The Jam - 1992 Extras- A Collection of Rarities

A Collection Of Rarities

Track Listings
1. The Dreams of Children
2. Tales from the Riverbank
3. Liza Radley
4. Move on Up - The Jam, Mayfield, Curtis
5. Shopping
6. Smithers-Jones - The Jam, Foxton, Bruce
7. Pop Art Poem
8. Boy About Town
9. A Solid Bond in Your Heart
10. No One in the World
11. And Your Bird Can Sing - The Jam, Lennon, John
12. Burning Sky
13. Thick as Thieves
14. Disguises - The Jam, Townshend, Pete
15. Get Yourself Together - The Jam, Marriott, Steve
16. The Butterfly Collector
17. The Great Depression
18. Stoned Out of My Mind - The Jam, Record, Eugene
19. Pity Poor Alfie/Fever
20. But I'm Different Now
21. I Got You (I Feel Good) - The Jam, Brown, James [1]
22. Hey Mister
23. Saturday's Kids
24. We've Only Started
25. So Sad About Us - The Jam, Townshend, Pete
26. The Eton Rifles


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What a surprise!!!
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Best wishes & keep on posting!

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Lindo, bixo!

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welcome back!

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Thank you for your great work!

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