part 1
The Troggs - Cellophane/Mixed Bag - Part 2

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Manfred Mann - Best of the EMI Years

This is a wonderful collection and history of the bands early hits and B sides. Superb overview. They are one of my all time fav bands. These guys are real musicians and very accomplished in all areas of music, ranging from jazz to blues to pop/rock to folk and ballads. Check this collection out, it's a must for any true collector. Simply a killer.

From Amazon.com

Tamanho: 124 mB
Bit Rate: 192 kB


1. Do Wah Diddy Diddy
2. Cock-A-Hoop
3. I've Got My Mojo Working
4. Sticks And Stones
5. 5-4-3-2-1
6. Why Should We Not
7. I'm Your Kingpin
8. Without You
9. I Put A Spell On You
10. Hubble Bubble (Toil And Trouble)
11. Dashing Away With A Smoothing Iron
12. Sha La La
13. I Can't Believe What You Say
14. The One In The Middle
15. Watermelon Man
16. With God On Our Side
17. Come Tomorrow
18. It's Gonna Work Out Fine
19. She
20. Oh No Not My Baby
21. My Little Red Book
22. Come Home Baby
23. Pretty Flamingo
24. If You Gotta Go, Go Now
25. Tired Of Trying, Bored With Lying, Scared Of Dying
26. There's No Living Without Your Loving
27. You Gave Me Somebody To Love
28. 5-4-3-2-1 (Ready Steady Go Theme)
29. Do Wah Diddy Diddy (Unedited Version)

Manfred Mann - Best of the EMI Years - Part 1
Manfred Mann - Best of the EMI Years - Part 2


The Standells - Dirty Water/Why Pick on Me (1966)

The Standells were a 1960s rock and roll band from Los Angeles, California who, like The Seeds, exemplified the garage rock style.

The band was formed in 1962 by guitarist Tony Valentino and organist Larry Tamblyn. The Standells' first hit single was "Dirty Water," which reached #11 on the Billboard charts on June 11, 1966.

Other hits included "Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White," "Why Pick On Me," "Riot On Sunset Strip" (about the 1966 riots resulting from police attacks on hippies), and "Try It."

Singer/drummer Dick Dodd, who sang the lead on "Dirty Water", is a former Mouseketeer, and singer/keyboardist Larry Tamblyn is the brother of actor Russ Tamblyn and uncle of Amber Tamblyn, star of "Joan of Arcadia". The group appeared in several low budget films of the 1960s, including "Get Yourself a College Girl" and "Riot on Sunset Strip". Lowell George, who would go on to play with Little Feat, briefly played guitar in the Standells prior to their breakup in 1968.

The Standells also made an appearance on the 1964-1966 television sitcom The Munsters in the episode "Far Out Munster". The band was an integral part of the show, and performed the songs "Come On and Ringo" and The Beatles' "I Want to Hold Your Hand."

Despite the lyrics of "Dirty Water", which states, "Boston, you're my home." The Standells are not from Massachusetts. The song was written by their producer Ed Cobb. "Dirty Water" is played after every home victory by the Boston Red Sox and Boston Bruins.

All of the original members are back together, and recently performed at the second game of the World Series at Fenway Park.

In 1999 several band members got together for a live show at the Cavestomp festival, and their performance was subsequently released as an album called "Ban This!"

Reviewer: Mike Reed (USA) - See all my reviews
Obviously,the band's 1966 landmark 'Dirty Water' lp,with their 'Why Pick On Me' album tagged on,this must-have 2-lp's-on one disc release.Great move,Big Beat!Just a couple of noteworthy cuts are their sole hit,of course "Dirty Water",the Stone's "Paint It Black" and "Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear Black".Total of 19 tracks.Enjoy.

From Amazon.com

Tamanho: 69,1 mB
Bit Rate: 228 kB


01. Medication
02. Little Sally Tease
03. There Is A Storm Comin'
04. 19th Nervous Breakdown
05. Dirty Water
06. Pride And Devotion
07. Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White
08. Hey Joe, Where You Gonna Go?
09. Why Did You Hurt Me?
10. Rari
11. Why Pick On Me
12. Paint It Black
13. Mi Hai Fatto Innamorare
14. Black Hearted Woman
15. Girl And The Moon
16. Mr Nobody
17. My Little Red Book
18. Mainline
19. Have You Ever Spent The Night In Jail

The Standells - Dirty Water/Why Pick on Me (1966) >>Megaupload Mirror

The Standells - Dirty Water/Why Pick on Me (1966) >>Rapidshare Mirror


Art School - 3 Close Mates

Art School - 3 Close Mates

I just can't stop listening to...

