The Deviants - Ptoof

01. "Opening" (Bishop/Farren/Hunter/Rees/Sparkes)
02. "I'm coming Home" (Bishop/Farren/Hunter)
03. "Child Of The Sky" (Farren/Rees/Hammond)
04. "Charlie" (Bishop/Farren)
05. "Nothing Man" (Farren/Moore)
06. "Garbage" (Bishop/Farren/Hunter)
07. "Bun" (Rees)
08. "Deviation Street" (Farren)

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03. "Child Of The Sky" (Farren/Rees/Hammond)
04. "Charlie" (Bishop/Farren)

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First and best of the three albums recorded by the original Deviants lineup, Ptooff! is capable of sharply polarizing attitudes. To a number of ex-Swinging London cognoscenti (see Jonathon Green's Days In The Life) the Deviants remain a byword for musical incompetence; even their former manager, Steve Sparkes, recently dubbed Ptooff! "the worst record in the history of man." In hindsight, though, the Deviants were simply a decade ahead of their time, their alleged "ineptitude" making perfect sense in light of Punk's back-to-basics ethos. There's a large dollop of justice in Mick Farren's claim that, along with the MC5 and the Stooges, the Deviants had more to do with the way rock developed than the likes of Ten Years After. Led Zep they weren't, but who'd want them to be? (Paul Rudolph, apparently, but that's another episode.

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