The Ugly Ducklings - Ducktales

helton-rec's review of"Ducktales"is totally off the mark.The re-
view obviously refers to the rap-hip-hop group of the same name.
"Ducktales" is a reissue of some 45's and unreleased material plus some tracks from their sole lp-"Somewhere Outside".These are
the Ugly Ducklings of GARAGE band fame,from 1965-1968,out of Toronto,Canada.Highly sought after by fans of garage-beat-punk from
around the world.The reason for their popularity is primarily be-cause of their solid garage-punk material and raw delivery.Lots of influences are evident,but mainly early Stones,Yardbirds and
Kinks plus a definite Pretty Things appreciation.Buy either of these cds,"Somewhere Outside"or "Ducktales" NOW!You won't be dis-
appoimted.These boys rock!And the folks at Unidisc did a great remastering job on both cds.


1. Just In Case You Wonder
2. I Wish You Would
3. I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore
4. Gaslight
5. My Little Red Book
6. Hey Mama (Keep Your Big Mouth Shut)
7. Nothin'
8. 10-30 Train
9. I Need Your Love
10. She Ain't Used To Me
11. Rimb Nugget
12. I Can Tell
13. Epilogue
14. I Know What To Say

The Ugly Ducklings - Ducktales

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Mateus Beatle disse...

Oh Yeah!!!
Banda excelente, Fuzz no talo!

André Fialho disse...

Uou! Uma banda do carvalho!
Issssaaaaaa! \o/ Valeu, bicho.

Anônimo disse...

hi , i stumbled unto your blog when looking for the ugly ducklings - ducktales album but unfortunately the link is dead - could it be possible to reupload it pleqase ??