The Easybeats - Friday on my Mind

01. river deep, moutain high
02. do you have a soul (edited lp version)
03. saturday night
04. you me, we love
05. pretty girl
06. friday on my mind
07. happy is the man
08. hound dog
09. who'll be the one
10. made my bed gonna lie in it
11. remember sam
12. see line woman
13. heaven and hell
14. do you have a soul (long version)
15. women (make you feel alright)
16. all gone by (different mix)
17. you me, we love (different mix)
18. lisa (different mix)

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Anônimo disse...

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Anônimo disse...

complimenti per il blog, essendo appassionato di musica anni '60, ho trovato materiale interessante, avevo trovato anche un 'altro blog, wings of dream, che ho visto nei tuoi preferiti, ma pare non più attivo, sai mica come contattarlo?
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Brn eV. disse...