Get Away With The Very Best Of

Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames

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Unique 14 Track Anthology of the Recording Heyday of the British Blues/Jazz Oriented Rocking Keyboardist (And Longtime Associate of Van Morrison) who Created a Major Chart Hit with "Yeh Yeh". He Followed with a Plethora of Albums and Great Renditions of Booker T and the Mg's "Green Onions", "Let the Good Times Roll", "Baby Please Don't Go" and Many More. This Volume is a Great Budget Collection of his Best.

1. Yeh Yeh
2. Green Onions
3. Let the Good Times Roll
4. Sitting in the Park
5. Funny How Time Slips Away
6. Shop Around
7. Baby Please Don't Go
8. Get Away
9. Eso Beso
10. In the Meantime
11. Sunny
12. Ride Your Pony
13. Night Train
14. I Love the Life I Live

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Anônimo disse...

georgie fame is great. thanks for this!


1Surfrider disse...

Merci, very much

Anônimo disse...

Great music and writing - sorry I just discovered you - looks like RAPIDSHARE deleted all .DE files. If you ever get a chance to repost - thanks!

Anônimo disse...

been looking for 'sitting in the Park' since watchin "east is East" the other night...excellent stuff. Thanks & keep up the great work

Horexakias disse...

Hello to everybody.I'm writing you from Greece and I'm very glad to meet you.I'm also very happy that you choose to write for all these people & bands.You see I'm an old time classic too.Here in Greece we have collections like Pepples,Nuggets & Back from the grave.Your Denmark collection was very interested.good morning.

Anônimo disse...


Sixtie Lover