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The Monkees

The Monkees - The Monkees (1966)

Size: 62 mB
Bitrate: 256 kB

From wikipedia.org

The Monkees is the first album by the band The Monkees. It was released in September 1966 by Colgems Records.

The Monkees' debut was the first of four consecutive US number one albums for the group, and it also topped the UK charts. Assembled by television producers Bob Rafelson and Bert Schneider to portray a Beatles-type pop band on a new series, the quartet recorded vocals only between rehearsals for the weekly show.

While subsequent albums would improve on its quality, largely due to the group's increased participation, The Monkees remains an appealing mix of pop songs and performances. Micky Dolenz delivers a rousing lead on the brisk "Last Train to Clarksville," a U.S. number-one single and one of several tunes written by veteran hitmakers Boyce and Hart, while Davy Jones handles the ballad "I Wanna Be Free." Michael Nesmith, the member with the most extensive musical background, sings lead on his own country-flavored compositions, "Papa Gene's Blues" and "Sweet Young Thing" (co-written with the legendary songwriting team Gerry Goffin and Carole King).

Though critics disparaged The Monkees as the "Pre-Fab Four," the TV show was a hit. The symbiotic relationship between the show and radio play enabled The Monkees to hold down the top-selling album slot for 13 weeks, eventually selling over 5 million copies.


01. (Theme From) The Monkees
02. Saturday's Child
03. I Wanna Be Free
04. Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day
05. Papa Gene's Blues
06. Take A Giant Step
07. Last Train To Clarksville
08. This Just Doesn't Seem To Be My Day
09. Let's Dance On
10. I'll Be True To You
11. Sweet Young Thing
12. Gonna Buy Me A Dog
13. I Can't Get Her Off My Mind (Prev. Unissued Early Version)
14. I Don't Think You Know Me (Prev. Unissued Alternate Version)
15. (Theme From) The Monkees (Prev. Unissued Early Version)



The Sorrows

The Sorrows - Take a Heart (1965)

The Sorrows are considered perhaps to be the archetypal "Freakbeat" band. Formed in 1963 in Coventry, England, they released their first album "Take a Heart" in 1965 on the Piccadilly Records label which was a subsidiary of Pye Records. The Sorrows were at the time the hardest, most aggressive and contemporary R&B band of that time, although later this brand of music was eventually termed "Freakbeat". The Sorrows were so edgy and raw they simply made The Rolling Stones seem like easy listening music. Their hallmarks are boomy, raucous vocals, lightning fast guitar solos and frantic thudding drums. The musicianship is excellent yet the band failed to achieve too much success probably due to the fact that their brand of proto-punk rock and roll, was simply too ahead of its time.

01. Baby
02. No, No, No
03. Take A Heart
04. She's Got The Action
05. How Love Used To Be
06. Teenage Letter
07. I Don't Wanna Be Free
08. Don't Sing No Sad Song For Me
09. Cara-Lin
10. We Should Get Along Fine
11. Come With Me
12. Let Me In
13. You've Got What I Want
14. Let The Live Live
15. Pink Purple Yellow And Red
16. My Gal
17. Nimm Mein Herz
18. Sei Mein Girl
19. Mi Ci Spezza Il Cuore
20. Vivi

Chris ripped this one ;)

The Sorrows - Take a Heart (1965)


Já saiu o segundo capítulo da mais nova fotonovela da Fabz Corporation, Amigo Amante.

Dá uma lida e se situe, cabeção.

Fotonovela 2 : Amigo Amante Um rapaz recebe uma carta anônima advertindo que está sendo traído. Desconfiado, ele resolve rapidamente voltar ao seu próprio apartamento e surpreender a sua mulher com o amante, caso tudo seja verdade.
Com os integrantes da banda “Bidê ou Balde” Pilla, Carlinhos e Vivi. Também Eliza Matta e Bruno Zotto (como Madureira).
Duração : Seis( 6) capítulos.

