Brian Auger

Brian Auger - The Mod Years (1965-1969)

Se souberem ler inglês parabéns pois não achei a biografia do cara em portugês. Mas se ele fez um álbum desse e ainda conhecia o Eric Burdon só posso pedir que puxem!

Brian Auger, born on July 18, 1939 in Bihar, India, is a jazz and rock keyboardist, who has specialised in playing the Hammond Organ. He is considered to be one of the most influential keyboardists of all time. His mentor was famous organist Jimmy Smith.

In 1965 he founded the group Steampacket along with Julie Driscoll, Rod Stewart and Long John Baldry. With Driscoll and the band Trinity he went on to produce several hit singles, notably a cover of David Ackles' Road to Cairo and This Wheel's on Fire, a Bob Dylan song. In the 70s his star began to fade slowly, as he was working on several unsuccessful projects. Modestly successful albums he recorded with blues rock greats like Eric Burdon in the 80s at least showed that he is still an artist to be reckoned with.

Tamanho: 67,3 mB
Bit Rate: ?? kB


01. I Am A Lonesome Hobo
02. This Wheel's On Fire
03. Road To Cairo
04. Shadows Of You
05. Save Me (Part 1 & 2 )
06. As She Knows
07. Tiger
08. Kiko
09. Fool Killer
10. Let's Do It Tonight
11. Green Onion 65
12. Oh Baby Won't You Come Back Home To Croydon Where Everybody
13. Back At The Chicken Shack
14. In Crowd
15. Baby Take Me
16. Can Get A Witness
17. Baby Baby
18. Holy Smoke
19. Cry Me A River
20. Oh Baby Don't You Do It
21. Lord Remember Me

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Brian Auger - The Mod Years (1965-1969)

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Morone disse...

bem legal tua idéia, serei um leitor constante daqui.
boa sorte em divulgar a cena.
achei teu blog na comunidade mod-rock
abraço e boa sorte

Brn eV. disse...

Valeu morone, vamos ver se te acho.hehehe

Miss F disse...

w0w, thanks a lot for this. truLy enj0ying it~!!!

their versi0n of "r0ad to cair0" is so deep, powerful and m0ving, the way Ms.DriscoLL truly inhabiTs the songs is magnifiCent. It bec0mes a dark souLfuL baLLad of a w0man's Loss, c0urage, loneLiness and faith and I can reaLLy reLate w/ thaT.

Anônimo disse...

this link dont working,
it says - ERROR: JavaScript must be enabled,.... can you this masterpiece repost, please?

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Anônimo disse...

dear friends, thank you for your good taste and excellent work. unfortunately i've downloaded this record (brian auger the mod years) already two times but i'm not able to play the tracks because are damaged. i don't know why, it's the first time that this happens to me... do you have an idea? could you try to download now or post again this record? however, thanks.

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