Northern Soul Connoisseurs

Northern Soul Connoisseurs

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Another week, another northern soul compilation. Ho hum. Thankfully, Northern Soul Connoisseurs is anything but a routine collection. Following on from the superb Motown Connoisseurs, this 18 tracker is once again compiled by eminent northern DJ Richard Searling--and what a selection. As well as a clutch of celebrated classics, including the scene's ultimate anthem, Frank Wilson's "Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)", there's a smattering of highly sought after rarities. The previously unreleased Motown cut "He Who Picks A Rose" by Jimmy Ruffin a number one sound on the scene, so its inclusion is an especially timely masterstroke. Other Motor City marvels include The Supremes jaw-droppingly stupendous "Stormy" and the CD debut of Earl Van Dyke's instrumental mod fave "6 X 6". More familiar perhaps, but equally welcome are Terry Callier's "Look At Me Now", Edwin Starr's "Back Street", Tony Clarke's "Landslide" and The Originals stampeding floor stomper "Suspicion". In short, there's not a single dud track and with its deft mix of the rare and the renowned, Northern Soul Connoisseurs is essential for fervent collectors and northern novices alike. --Chris King

1. He Who Picks A Rose - Ruffin, Jimmy
2. Do I Love You (Indeed I Do) - Wilson, Frank
3. 6x6 - Van Dyke, Earl
4. Look At Me Now - Callier, Terry
5. Stormy - The Supremes
6. The Way You've Been Acting - Kent, Al
7. Worth Every Tear I Cry - Warwick, Dee Dee
8. Key To My Happiness - The Charades
9. Learning To Trust My Man - Sisters Love
10. Landslide - Clarke, Tony Listen
11. Baby Hit And Run - The Contours
12. Suspicion - Originals Listen
13. Moody Woman - Butler, Jerry
14. Love Love Love - Hebb, Bobby
15. Back Street - Starr, Edwin
16. The Boogaloo Party - The Flamingos
17. It's Better To Have (And Don't Need) - Covay, Don

Northern Soul Connoisseurs

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andy disse...

have you got any Dave Dee, Dozy, beaky mick and tich? ive gotten into them via tarantino's Death Proof of all places and wonder if you have any albums by them.

great blog by the way, keep up the good work!

iorel disse...

Nice selection!
My friend and I started a blog a month ago http://hefiorels-eclectic-music.blogspot.com/ and we linked yours as well, because we liked it very much. We would appreciate if you did the same by including our link among yours.Thank you in advance.

thom disse...

Use other link, megaupload is shit! You can only donwload if you are a premmium user. I really want this records, but is impossible!

Anônimo disse...

STFU - if u really want it - go buy it you numb cunt

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