Beau Brummels - Introducing the Beau Brummels (1965)

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The Beau Brummels were probably the first folk-rock group, given that this stellar debut album came out in 1965 before the Byrds (the obvious candidate) ever hit the charts. Because of their name a lot of Americans thought the Beau Bummels were an English import, which was an easy mistake given that they were one of the few American groups to make any headway against the British Invasion. The band was centered around guitarist/songwriter Ron Elliott, who wrote 10 of the original 12 tracks on this first album, and singer Sal Valentino, who might have the best forgotten voice of the Sixties. The producer on "Introducing the Beau Brummels" was Sly Stewart, better known to the world as Sly Stone, which another reason this is one of the better debut albums of the early Sixties. The best songs are "Laugh Laugh" (Top 20), "Still in Love With You Baby," and "Just a Little" (Top 10), with their great harmonies and catchy melodies. The attempts at more straightforward rock 'n' roll are not as strong, but the moody "They'll Make You Cry" is good as are the imitation Beatles songs "I Would Be Happy" and "Stick Like Glue." This CD reissue adds a pair of bonus tracks: a demo of "Just a Little" and the single "Good Time Music." I know it is a minority position, but I like the sound of the Beau Brummels better than the Byrds. For that matter, I like their songs better too. Unfortunately, this first effort was followed by lesser albums. Still, if you picked up this one instead of one of their greatest hits collections you are not necessarily getting the worst of the deal.

Size: 90 mB
Bitrate: 190 kB I guess


01. Laugh, Laugh
02. Still In Love With You Baby
03. Just A Little
04. Just Wait And See
05. Oh Lonesome Me
06. Ain't That Loving You Baby
07. Stick Like Glue
08. They'll Make You Cry
09. That's If You Want Me To
10. I Want More Loving
11. I Would Be Happy
12. Not Too Long Ago
13. Just A Little (Unissued Demo Version)
14. Good Time Music (Autumn Single)

Beau Brummels - Introducing the Beau Brummels (1965)

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também tenho.

Miss F disse...

they're like a more psychedelic and progressive THE BYRDS with touches of Buffalo Springsfield and even THE BEATLES~ thanks a lot for sharing this. I m listening to BRADLEY'S BARN and I think I will download this as well....

thanks a lot~