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Decca Originals - The Psychedelic Scene

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25 superb examples of British psychedelia (the late 1960s) as originally released for the Decca and Deram U.K. labels. If all you know of "psych" is The Electric Prunes and The Seeds, then stand by to be amazed. While most of these bands remained "nobodies", some were able to transgress the era: Al Stewart turns in a suitably orchestral "Turn Into Earth" (with a far more "americanized" sounding vocal from the noted "Year Of The Cat" singer) while The Moody Blues' "Love & Beauty" (an early, rare track recorded prior to "Nights In White Satin") gives us a glint of what's to come. Other winners include Timebox's "Gone Is The Sad Man" (Mike Patto never got the props he so righteously deserved!), The Accent's "Red Sky At Night", Human Instinct's "A Day In My Mind's Mind" and The Plague's "Here Today, Gone Tomorrow". The remastered sound is excellent (despite some of the more primitive recording sessions) and the liner notes - while way too brief - provide decent information. In short, a total keeper. File proudly next to your "Nuggets" boxed set.

1. Vacuum Cleaner - Tintern Abbey
2. Shades of Orange - The End
3. Red Sky at Night - The Accent
4. Baby I Need You - The Curiosity Shoppe
5. 14 Hour Technicolour Dream - Syn
6. In Your Tower - The Poets
7. Colour of My Mind - The Attack
8. That Man - The Small Faces
9. Guess I Was Dreaming - Fairytale
10. Woodstock - Turquoise
11. Turn into Earth - Al Stewart
12. Secret - Virgin Sleep
13. Meditations - Felius Andromeda
14. Day in My Minds Mind
15. Ice Man - Ice
16. Love & Beauty - The Moody Blues
17. Michaelangelo - 23rd Turnoff
18. Bird Has Flown
19. Like a Tear - The World of Oz
20. Sad & Lonely - Garden Odyssey Enterprise
21. Deep Inside Your Mind
22. Gone Is the Sad Man - Timebox
23. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
24. Dream With Me - Andy Forray
25. Nite Is a Comin' - Warm Sounds

Decca Originals - The Psychedelic Scene

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Anônimo disse...

Can you post The Animals Greatest Hits Live?
Thanxs for sharing.
Saludos desde Sudamerica.

Hercermer disse...

Thanks for this album! Really cool tracks :)

Anônimo disse...

I really like to hear obscure psych tracks. This is GREAT! And a great site! Lots of cool/rare stuff!


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Yerblues@bol.com.br disse...

Mais um golaço desse blog... todos os discos da série Decca Originals são sensacionais... ainda me faltam os 2 volumes dedicados ao mod... reposta ese volumes pra gente? A Decca passou os anos 60 inteiros tentando se redimir da grande cagada que fez, recusando os Beatles, por eles serem uma banda de guitarras, uma coisa assim, em decadência.. hahuahua... valeu demais.

Anônimo disse...