Thai Beat A Go-Go, Vol. 1

Review by Subliminal Sounds!
"If you dug the Cambodian Rocks comps, you’ll go crazy over the new Thai Beat A Go-Go series! Incredible and ultra rare recordings from Thailand in the 1960s. Records with Thai 60s rock bands are incredible hard, if not impossible, to find as there is no Thai tradition of saving native artifacts from the 1960s. There is a lot of work and effort behind these comps and they have taken a long time to compile.The amazing Thai Beat A Go Go vol 1, which concentrates on red hot Thai curry rock n roll, includes cosmic instro surf bands, mad garage/beat bands, mystic go-go organ/wild guitar rave-ups, exotic female singers, extreme sensuality and emotions, surreal and groovy, all with a totally otherworldly Thai flavor. Experience the blossoming Bangkok night club scene with the exotic bar and lounge go-go bands! These recordings have a sound that's completely inexplicable despite the use of standard rock instrumentation and song structures combining a fascinating and primal version of rock n roll, surf, r 'n' b- sometimes all in one song."

1. Kratae - Johnny's Guitar
2. Tamai Dern Sae (Why Do You Walk Like a Drunkard) - Payom Moogda
3. Dance Dance Dance - Vichan Maneechot
4. Shake Baby Shake - Sodsai Chaengkij
5. Meow - Cat
6. Day Tripper - Starlights
7. Bangsaen '66 - Johnny's Guitar
8. Yipmerdai - Dang, Der Dong
9. Boongatanyon - Son Of P.M.
10. Loomsiah - Payom Moogda
11. Phom Rak Khoom Tching Tching (I Really Do Love You) - Viking Band
12. James Bond Theme - Son Of P.M.
13. Do the Watusi - Cat
14. Poo Yai Lee - Louise Kennedy
15. Supannahong - Johnny's Guitar
16. Kaw-Liga - Silver Sand
17. Klongyao - Johnny's Guitar
18. Yom Pha Barn Norn Pahwaa (Satan's Nightmare) - Paiboon
19. Hit the Road Jack - Cat
20. Muay Thai - Ong-Ard, Jiraphand


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litlgrey disse...

Is this blog open for business again? I sure hope so. I'd love to see some more of that out of print series of Decca/Deram, "The ______ Scene," posted!

Anônimo disse...

Wonderful ,glad to see more things posted here, it's nice to share this great garage beat stuff! Many Thanks! Please more!

Anônimo disse...

Thanks, this looks great!

Michael disse...

Welcome welcome back! I always loved this blog, and regretted that I never gave it the love it deserved. And now I'm so glad that I left it in my bookmarks, and checked back regularly.

This blog was to wonderful to die.

Eric disse...

Thanks for this one! I hope the Vol. 2 can come back online. =)

shantee disse...

Thanks a lot i put them on my website where you can listen to all three album online . http://www.forumthailande.com