The Yardbirds - Having a Rave Up (1966)

1. Mr. You're a Better Man Than I [Mono Version]
2. Evil Hearted You [Mono Version]
3. I'm a Man [Mono Version]
4. Still I'm Sad [Mono Version]
5. Heart Full of Soul [Mono Version]
6. Train Kept a Rollin' [Mono Version]
7. Heart Full of Soul [Mono Version][Version]
8. Steeled Blues [Mono Version]
9. Shapes of Things [Mono Version]
10. New York City Blues [Mono Version]
11. Questa Volta [Mono Version]
12. Paff... Bum [Italian Issue]
13. Paff... Bum [German Issue]
14. What Do You Want [Stereo]
15. Jeff's Blues [Stereo]
16. Someone to Love, Pt. 1 [Mono Version]
17. Someone to Love, Pt. 2 [Stereo]
18. For R.S.G. [Mono Version]
19. Like Jimmy Reed Again [Stereo]
20. Chris' Number [Stereo]
21. Pounds and Stomps [Mono Version]
22. Stroll On [Mono Version]

aqui, aqui

Where is Chris?

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korralhex disse...

thanks ,I put a link in my blog

Anônimo disse...

Man!! Where ´s the Songs Live include in this Cd? Like "Im a Man","Smokest Lighthing"? and some more 3,i think,dont have here..
anyway,thanks for the disc.