The Northern Soul Scene

1. I'll Hold You - Frankie & Johnny
2. So-Called Loving - David Essex
3. Nothing But a Heartache - The Flirtations
4. Don't Chance It
5. Baby You Got It - Clyde McPhatter
6. Name It You Got It
7. My Love - Ronnie Jones
8. Ask the Lonely - Fantastics
9. Stop Breaking My Heart - Tom Jones, Tom Jones
10. Billy Sunshine - Billie Davis
11. Our Love Is in the Pocket - Amen Corner
12. Whose Little Girl Are You - Danny Williams
13. Heart Trouble - Eyes of Blue
14. Everybody Needs Love
15. Picture Me Gone - Dave Berry
16. I Wanna Know
17. Way You Do the Things You Do - Elkie Brooks
18. I Just Made up My Mind
19. Something Beautiful
20. Reach Out Your Hand - The Brotherhood of Man
21. Giving up on Love
22. My Smile Is Just a Frown (Turned Upside Down)
23. All the Time in the World
24. Let the Good Times Roll
25. Listen to My Heart

The Northern Soul Scene


The Who - 30 Years of Maximum R&B (BOX SET)

It's not that this is bad material (with some exceptions, like the horrible alternate "The Real Me" that should have stayed unreleased), just that there are a LOT of little mistakes and annoyances that really add up. One or two mistakes or annoyances would have been understandable and easy to ignore, but not when they keep happening over and over again. The constant seguing of the songs is by far the worst error. This technique only works well when the end of the first song and the beginning of the following one sound enough alike to phased in and out simultaneously. Many times there isn't even one single nanosecond of breathing space between songs. There are also a few songs which are a mix of studio and live versions, like "A Quick One" and "See Me, Feel Me." Other big errors are mislabelling "Sparks" (the live Woodstock version) as "Underture." They never did "Underture" live. The live "Bargain" on here is also shortened by about a minute; the full-length version of this particular live rendition is found on the rarities compilation 'Who's Missing,' which was released some years before this boxed set came along. There are also a number of errors in the booklet, like giving incorrect chart positions for some songs and reinforcing the common but incorrect belief that Keith Moon was born in 1947; he was born in 1946 but lied about his age so people would think he was younger.

Besides the constant seguing, the other most annoying thing on here is the inclusion of way too many songs from 'Sell Out,' a total of eight of the original thirteen. There's also too much material from 'Who's Next' and the original LAL. Giving more than three or four songs from each album is no longer just giving a little sample of each album represented, and it feels jarring hearing them all played out of order, with so many songs from those albums included. Maybe that's the reason why there were barely any songs from their sorely underrated Eighties catalogue, with only one song apiece from their final two studio albums and then the next two Eighties songs being really poorly representative of that period. They could have picked a better song from 'Who's Last,' as bland a live effort as it may be, in lieu of the live version of "Twist and Shout" they used, as well as a better song from the '89 triple-LP 'Join Together' over the endless live rendition of "I'm a Man." The final song, a '91 cover of the Elton John song "Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting)," is fun and peppy, but could have been included somewhere else if it had to be included at all. That is not the track you use to close a boxed set with; it should have been so obvious that the final track should have been a blistering live version of "WGFA" or "SMFM"!

Still, the material included here is by and large great, along with some cute Keith skits done for the BBC, interviews, onstage dialogue, and studio conversations held before songs. There are also a lot of songs that were unreleased before this boxed set came along, though since then most of them have been released as bonus tracks on the CD remasters. And some of the songs are still hard to find on CD, are only on vinyl, or are hard to find altogether, whatever the format they're available on, like the irresistably cute ditty "Dogs," "Call Me Lightning," and the High Numbers-era material like "Here 'Tis" and "Zoot Suit"; before this, only the High Numbers song "I'm the Face" was available on an official release. It's too bad they couldn't have cut some of the superfluous songs to make room for more rarities, like "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" or some of the songs on the out-of-print 'Two's Missing.' Overall, the many mistakes and annoyances aren't enough to overlook the fact that it's still great material. I'm lucky I found a used copy of this, complete with the booklet, for only $35 in a used record store!

