The Eyes - Blink (1965/1966)

1. When the Night Falls
2. Good Day Sunshine
3. I Wanna be Your man
4. Please Don't Cry
5. My Degeneration
6. You're Too Much
7. Man With Money
8. I'm Rowed Out
9. The Immediate Pleasure. 3:00
10. 19th Nervous Breakdown
11. Not Fade Away
12. When the Night Falls(demo)
13. I'm Rowed Out (demo)
14. The Immediate Pleasure (demo)
15. Radio London(promo)
16. Shakin All Over (demo)
17. When the Night Falls (demo 2)
18. Route 66

eyes, eyes

3 comentários:

Yerblues disse...

A cover dos caras para a cover dos Stones de I Wanna Be Your Man é sensacional... não conheço a cover de 19th nervous breakdown, por isso, levando já... valeu o post.

Anônimo disse...

hey awesome blog. would you mind reuploading? thanks!

ju disse...

Megaupload :'(... tem como reupar?