Size: 39,7 MB
Bit Rate: 160 Kbps


01. London Breeze
02. The Chimney Sweeper
03. Your Little Sister
04. Two Guys For A Woman
05. The Trip
06. As Never Before
07. Southern Lullaby
08. Despairing
09. Dance (Lambrettas's Cover)
10. Man In The Mirror
11. Flying On Love

Download 3 Close Mates

For more information, visit Bip Bip Records.



Size: 125 mB
Bitrate: 256 kB


01. (Intro:Pop Five Music Incorporated) - Overture (0:46)
02. Os Tártaros - Tartária (2:49)
03. Quinteto Académico - Train (2:22)
04. Daniel Bacelar - Tema Dos Gentlemen (1:48)
05. Pop Five Music Incorporated - Fire (2:29)
06. Conjunto Académico Joao Paulo - Sue Lin A Minha Chinesa (2:20)
07. Victor Gomes & Sideriais - Mama (2:18)
08. Paulo Machado - Hoje Mais Feliz Do Que Nunca (2:18)
09. Conjunto Ruy Manuel - Fuga (2:30)
10. Conjunto Mistério - Tired Of Waiting (2:33)
11. Os Morgans - Opus (1:50)
12. Conjunto Académico Joao Paulo - Hully Gully Do Montanhes (2:28)
13. Os Titas - Tema Para Titas (3:04)
14. Sheiks - Try To Understand (2:04)
15. Os Chinchilas - I`m A Believer (2:38)
16. Quarteto 1111 - Bissaide (3:13)
17. Jets - Let Me Live My Live (3:10)
18. Os Blusoes Negros - Tequilla (2:37)
19. Os Ekos - Esquece (2:45)
20. (Outro:Eusebio) - (Outro:Eusebio) (0:32)




The Who - My Generation (Deluxe Edition) (2-CD) (1964-65) (@256)

Review from amazon.com

It's kind of odd that the Who's first album would be the last to be reissued in deluxe fashion, but, given the prominent role the late John Entwistle plays on it (his instrumental 'The Ox' was and is a sonic marvel), it's kind of fitting, too. But the real reason it took so long for the Who camp to release this is that they added so much to it! Disc one presents the original album mixed in stereo for the first time by original producer Shel Talmy, plus single sides like 'Bald Headed Woman' and Daddy Rolling Stone.' Disc Two is a collector's dream, with more loads of first-time stereo-in fact, 28 out of the 30 tracks here are in stereo! Previously unreleased, full-length versions of 'The Good's Gone' and 'I Don't Mind,' an unreleased instrumental version of 'My Generation' and an unspeakably rare, French EP-only alternate version of 'Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere' the highlights. Three sets of liner notes analyze.

Size: 166 mB
Bitrate: 256 kB

Disc 1:

1. Out In The Street
2. I Don't Mind
3. The Good's Gone
4. La-La-La Lies
5. Much Too Much
6. My Generation
7. The Kids Are Alright
8. Please, Please, Please
9. It's Not True
10. I'm A Man
11. A Legal Matter
12. The Ox
13. Circles
14. I Can't Explain
15. Bald Headed Woman
16. Daddy Rolling Stone

Disc 2:

1. Leaving Here (Alternate)
2. Lubie (Come Back Home)
3. Shout And Shimm
4. (Love Is Like A) Heat Wave
5. Motoring
6. Anyitme You Want Me
7. Anyhow, Anywhere, Anyway (Alternate)
8. Instant Party Mixture
9. I Don't Mind (Full Length Version)
10. The Good's Gone (Full Length Version)
11. My Generation (Instrumental Version)
12. Anytime You Want Me (A Cappella Version)
13. A Legal Matter
14. My Generation

The Who - My Generation (Deluxe Edition) (2-CD) (1964-65) (@256) DISC ONE

The Who - My Generation (Deluxe Edition) (2-CD) (1964-65) (@256) DISC TWO (FILE REPLACED!)