Disc: 1

1. Pete Dialogue (Live)
2. I'm The Face - The Who (As The High Numbers)
3. Here 'Tis - The Who (As The High Numbers)
4. Zoot Suit - The Who (As The High Numbers)
5. Leaving Here - The Who (As The High Numbers)
6. I Can't Explain
7. Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
8. Daddy Rolling Stone
9. My Generation
10. The Kids Are Alright
11. The Ox
12. A Legal Matter
13. Pete Dialogue
14. Substitute (Live)
15. I'm A Boy
16. Disguises
17. Happy Jack Jingle
18. Happy Jack
19. Boris The Spider
20. So Sad About Us
21. A Quick One, While He's Away
22. Pictures Of Lily
23. Early Morning Cold Taxi
24. Coke 2
25. (This Could Be) The Last Time
26. I Can't Reach You
27. Girl's Eyes
28. Bag O'Nails
29. Call Me Lightning

Disc: 2

1. Rotosound Strings
2. I Can See For Miles
3. Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand
4. Armenia City In The Sky
5. Tattoo
6. Our Love Was
7. Rael 1
8. Rael 2
9. Track Records/Premier Drums
10. Sunrise
11. Russell Harty Dialogue
12. Jaguar
13. Melancholia
14. Fortune Teller
15. Magic Bus
16. Little Billy
17. Dogs
18. Overture
19. Acid Queen
20. Abbie Hoffman Incident (Live)
21. Underture (Live)
22. Pinball Wizard
23. I'm Free
24. See Me Feel Me (Live)
25. Heaven & Hell
26. Pete Dialogue (Live)
27. Young Man Blues
28. Summertime Blues

Disc: 3

1. Shakin' All Over
2. Baba O'Riley
3. Bargain (Live)
4. Pure & Easy
5. Song Is Over
6. Studio Dialogue
7. Behind Blue Eyes
8. Won't Get Fooled Again
9. The Seeker (Edited Version)
10. Bony Moronie (Live)
11. Let's See Action
12. Join Together
13. Relay
14. The Real Me
15. 5.15 (Single Version)
16. Bell Boy
17. Love Reign O'er Me

Disc: 4

1. Long Live Rock
2. Life With The Moons
3. Naked Eye (Live)
4. University Challenge
5. Slip Kid
6. Poetry Cornered
7. Dreaming From The Waist (Live)
8. Blue Red & Grey
9. Life With The Moons 2
10. Squeeze Box
11. My Wife (Live)
12. Who Are You (Single Version)
13. Music Must Change
14. Sister Disco
15. Guitar & Pen
16. You Better You Bet
17. Eminence Front
18. Twist And Shout (Live)
19. I'm A Man (Live)
20. Pete Dialogue (Live)
21. Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting)

Thirty Years Of Maximum R& Parte 01

Thirty Years Of Maximum R& Parte 02


Small Faces

Smal Faces - Small Faces - IMMEDIATE (1967)

Bruce Eder, All Music Guide

Small Faces was the second LP of that name issued by the band in the space of a year, a fact that -- coupled with its release a year later in America in somewhat modified form as There Are But Four Small Faces -- has always confused fans of the group's work. This particular album was the Small Faces' Immediate Records debut, and caught the group in the transition from an R&B-based mod band into a psychedelic-oriented outfit. They were still finding their way along the trail from sweaty, soul-drenched James Brown- and Otis Redding-inspired covers and originals to flower-power trippiness, and the short running time and the relative lack of Steve Marriott lead vocals (Ronnie Lane is out front on three of the 14 numbers, in addition to the presence of an instrumental) reveal that they were still laboring to find a sound and a collective voice with which they were comfortable, amid other activities (lots of gigs plus playing on other artists' work as the unofficial Immediate Records house band). The short running time didn't prevent this from being a pretty imposing album, however, especially in its original British edition. "(Tell Me) Have You Ever Seen Me" would probably have been a single but for the fact that Steve Marriott and producer Andrew Oldham gave it away to a quartet of Small Faces admirers called the Apostolic Intervention -- no matter, for it made a strong album opener and a great lead-in to "Something I Want to Tell You" and the ballad "Feeling Lonely," which slides into the heavier-weight instrumental rocker "Happy Boys Happy," which showcases Ian McLagan's keyboards and Kenney Jones' drums. "My Way of Giving" was a superb soul shouter that could have been a B-side in the group's earlier phase, but the real treat is the bejeweled, soaring, spaced-out dream account of "Green Circles," with its beautiful lead piano and exquisitely spacy choruses, leading to a tough, crunchy-textured bridge and finale. Side two opened with "Become Like You," a trippy acoustic guitar-dominated psychedelic ballad, leading to the elegant opening strains of the punchy "Get Yourself Together" and the funny, Cockney-flavored "All Our Yesterdays," with its heavy brass and trumpet embellishment. "Talk to You" was another Marriott soul belter, and "Show Me the Way" was a superb harpsichord workout for McLagan, who got an even better break on "Up the Wooden Hills to Bedfordshire" amid Marriott's acoustic guitar strumming, all closing on the delightfully trippy, upbeat "Eddie's Dreaming" (which featured Georgie Fame's band supporting the quartet). Some of the music lacks the kind of polish that the group would bring to subsequent projects, but Small Faces was still a major leap forward for the group, as far in front of their 1966 album of the same name as, say, Rubber Soul was from Help! in the Beatles' output. Not everything on it worked perfectly, but as a complete LP it was one of the great psychedelic/freakbeat documents of its era, only eclipsed in their output by their next album, Ogden's Nut Gone Flake.

