The Zombies

The Zombies - The Singles Collection 1964 - 1969

Recorded between 1964 & 1969. The Zombies found chart fame in 1964 with their very first single, "She's Not There," and went on to influence countless groups on both sides of the Atlantic. Fronted by ace keyboard player Rod Argent and Colin Blunstone, a singer with a breathy voice guaranteed to make the little girls swoon, St Alban's finest played a brand of intelligent pop music (how the press loved their 50 O-levels!). Essentially a singles band, the Zombies consistently issued quality pop sides that, although they may not have set the charts alight, were certainly testament to the musicianship and vocal talent within the group. This complete collection of Zombies' singles is presented in the original mono for reasons of authenticity (later stereo mixes lacking essential overdubs were created without the group's input). "She Does Everything for Me" and "Just Out of Reach," its flashy organ solo worthy of Alan Price, show the Zombies at their upbeat best. The fragile "The Way I Feel Inside" is the pick of their sensitive side. File ODESSEY AND ORACLE's magnificent opener "Care of Cell 44" under "Singles That Should Have Made It." The same goes for most of this fine collection.
compilation features both sides of all 14 Zombies singles from 1964-69, inc. "She's Not There," "Tell Her No," "Beechwood Park," "Time Of The Season" & "I'll Call You Mine"

MB= 90,6

01 - She's Not There
02 - You Make Me Feel Good
03 - Leave Me Be
04 - Woman
05 - Tell Her No
06 - What More Can I Do
07 - She's Coming Home
08 - I Must Move
09 - Whenever You're Ready
10 - I Love You
11 - Is This The Dream
12 - Don't Go Away
13 - Remember You
14 - Just out of Reach
15 - Indication
16 - How We Were Before
17 - Gotta Get a Hold of Myself
18 - The Way I Feel Inside
19 - Goin' out of My Head
20 - She Does Everything for Me21 - Friends of Mine
22 - Beechwood Park
23 - Care of Cell 44
24 - Maybe After He's Gone
25 - Time of the Season
26 - I'll Call You Mine
27 - Imagine the Swan
28 - Conversation Off Floral Street

The Zombies - Singles Collection 1964 - 1969

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The Enabler disse...

'Odyssey And Oracle' is the one.. who needs the Beach Boys? The Zombies were splitting up when they released it. Who knows what could have happened?

Anônimo disse...

The mix on these tracks is much better and 'upfront' than previous issues. This set is a real 'keeper.'

Mahalo Leo

Brn eV. disse...

Poxa, Léo.
Que disco bom do caralho.
Como diz nosso amigo havaiano Mahalo pra você.hehe

sesa disse...

putz! demais

Anônimo disse...