Laurel Aitken - Godfather Of Ska

Godfather Of Ska Volume 3 - 1963-1966

LAUREL AITKEN (1927 - 2005)
The Godfather of Ska.
Laurel Aitken, who has died in Leicester aged 78, was a key figure in the development of Jamaican music from the form of calypso known as mento through to reggae. He was a particular favourite of British skinheads who embraced ska, a variant of boogie and American R'n'B with a strongly accented upbeat, which also shaped the mod, rude boy and two-tone movements; bands such as the Specials, Bad Manners and Madness drew much of their inspiration from the style.
Ska had developed from the sound systems which dominated Jamaican popular music from the mid-1950s, replacing dance bands. They were often set up outside bars and liquor stores, and increasingly competed in volume and strength - 30,000 watt bass speakers were not unknown. The brand of New Orleans boogie and R'n'B they played was soon emulated by live bands, but with the guitar part often stressed on the upbeat in imitation of the banjo line in mento. Over this background, the lyrics initially concentrated on producing a feelgood, party atmosphere, but gradually gave way, with the rise of reggae and the Ras Tafari movement, to nationalist and religious themes.
Lorenzo Aitken was born of mixed Cuban and Jamaican ancestry on April 22nd 1927 in Havana, Cuba, one of six children (his brother was the singer and guitarist Bobby Aitken). The family emigrated to Jamaica, his father's homeland, in 1938 and young Laurel was singing calypso for tourists by the mid-1940s, often for the Jamaican Tourist Board.
At 15, he entered a talent contest at Kingston's Ambassador Theatre and began his career singing at clubs around the capital. His first records, "Roll, Jordan, Roll" and "Boogie Rock", appeared on the Caribbean Recording Company owned by Stanley Motta, a garage owner and electrical supplier, and were later reissued by the Kalypso label; they showed the influence of shuffle and boogie on traditional mento.
In 1958 he scored his first great hit with "Boogie In My Bones" and "Little Sheila", a double A-side produced by Chris Blackwell, the founder of Island Records (it was later to be the label's first release in Britain). Aitken and Blackwell were the only Jamaican elements of the record, though; the backing was provided by a group of white Canadian session musicians. Even so, it was #1 in the Jamaican hit parade for 11 weeks and stayed in the charts for more than a year. He followed them up with a number of other hits, and appeared regularly at the Glass Bucket Club and before sound systems, but in 1960 decided to join the growing exodus of Jamaicans for Britain. There he flew the Blue Beat flag with a number of recordings for that record label, which dealt exclusively in Jamaican music for a British audience.
Aitken was industrious during the 1960s, releasing more than two dozen records on the Rio label alone, as well as working for Ska Beat and Dice, and writing for artists on the Nu Beat Label (which paid his child support money after Rio went bust). He moved, too, from his own party numbers to more reggae-tinged songs, such as "Haile Selassie", "Woppi King" and "Fire In Me Wire". His lament for the increasing cost of prostitutes, "Pussy Price", was later rewritten by the Beat as "Ranking Full Stop". He attracted an increasing audience amongst young white skinheads: "Skinhead Train" was specifically aimed at this fanbase.
But with the rise of rocksteady and then of pure reggae in the 1970s, and particularly with Bob Marley's domination of Jamaican music, Aitken's style began to look increasingly old-fashioned. He faded from view, stopped recording and moved to Leicester. But he never entirely abandoned performance, and could still draw audiences of enthusiasts. When the two-tone revival of the late 1970s began, Aitken, along with Prince Buster, was revered as a pioneer, and he recorded "Rudi Got Married", which became, in 1981, his only British chart hit. He began touring again during the 1980s and appeared with David Bowie in the film Absolute Beginners in 1986.
UB40 covered his "Guilty", which he had released under the pseudonym Tiger in 1969, on their album "Labour Of Love". "Live At Club Ska" was released last year, but Aitken can be heard to best advantage on the Reggae Retro release "The Pioneer Of Jamaican Music", which includes such rarities as "Nebuchanezzar", "Aitken's Boogie" and "Baba Kill Me Goat".
In 2003 he was hospitalised with double pneumonia, but recovered better than expected and returned to performing. His last concert was in January 2005. Aitken, the Godfather of Ska, was felled by a heart attack six months later.
(From the Telegraph)

Track Listing
3.Let My People Go
4.Rock Of Ages
6.Take Off My Pyjamas
8.Coconut Woman
9.Woman Is Sweeter
11.Ring Don't Mean A Thing
13.This Great Day
15.What A Weeping
16.Madame Sorosie
17.I Don't Want No More
18.Call The Doctor
19.Jenny Jenny
20.Street Of Glory

download Laurel Aitken - Godfather Of Ska


Luizinho e seus Dinamites - Choque que Queima (1967)

60's Brazilian TWIST!

01. Dinamite
02. Choque Que Queima
03. Eu Vou à Lua
04. As Estações
05. Lâmpada do Amor
06. Carango Twist
07. Uma Voz na Solidão
08. A Raposa e o Corvo
09. Bongo Blues
10. Guitar Twist
12. Apache
13. Driving Guitars
14. Pé de Mancá; Cintura Fina; Meu limão, meu limoeiro

Luizinho e seus Dinamites - Choque que Queima (1967)


Los Bravos - Dame Un Poco de Amor

Los Bravos - Dame Un Poco de Amor
Did you guys miss me? Well, I'm back!