1. (Tell Me) Hove You Ever Seen Me
2. Something I Want To Tell You
3. Feeling Lonely
4. Happy Boys Happy
5. Things Are Going To Get Better
6. My Way Of Giving
7. Green Circles
8. Become Like You
9. Get Yourself Together
10. All Our Yesterdays
11. Talk To You
12. Show Me The Way
13. Up The Wooden Hills To Bedfordshire
14. Eddies Dreaming

Small Faces - Small Faces - IMMEDIATE (1967)


The Downliners Sect - Singles A's & B's

Definitive, yes -- both sides of all eight of their Columbia singles, both sides of their one Pye single, their 1965 The Sect Sing Sick Songs EP, their ultra-rare self-released Nite at Gt. Newport Street EP from early 1964, and demos of "Cadillac" and "Roll over Beethoven" from 1963 and 1964, respectively. Twenty-nine songs in all, spanning 1963-1967, many of which didn't make it onto the three albums they released during this period. Good? No, not really. As performers the Sect didn't only verge on inept, they were at times downright careless, as if they couldn't be bothered to polish things a bit in the studio. As (infrequent) songwriters, their talent was nearly nonexistent. It's hard to believe anyone thought most of these sides had any commercial potential, either in the band or at the record label; the material is largely lackluster, and not even especially well chosen (a few of the songs on their first and third LPs would have been much better bets). Highlights are the Newport EP, which at least finds them playing things a bit straight and passionate, with a ramshackle version of "Green Onions" and a good cut of Bo Diddley's "Nursery Rhymes"; the 1965 single "Bad Storm Coming" is a fairly moody number. That's a pretty low return on a band that enjoys a vociferous following among some collectors, although they were really a pedestrian British R&B band with a propensity toward parched humor and odd novelty tunes that hasn't aged well.

01. Cadillac
02. Roll Over Beethoven
03. Beautiful Delilah
04. Shame, Shame, Shame
05. Green Onions
06. Nursery Rhymes
07. Baby What's Wrong
08. Be A Sect Maniac!
09. Little Egypt
10. Sect Appeal
11. Find Out What's Happening
12. Insecticide
13. Wreck Of The Old 97
14. Leader Of The Sect
15. I Want My Baby Back
16. Midnight Hour
17. Now She's Dead
18. I Got Mine
19. Waiting In Heaven Somewhere
20. Bad Storm Coming
21. Lonely And Blue
22. All Night Worker
23. He Was A Square
24. Glendora
25. I'll Find Out
26. The Cost Of Living
27. Everything I've Got To Give
28. I Can't Get Away From You
29. Roses

Downliners Sect - The Definitive Downliners Sect Singles

Obrigado lucas por me ceder este link...profile do lucas:


O Crepúsculo, o Conceito

No folhetim eletrônico "O Crepúsculo", histórias reais são mostradas na forma de FOTONOVELAS. Com roteiros assinados por Fabz, estas não são FOTONOVELAS como antigamente, e sim animações em flash, com trilha sonora e efeitos. Uma nova maneira de se expressar e escrever histórias. Aqui os elementos vintage representam símbolos do passado frente a uma modernidade caótica, na qual o próprio projeto está inserido. Este site reflete o estilo de vida hipermoderna, um lugar onde tecnologia, nostalgia e paradigmas “demodês” dialogam e se confrontam.

