The Kinks

The Kinks - BBC Sessions (1964-1977)

This two-CD compilation collects the bulk of The Kinks' truly live performances for the BBC between 1964-77; although many more songs were aired, these were usually the studio records with maybe re-recorded vocals. The years covered span the peak of their career from an artistic point of view, and most of their big hits from the time (sans the 1966 singles and "Lola") appear here along with quality album cuts and several unreleased tracks. Although about 90% of the songs here are five-star classics, the performances on disc one stick largely to the studio originals (perhaps a bit rougher, with a bit more of a "band" feel). It is on disc two where the true finds lie: the band's mid-70s period is represented by two 1974 shows which surpass their other 70s live document "Everybody's In Showbiz"; excellent versions of "Victoria", "Here Comes Yet Another Day", "Skin And Bone" (much lengthier) and "Celluloid Heroes" sound much punchier and energetic than the originals. The sound quality on everything is startingly clear, even on the '64-'65 cuts. There are also a couple of tracks, like "Good Luck Charm" and "When I Turn Out The Living Room Light", which have never seen official release by the group. As a crucial missing link in their catalogue, this long overdue compilation is absolutely essential for Kinks fanatics, while the track selection and quality of performances even makes it a good intro to the group for beginners (this would otherwise be a five-star review, were it not for the slightly unadventurous performances on disc one). God save The Kinks.


1. Interview
2. You Really Got Me
3. Interview
4. Cadillac
5. All Day And All Of The Night
6. Tired Of Waiting For You
7. Ev'rybody's Gonna Be Happy
8. See My Friend
9. This Strange Effect
10. Milk Cow Blues
11. Wonder Where My Baby Is Tonight
12. Till The End Of The Day
13. Where Have All The Good Times Gone?
14. Death Of A Clown
15. Love Me Till The Sun Shines
16. Harry Rag
17. Good Luck Charm
18. Waterloo Sunset
19. Monica
20. Days
21. The Village Green Preservation Society


1. Mindless Child Of Motherhood
2. Holiday
3. Demolition
4. Victoria
5. Here Comes Yet Another Day
6. Money Talks
7. Mirror Of Love
8. Celluloid Heroes
9. Skin And Bone / Dry Bones
10. Get Back In The Line
11. Did You See His Name
12. When I Turn Off The Living Room Lights
13. Skin And Bone
14. Money Talks

The Kinks - Live BBC.part1
The Kinks - Live BBC.part2

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db disse...

Ta :O)

Anônimo disse...

velhão, valeu demais
ainda pegou a melhor fase deles.. a golden age dos anos 60.
depois de cellular heroes nunca mais fizeram algo de muito bom..
ainda assim, das minhhas 3 bandas preferidas!

TriPa disse...

The Kinks, boa banda..



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kinks de novo?

eles são foda que nem tu


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Greetings from Los Angeles, thank you !!

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Mahalo from Hawaii

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