Richie Unterberger, All Music Guide

In 1966, this Spanish quintet became one of the very few rock groups from a non-English speaking country to have an international smash with "Black Is Black," which got to number four in the U.S. and number two in the U.K. Lead singer Mike Kogel's overwrought, pinched vocals sounded so much like Gene Pitney that many listeners assumed that "Black Is Black" was a Pitney single, and the strong resemblance remained intact throughout Los Bravos' career, both in the singing and arrangements. Indeed, with their brassy pop/rock songs and production, which sounded about halfway between New York mid-'60s pop-soul and Jay & the Americans, Los Bravos sounded far more like a mainstream American pop/rock group than a Spanish or British one. Most of their records were sung in English, and although they never made the American Top 20 again, they were far more popular in Europe, even placing another single in the British Top 20 in late 1966 with "I Don't Care."


01. Play With Fire And You'll Ge...
02. You Got Until The Morning
03. I'll See You Through
04. Donde Estes
05. Deeper Roots
06. Bring A Little Lovin'
07. Make It Last
08. Yakipo
09. She's My Girl
10. Dime Donde Estoy
11. If I Were A River
12. I Don't Care
13. This Way That Way (Donde Est...
14. Like Nobody Else
15. Como Nadie Mas
16. I'Ve Hearing Things

Los Bravos - Dame Un Poco de Amor


The Yardbirds

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UK reissue of the underappreciated British Invasion act's 1965 release.

Of all the original British Invasion groups, perhaps none are as underappreciated in the United States as the Pretty Things. Featuring the hoarse vocals of Mick Jagger-lookalike Phil May and the stinging leads of guitarist Dick Taylor (who actually played in early versions of the Rolling Stones with Jagger and Keith Richards), the Pretties recorded a clutch of raunchy R&B rockers in the mid-'60s that offer a punkier, rawer version of the early Stones sound. Their first two albums, as well as a brace of fine major and minor British hits (of which "Don't Bring Me Down" and "Honey I Need" were the biggest), feature first-rate original material and covers, and remain the group's most exciting and influential recordings. Unfortunately, the band remained virtually unknown to American audiences, most of whom would first hear "Don't Bring Me Down" on David Bowie's Pin Ups album (which also included a version of the Pretties' "Rosalyn").
After their initial run of success, the group took a sharp left turn into psychedelia with the orchestrated album Emotions (1967), impressive singles that owed more to Pink Floyd than Bo Diddley, and, most significantly, S.F. Sorrow (1968). The first rock opera, S.F. Sorrow was a major influence on Pete Townshend, who released his much more successful opera, Tommy, with the Who the following year. Founding member Taylor left shortly after S.F. Sorrow, and the group continued to record progressive rock and hard rock with less impressive results through the mid-'70s, although Parachute (1970) was named album of the year by Rolling Stone. The group reunited sporadically for occasional gigs and recordings in their early R&B vein before officially reforming to release Rage...Before Beauty in 1999. ~ Richie Unterberger, All Music Guide

The band's second album (released Dec. 1965) has not only been remastered from original session tapes, so the group sound like their amps are practically right in your lap, but it's also been expanded to 18 songs with the addition of tracks cut for singles and EP releases from the same sessions. That's enough to recommend it even to casual fans -- this is now a record that's just a few notches short of Rolling Stones level in the charisma department and pretty tough any way you want to look at it. On "Rainin' in My Heart," they sound exactly like the Stones from the same era, missing only the little harmonica flourish that might have been added on the break. The notes go into the history of the group during this period in delightful detail, and the histories of various songs, most particularly "L.S.D.," which, amazingly, was cut as a demo and never re-done for release, just put out that way. In their good moments here, the Pretty Things approach Rolling Stones territory, and even in their off moments they're flying at the same level as the Kinks' album tracks. The real enhancement, alas, only concerns those fans with CD-ROM drives (PC Windows 3.1 or later, minimum 486 66Mhz or Mac 68040 or better, running system 7.1 or later) -- they get to see the Pretty Things playing the 100 Club in London from 1965, looking wilder and scruffier than the Stones or almost any other benchmark band.
~ Bruce Eder, All Music Guide

Size: 82,4 mB
Bitrate: 256 kB

01. You Don't Believe Me
02. Buzz the Jerk
03. Get the Picture?
04. Can't Stand the Pain
05. Rainin' in My Heart
06. We'll Play House
07. You'll Never Do It Baby
08. I Had a Dream
09. I Want Your Love
10. London Town
11. Cry to Me
12. Gonna Find a Substitute
13. Get a Buzz
14. Sittin' All Alone
15. Midnight to Six Man
16. Me Needing You
17. Come See Me
18. £.S.D.