O endereço do site é o
Various Artists - Skinhead Revolt

1. Skinhead Revolt
2. What Will Your Mama Say
3. If It Don't Work Out - Pat Kelly
4. Champion
5. Little Better - Lloyd Parks
6. Left With a Broken Heart - The Paragons
7. In the Spirit - Lloyd Charmers
8. Reggae Girl - The Tennors
9. Death a Come - Lloyd Charmers
10. Skinhead Speaks His Mind - Hot Rod All Stars
11. Dark End of the Street - Pat Kelly
12. Shu Be Doo - Clancy Eccles
13. Come a Little Closer - Eric Donaldson
14. Barbarus
15. Loving Reggae - The Maytones
16. Ease Me up Officer
17. Got to Get Away - The Paragons
18. To Love Somebody - Busty Brown
19. Place Called Happiness - Rudy Mills
20. Last Call - Silver Stars

Various Artists - Skinhead Revolt


The Prisoners

The Prisoners - Rare and Unissued

This album is a collection of live, promotional, and own-mix recordings which span the band's original seven years together. This being the case the sound quality of the album is often not at its best, but this only enhances the memories of the raw power of a live performance. For this reason, my personal favourite is the live recording of "Come To The Mushroom". As a sad old fan from the early days I have seen this done many a time and, even though during the track all semblance of a tune disappears at one point, you cannot help but appreciate the full-on simultaneous assault of wailing guitar and keyboards.

01. Coming home
02. Revenge of the cybermen
03. He's in love
04. Trophies
05. Far away
06. Ain't no tellin
07. Come to the mushroom
08. Happyness for once
09. Be on your way
10. Buccaneer
11. Deceiving eye
12. Mourn my health
13. Pop star party
14. The more I teach you
15. Mourn my health

The Prisoners - Rare and unissued


The Kinks

The Kinks - Kinda Kinks (1965)

Size: 70,8 mB
Bitrate: 192 kB

01. Look For Me Baby
02. Got My Feet On The Ground
03. Nothin' In The World Can Stop Me Worryin' Bout That Girl
04. Naggin' Woman
05. Wonder Where My Baby Is Tonight
06. Tired Of Waiting For You
07. Dancing In The Street
08. Don't Ever Change
09. Come On Now
10. So Long
11. You Shouldn't Be Sad
12. Something Better Beginning
13. Everybody's Gonna Be Happy
14. Who'll Be The Next In Line
15. Set Me Free
16. I Need You
17. See My Friends
18. Never Met A Girl Like You Before
19. Wait Till The Summer Come Along
20. Such A Shame
21. A Well Respected Man
22. Don't You Fret
23. I Go To Sleep (Unreleased Recording)

The Kinks - Kinda Kinks (1965)


Ocean Colour Scene

Ocean Colour Scene - Songs From The Front Row

Don't get me wrong, OCS are a band in a great tradition. A tradition of solid musicianship, solid songwriting, and albums where all the tracks are nicely mixed together.

However, they also suffer from a fanatical devotion to Paul Weller, a few too many samey tunes, and a habit of doing dross ballads like "Beautiful Thing". I think the phrase "erggh" describes it pretty effectively.

Mind you, their tracks from their "Moseley Shoals" period still stand up well, as does the racey "Hundred Mile High City". These make it in fact a worthy purchase should you not own them all anyway.

As for the rest, "Profit In Peace" is possibly the worst attempt at a protest song ever written. "Travellers Tune" and "Better Day", both album-mates of "Hundred Mile.." stand up OK, but are not really staggeringly good songs.

In conclusion, if you like Ocean Colour Scene, and own none of their records, buy it, as it contains less filler than any of their atrocious albums. If you own any albums, think carefully.

Oh, and bonus points for not putting any songs from your first album on (strong candidate for worst album ever). Mind you, that would be taking the mickey!

