The Music Machine - Turn On (1966)

1. Talk Talk
2. Trouble
3. Cherry Cherry
4. Taxman Listen
5. Some Other Drum
6. Masculine Intuition
7. People In Me, The
8. See See Rider
9. Wrong
10. 96 Tears
11. Come On In
12. Hey, Joe
13. Double Yellow Line
14. Absolutely Positively
15. Eagle Never Hunts The Fly, The
16. I've Loved You

here, there and everywhere

Hello Chris, hope you are fine!

See you

3 comentários:

E.Baba disse...

Help ! some sort of problem on this. download stopped after 75%. "damaged file"

really would love to get this. i only have Music Machine on cassette !

Johnny PDX disse...

The only new band I've heard that approaches the great POP of the 60's in The CRY! I found their website at:
check them out really great shit! Keeps the blood fresh...

Anônimo disse...

The link is broken! Megaupload is down.. Could you reupload it?