The Kinks - Kinks (1964)

Reviewed by Hobart Arms, (Louisville, KY), from amazon.com

The Kinks' explosive debut album is a great album but don't expect the legendary Davies tunesmithing. Instead, this album is far closer to something like the Rolling Stones' England's Newest Hitmakers album: a rollicking collection of R&B covers that comprised much of the Kinks' early stage/club sets. This was the M.O. for most of these groups like the Kinks, the Stones, the Animals, etc. where they would go into the studio with maybe a few originals proffered to the producer but ultimately they would choose the most explosive R&B covers of Chuck Berry and the Chess crew and other popular hits that had wound their way into stage routines; maybe a single would catch on as a minor hit. These albums and the groups were meant to be throwaways: make an exciting record that would sell until the next product went on the shelves. Kinks is no exception. It features the usual slew of Chuck Berry/Chicago R&B covers but what Shel Talmy hadn't counted on was Ray Davies. Davies brought "You Really Got Me" with him and this was to become the first of many trademark hits for the Kinks. Mind you the covers and the hit single were not all that was offered on this album. There was also the obligatory slow "dance" number "Stop Your Sobbin'". Overall, I would recommend this album based on its importance in the canon of one of the greatest rock bands from one of the greatest decades in popular music. Further more, this album showcases the creative powerhouse of the Brothers Davies with their cohorts Avery and Quaiff in their embryonic form, a year before they would begin to take the world on lyrical trips as perhaps the most British of the British invasion bands. My advice would be to snag this album and put it on a cd changer with England's Newest Hitmakers, an early Manfred Mann album, an early Animals album, and The Yardbird's For Your Love. This will take you back to the days in 1964 London when you had to go to the clubs to see the grit and soul of the British Invasion...the R&B bands that lacked much of the contrived polish of the pop bands.

Size: 30,2 mB
Bitrate: 128 kB

1. Beautiful Delilah
2. So Mystifying
3. Just Can't Go to Sleep
4. Long Tall Shorty
5. I Took My Baby Home
6. I'm a Lover Not a Fighter
7. You Really Got Me
8. Cadillac
9. Bald Headed Woman
10. Revenge
11. Too Much Monkey Business
12. I've Been Driving on Bald Mountain
13. Stop Your Sobbin'
14. Got Love If You Want It

The Kinks - Kinks (1964)


Beau Brummels - Introducing the Beau Brummels (1965)

from Lawrance M. Bernabo at Amazon.com

The Beau Brummels were probably the first folk-rock group, given that this stellar debut album came out in 1965 before the Byrds (the obvious candidate) ever hit the charts. Because of their name a lot of Americans thought the Beau Bummels were an English import, which was an easy mistake given that they were one of the few American groups to make any headway against the British Invasion. The band was centered around guitarist/songwriter Ron Elliott, who wrote 10 of the original 12 tracks on this first album, and singer Sal Valentino, who might have the best forgotten voice of the Sixties. The producer on "Introducing the Beau Brummels" was Sly Stewart, better known to the world as Sly Stone, which another reason this is one of the better debut albums of the early Sixties. The best songs are "Laugh Laugh" (Top 20), "Still in Love With You Baby," and "Just a Little" (Top 10), with their great harmonies and catchy melodies. The attempts at more straightforward rock 'n' roll are not as strong, but the moody "They'll Make You Cry" is good as are the imitation Beatles songs "I Would Be Happy" and "Stick Like Glue." This CD reissue adds a pair of bonus tracks: a demo of "Just a Little" and the single "Good Time Music." I know it is a minority position, but I like the sound of the Beau Brummels better than the Byrds. For that matter, I like their songs better too. Unfortunately, this first effort was followed by lesser albums. Still, if you picked up this one instead of one of their greatest hits collections you are not necessarily getting the worst of the deal.

Size: 90 mB
Bitrate: 190 kB I guess


01. Laugh, Laugh
02. Still In Love With You Baby
03. Just A Little
04. Just Wait And See
05. Oh Lonesome Me
06. Ain't That Loving You Baby
07. Stick Like Glue
08. They'll Make You Cry
09. That's If You Want Me To
10. I Want More Loving
11. I Would Be Happy
12. Not Too Long Ago
13. Just A Little (Unissued Demo Version)
14. Good Time Music (Autumn Single)

Beau Brummels - Introducing the Beau Brummels (1965)


Los Mockers - Complete Recordings 1965 - 1967

Los Mockers were a popular 1960s rock band in Latin America that was part of the Uruguayan Invasion. They modeled themselves off of the Rolling Stones and covered many of their songs (in English). The band was formed in 1963 on Montevideo, Uruguay but moved to Argentina in 1966 after winning a contract with EMI Argentina. The original lineup disbanded in 1967.