1. Riverboat Song
2. Day We Caught The Train
3. One For The Road
4. Circle
5. You've Got It Bad
6. Hundred Mile High City
7. Better Day
8. Traveller's Tune
9. Get Blown Away
10. It's A Beautiful Thing
11. Profit In Peace
12. So Low
13. July
14. Up On The Downside
15. Mechanical Wonder
16. Huckleberry Grove
17. Robin Hood
18. Crazy Lowdown Ways

Songs From The Front Row Part 01
Songs From The Front Row Part 02


Spencer Davis Group

Spencer Davis Group - Eight Gigs a Week: The Steve Winwood Years (1964-1966)

Reviewer: J. E FELL "boogaloojef" from Amazon.com

This 2 cd anthology contains the complete Stevie Winwood recordings with the Spencer Davis Group. It also adds a couple of unreleased live tracks and some rare non-lp b-sides. The Spencer Davis Group was one of the best R&B groups of the British Invasion. Winwood's tenure in this group is overshadowed by his work in Traffic, Blind Faith and his solo career. But his talent is present even in these early recordings. Most feature his soulful vocals, his impressive organ playing and underrated guitar work. The contains his two biggest hits with the band "Gimme Some Lovin'" and "I'm A Man". The band at this point was tight and played with real energy and feeling. This set contains many cover tunes like "Dimples", "Watch Your Step", and "Every Little Bit Hurts" which are energetic versions. These are contrasted with some burning slow blues and ballads like "I'll Drown In My Own Tears" or "When A Man Loves A Woman". It also contains more jam oriented material like "Stevie's Groove", "Stevie's Blues" and "Blues In F" which highlight the bands instrumental prowess. The latter tracks were sort of precursors to his great work in Traffic. Other notable cuts include singles like "Keep On Running", "Somebody Help Me", and "When I Come Home". This compilation is a welcome addition for fans of Steve Winwood or the British Invasion, and Hammond organ aficionados. Don't let the price deter you from purchasing this anthology, it is well worth the money to have all Winwood's tracks together on one set.formatiom?

Size: 203 mB
Bitrate: 192 kB

Disc 1 tracks:

01. Dimples
02. I Can't Stand It
03. Jump Back
04. Here Right Now
05. Searchin'
06. Midnight Train
07. It's Gonna Work Out Fine
08. My Babe
09. Kansas City
10. Every Little Bit Hurts
11. Sittin' & Thinkin'
12. I'm Blue (Gong Gong Song)
13. She Put The Hurt On Me
14. I'll Drown In My Own Tears
15. I'm Getting Better
16. Goodbye Stevie
17. Strong Love
18. Georgia On My Mind
19. It Hurts Me So
20. Oh! Pretty Woman
21. Look Away
22. This Hammer
23. Please Do Something
24. Keep On Running
25. Let Me Down Easy

Disc 2 tracks:

01. Somebody Help Me
02. Watch Your Step
03. Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out
04. Midnight Special
05. When I Come Home
06. High Time Babyen
07. Hey Darling
08. I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water
09. You Must Believe Me
10. Trampoline
11. Since I Met You Baby
12. Mean Woman Blues
13. Dust My Blues
14. When A Man Loves A Woman
15. Neighbour Neighbour
16. On The Green Light
17. Stevie's Blues
18. Take This Hurt Off Me
19. Stevie's Groove
20. I Can't Get Enough Of It
21. Waltz For Lumumba
22. Together Till The End Of Time
23. Gimme Some Lovin'
24. Back Into My Life Again
25. I'm A Man
26. Blues In F

Spencer Davis Group - Eight Gigs a Week: The Steve Winwood Years (1964-1966) (Disc 1)
Spencer Davis Group - Eight Gigs a Week: The Steve Winwood Years (1964-1966) (Disc 2)

Rapidshare mirror for the second disc:
Spencer Davis Group - Eight Gigs a Week: The Steve Winwood Years (1964-1966) (Disc 2)
If you are using this last mirror please download the two last files here:



The Creation

The Creation - Complete Collection, Vol. 1: Making Time

The first volume of the Creation's two-disc retrospective confirms that producer Shel Talmy's extravagant claims on the band's behalf weren't just hot air.
On singles like "Making Time" and "How Does It Feel" they melted Mod-era r&b in an acid bath of nascent psychedelia that had been heated to a boiling point by the group's scorching instrumental attack. Eddie Phillips' bowed guitar excursions gave their earlier records a distinctive texture, and his barely controlled feedback contributed hugely to their uninhibited vibe, but his replacements kept the fire stoked on later releases. Founding vocalist Pickett spat out his snide, rebellious lyrics with a nasal punky whine, while his successor Garner delivered convincingly soulful turns on the epic "If I Stay Too Long."