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Size: 47,5 mB
Bitrate: 160 kB

01. Los Mockers - 01 - Girl, You Won't Succeed
02. Los Mockers - 02 - I Wanna Go
03. Los Mockers - 03 - My Baby
04. Los Mockers - 04 - What A Lifee
05. Los Mockers - 05 - Let Me Try Again
06. Los Mockers - 06 - Don't Go Away
07. Los Mockers - 07 - Show Me The Way
08. Los Mockers - 08 - Tell Me Something New
09. Los Mockers - 09 - Empty Harem
10. Los Mockers - 10 - Make Up Your Mind
11. Los Mockers - 11 - You Got It
12. Los Mockers - 12 - Can't Be A Lie
13. Los Mockers - 13 - All The Time
14. Los Mockers - 14 - Sad
15. Los Mockers - 15 - Every Night
16. Los Mockers - 16 - It Was Me
17. Los Mockers - 17 - Paint It Black
18. Los Mockers - 18 - Christmas Flash (Jingle Bells)

Los Mockers - Complete Recordings 1965 - 1967


The MOD Generation

The MOD Generation-

Reviewer:Bruce Eder, All Music Guide
Clean Living Under Difficult Circumstances is an amazingly fine (and fun) collection of mid- to late-'60s appropriate U.K. rock & roll — amazing because it succeeds despite the fact that neither the Who nor the Move, the two bands most closely associated with mod culture, are represented among its 18 songs. On the other hand, the makers have reached out to some less familiar and less often heard songs even on the best-known bands here, and the result is a quirky, clever, often surprising body of music. The Small Faces, who were very closely associated with the mods, are present, but not with one of their soft psychedelic hits — rather, they're represented by "Get Yourself Together," a deceptively defiant piece of songwriting, filled with crunchy guitar, hot drum fills, and lots of attitude. And it's sandwiched between Action's white hot "I'll Keep on Holding On" and Carnaby's crunchy, searing "Jump and Dance," with the Kinks' feedback-laden "I Need You" as the chaser. John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers' "I'm Your Witchdoctor" always showed a surprising stylistic flourish, for a group that was often too studied and practiced for its own good, and Chris Farlowe showed himself a more than competent soul shouter (with Albert Lee handling the guitar fills) on "Treat Her Good." "Michael (The Lover)" by Geno Washington & the Ram Jam Band should have been a transatlantic soul hit, and Jimmy James & the Vagabonds show their most authentically soulful side on "This Heart of Mine." P.P. Arnold had no problems with authenticity, being American born and raised, and "If You See What I Mean" is a great showcase for her voice. Jess Roden never had a better showcase for his singing than "Emergency 999" by the Alan Bown Set, which belatedly became a Northern Soul standard — David Bowie also had to wait a long time after "I Dig Everything" to find an audience. Smoke's "We Can Take It" is almost as catchy as their one actual hit, "My Friend Jack," and seems to define the youthful defiance of the mods. "Circles" by Les Fleur de Lys decked out in flashy lead guitar by sessionman Jimmy Page, is actually a more ambitious rendition of the song than the Who's original version. And the Clique do an amazingly good job of putting over a song with the impossible title of "We Didn't Kiss We Didn't Love but Now We Do," mostly by energetic repetition of the central riff with some sense of purpose. "Baby Don't You Do It," which later became an important part of the Who's sets, gets energized as a screaming rocker by the Poets, while the Spectres, soon to metamorphose into Status Quo, are pretty impressive in this company with "Neighbour, Neighbour." And Timebox brings an offbeat jazz coloration to these surroundings with "Soul Sauce," which recalls the early work of Manfred Mann.

1 I'll Keep on Holding On Action 3:40
2 Get Yourself Together Small Faces 2:14
3 Jump and Dance Carnaby 2:37
4 I Need You Kinks 2:24
5 I'm Your Witchdoctor John Mayall ... 2:11 Performed by: John Mayall, Mayall, John & the Bluesbreakers
6 Treat Her Good Chris Farlowe 1:57
7 Michael (The Lover) Geno Washington ... 2:27 Performed by: Geno Washington, Ram Jam Band
8 This Heart of Mine Jimmy James, Vagabonds 2:28
9 If You See What I Mean P.P. Arnold 2:08
10 Emergency 999 Bown, Alan Set 2:29
11 I Dig Everything David Bowie 2:43
12 We Can Take It Smoke 2:44
13 Circles (Instant Party) Fleur De Lys 3:03
14 We Didn't Kiss We Didn't Love but Now We Do Clique 2:34
15 Baby Don't You Do It Poets 2:26
16 You've Got What I Want Sorrows 1:59
17 Neighbour, Neighbour Spectres 2:44
18 Soul Sauce Timebox 2:57

download Mod Generation


Small Faces - BBC Sessions

The Small Faces - BBC Sessions (UK 1965-1968)

The Decca years

They signed a management contract with impresario Don Arden and they were in turn signed to Decca Records for recording. They released a string of classic high-energy mod/soul singles on the label.

Their debut single was 1965's "What'cha Gonna Do About It", a minor hit. The follow-up, "I've Got Mine", failed to chart. Winston was ousted, replaced by the more experienced Ian McLagan (ex-Artwoods) and they returned to the charts with "Sha-La-La-La-Lee", a major hit in England. Their first album, Small Faces was a considerable success. They rapidly rose in popularity with each chart success, became regulars on British pop TV shows, and toured incessantly up and down the country. Their popularity peaked in August 1966 when "All Or Nothing" hit the top of the UK charts, which proved to be their only Number One.

But by 1966, despite being one of the highest earning live acts in the country and scoring several Top 40 hits, the band had almost nothing to show for their efforts. After a messy confrontation with the notorious Arden (who tried to face down the boys' parents by claiming that the whole band were addicted to heroin) they broke with both Arden and Decca.

Size: 59,7 mB
Bit Rate: 192 kB


01. Watcha Gonna Do About It
02. Jump Back
03. Baby Don't You Do it
04. Shake
05. Sha La La La Lee
06. You Need Loving
07. Hey Girl
08. E Too D
09. One Night Stand
10. You'd Better Believe It
11. Understanding
12. All Or Nothing
13. If I Were a Carpenter
14. Lazy Sunday
15. Every Little Bit Hurts
16. Interview - Small Faces/Steve Marriott
17. Interview - Small Faces/Steve Marriott
18. Interview - Small Faces/Steve Marriott
19. Interview - Small Faces/Steve Marriott
20. Interview - Small Faces/Kenney Jones

The Small Faces - BBC Sessions (UK 1965-1968)


The Birds(Australia)

The story is, two British musicians, guitarist Terry Clarkeand bassist Brian Curtis, emigrated down under in 1969 and laying claim to being members of (Ronnie Wood's) Birds, signed to Clarion Records, they even cut the real Birds' 'No Good Without You'.
1. I Can't Let Maggie Go
2. No Good Without You
3. I See The Rain
4. Rene
5. Magic Words
6. Dust In My Pants

The Birds - Clarion Singles Collection


Mod Scene Volume 1

The Mod Scene (1962-1968)

This 25-song CD is much more than just an excursion into the farther reaches of English Decca Records' vaults — it's also a de facto tour of the playlists of some of England's hottest mod clubs of the mid-/late '60s; hardly a sound on this collection ever made it anywhere near a chart listing, anywhere in the U.K. (much less the U.S.A.), but a lot of what is here did get picked up locally in London among the mods that made up the audiences of most of these bands.
Considering how badly England's Decca Records fared in the middle-late 1960's (apart from the Rolling Stones, the Small Faces, and the Moody Blues) in signing really solid acts, this is an astonishingly good collection of soul-influenced, mod-oriented singles from the company's vaults.
A few of the acts included, such as the Small Faces, Tom Jones, St. Louis Union, Chris Farlowe, and the Amen Corner, made some kind of splash on the charts, but most of the musicians here got their chance on these single sides, failed to find success, and disappeared into the mist of musical history.

The CD jumps headfirst into the kind of hard-rocking, intense soul numbers that were played to death in London' mod clubs, even if they never scraped even the lower reaches of the charts. The sound on these singles tells you right away why most of these groups were never going to make it as world-class recording acts, being too raw and direct — without the distinctive hooks to get more than a listen from any radio deejays. By themselves, the Ronnie Jones track, coupled with those by Tom Jones, Steve Aldo, Graham Gouldman, Poets, the Eyes of Blue, and the Quik, justify the cost of this $20 import.

The sound is excellent throughout, and it's also reassuring on some level to learn from the notes that Decca is digging so deeply into its vaults that these acts are nearly as obscure to the people producing this compilation as they are to us.

If you wanna be a MOD - then you have to download this!!
See you later.

Tamanho: 112 mB
Bit Rate: 224 kB


01. Bert's apple crumble - The Quik
02. Make her mine - Hipster Image
03. That's the way it's gotta be - The Poets
04. How could you say one thing - The Wards Of Court
05. Stop stop stop (or honey I'll be gone) - Graham Gouldman
06. If your love don't swing - Alan Kelly
07. Girl don't let me wait - Timebox
08. Lovingly yours - Mockingbirds
09. Expressway to your heart - Amen Corner
10. We don't know - The Attack
11. Air travel - Chris Farlowe
12. Little girl - Graham Bond Organisation
13. Just one more chance - The Outer Limits
14. I need your lovin' - Ronnie Jones & The Nightimers
15. Grow your own - Small Faces
16. Walking the dog - Zoot Money's Big Roll Band
17. Baby what you want me to do - Steve Aldo
18. Dr Love - Tom Jones
19. It's not what you do - Jimmy Winston & His Reflections
20. Elbow baby - The Habits
21. Beg me - The Score
22. That's it - Loose Ends
23. East side story - St. Louis Union
24. There you go - Paul Ryan & Barry
25. Supermarket full of cans - Eyes Of Blue