01- Making Time
02- Try And Stop Me
03- How Does It Feel to Feel
04- Tom Tom
05- Nightmares
06- If I Stay Too Long
07- How Does It Feel to Feel
08- For All That I Am
09- Uncle Bart
10- Cool Jerk
11- Bony Moronie
12- Ostrich Man
13- I Am The Walker
14- For All That I Am
15- Nightmares
16- How Does It Feel To Feel
17- Instrumental #1
18- I'm A Man
19- That's How Strong My Love Is
20- Making Time

The Creation - Complete Collection, Vol. 2: Biff Bang Pow

The second volume of the Creation's Complete Collection is a less consistent listen than the first. It includes a handful of competent covers of overly familiar songs like "Hey Joe" and "Like A Rolling Stone," and several tunes appear two or three times with different mixes.

01- Biff Bang Pow
02- Painter Man
03- Life Is Just Beginning
04- Through My Eyes
05- Midway Down
06- The Girls Are Naked
07- Can I Join Your Band
08- Sweet Helen
09- Hey Joe
10- Like A Rolling Stone
11- Mercy, Mercy, Mercy
12- Sylvette
13- Biff Bang Pow
14- Painter Man
15- Can I Join Your Band
16- Midway Down
17- Life Is Just Beginning
18- Life Is Just Beginning
19- Painter Man
20- Try and Stop Me

The Creation - Making Time

The Creation - Biff Bang Pow


This post is dedicated to the country and people of UK, who may not know it, but they are beautifull and so is their country.


The Move

The Move - The BBC Sessions [LIVE] (1967-1968)

Reviewer: Henry R. Kujawa from Amazon.com

As a MOVE fan starved for any "new" material, the release of this-- an entire album of previously-unreleased recordings-- was a JOY! It was the habit of the BBC to have bands record exclusive versions of songs just for airplay (the equivalent of appearing live on Letterman, I guess). While some BBC records show the limitations of their studio-- THIS isn't one of them! Starting with "You Better Believe Me" (perhaps the only song from their formative "R&B" phase, before the onset of the psychedelic era a few months later) the songs are a mix of Move tunes & covers of other bands' songs. Many of these are a revelation, as songs like "Night Of Fear" and "I Can Hear The Grass Grow", stripped of the overdubbed studio strings, are MORE powerful than the "regular" versions! It's one highlight after another here: "Walk On The Water", "Morning Dew" (also covered, perhaps better, by Episode Six), "It'll Be Me" (giving Jerry Lee Lewis a run for his money), "Kentucky Woman", "Higher And Higher", "Long Black Veil" (referenced in the lyrics of "Do Ya"), "Piece Of My Heart", "Going Back", "California Girls", and "The Christian Life". TREMENDOUS! (I have an earlier version of this CD titled BLACK COUNTRY ROCK with one extra song, "Sounds Of Silence"; I suspect it was left off here for its poor sound quality-- not that it ever bothered ME!)

Size: 124 mB
Bitrate: 256 kB

1. You'd Better Believe Me
2. Night of Fear
3. Stop, Get a Hold of Myself
4. Kilroy Was Here
5. Walk Upon the Water
6. I Can Hear the Grass Grow
7. Morning Dew
8. Flowers in the Rain
9. So You Want to Be a Rock & Roll Star
10. Stephanie Knows Who
11. Cherry Blossom Clinic
12. Hey Grandma
13. Fire Brigade
14. Weekend
15. It'll Be Me
16. Useless Information
17. Kentucky Woman
18. Higher and Higher
19. Long Black Veil
20. Wild Tiger Woman
21. Piece of My Heart
22. Blackberry Way [Outtake]
23. Going Back
24. California Girls
25. Christian Life

The Move - The BBC Sessions [LIVE] (1967-1968).part1