The Mod Scene (1962-1968)


The Paramounts - White shades of R&B

Reviewed by Patrick Earley (Edmond, Oklahoma USA), from amazon.com

f you like early R&B music mixed with a bit of rock and roll twist, you've come to the right place. The best way I can describe the Paramounts sound is basically the Dave Clark Five on a good day meets Otis Redding lite. The singing of Gary Brooker here is what really makes this thing go. His piano playing isn't bad either. As for Robin Trower, who looks like he's 12 years old in some of the photos in this, his guitar is nowhere to be found except for the last song on here called "Freedom". They let the kid loose on this song to do a little soloing along with some nice organ work for a bluesy song that's way different than anything on here. Besides this song though, this is a vocal album all the way. As for the songs: Their first single was a decent version of Poison Ivy. They do a killer version of "Little Bitty Pretty One" and "A Certain Girl" which was the B-side to this, that I remember Warren Zevon later covered. I also liked Jackie de Shannon's "Blue Ribbons". But I liked the B-side even better, "Cuttin' In" which has been covered by many blues and R&B artists over the years including the hot new blues talent Sean Costello. There's a lot of covers here, mainly because Brooker hadn't figured out yet that there was money in songwriting. But Brooker credits his good friend Guy Stevens and his extensive collection of obscure R&B records that he used to listen to and then perform live at the local club the Shades. Of course Stevens later went on to become the most legendary producer in rock music history. The Paramounts were one of the first white bands to perform R&B on stage. Even before the Stones got a hold of it. It's not great R&B, I mean it's white guys doing black music. But they don't embarass themselves either, like the very white Pat Boone did back then attempting to do this stuff. I'm just filing this one in P next to my Procol Harum as a reminder that everybody had to start somewhere. For Brooker, Wilson, Trower and Co. this was a good beginning.


1. Poison Ivy
2. I Feel Good All Over
3. Little Bitty Pretty One
4. A Certain Girl
5. I'm The One Who Loves You
6. It Won't Be Long
7. Bad Blood
8. Do I
9. Blue Ribons
10. Cuttin' In
11. You Never Had It So Good
12. Doncha Like My Love
13. Draw Me Closer
14. Turn On Your Lovelight
15. You've Got What I Want
16. Freedom

The Paramounts - White shades of R&B



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Get Away With The Very Best Of

Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames

Reviewer: amazon.com

Unique 14 Track Anthology of the Recording Heyday of the British Blues/Jazz Oriented Rocking Keyboardist (And Longtime Associate of Van Morrison) who Created a Major Chart Hit with "Yeh Yeh". He Followed with a Plethora of Albums and Great Renditions of Booker T and the Mg's "Green Onions", "Let the Good Times Roll", "Baby Please Don't Go" and Many More. This Volume is a Great Budget Collection of his Best.

1. Yeh Yeh
2. Green Onions
3. Let the Good Times Roll
4. Sitting in the Park
5. Funny How Time Slips Away
6. Shop Around
7. Baby Please Don't Go
8. Get Away
9. Eso Beso
10. In the Meantime
11. Sunny
12. Ride Your Pony
13. Night Train
14. I Love the Life I Live

Download Get Away


The Redskins

The Redskins - Neither Washington Nor Moscow

This group of socialist skinheads released this stirring, if strident, mix of R&B, punk, ska and swing-a-billy in 1986. They broke the mould with a completely unique style of music, keeping the Punk ethos and fusing it with classic Soul of Motown and elements of The Clash and The Jam. Choice cuts (and leftist recruitment slogans) include "It Can Be Done," "Kick Over the Statues," "The Power is Yours" and "Lean On Me." Yep, that's a still from the famed Soviet film Battleship Potemkin on the cover!

Size: 72 Mb
Bit Rate: 160 Kbps


1. Power Is Yours
2. Kick Over The Statues
3. Go Get Organized
4. It Can Be Done
5. Keep On Keepin' On
6. Bring It Down (This Insane Thing)
7. Hold On (Don't Run Away)
8. Turnin' Loose (These Furious Flames)
9. Take No Heroes
10. Let's Make It Work
11. Lean On Me
12. Keep On Keepin' On
13. Sixteen Tons
14. Reds Strike The Blues
15. 99 And A Half Won't Do

The Redskins - Neither Washington Nor Moscow