The Sorrows

The Sorrows - Take a Heart (1965)

The Sorrows are considered perhaps to be the archetypal "Freakbeat" band. Formed in 1963 in Coventry, England, they released their first album "Take a Heart" in 1965 on the Piccadilly Records label which was a subsidiary of Pye Records. The Sorrows were at the time the hardest, most aggressive and contemporary R&B band of that time, although later this brand of music was eventually termed "Freakbeat". The Sorrows were so edgy and raw they simply made The Rolling Stones seem like easy listening music. Their hallmarks are boomy, raucous vocals, lightning fast guitar solos and frantic thudding drums. The musicianship is excellent yet the band failed to achieve too much success probably due to the fact that their brand of proto-punk rock and roll, was simply too ahead of its time.

01. Baby
02. No, No, No
03. Take A Heart
04. She's Got The Action
05. How Love Used To Be
06. Teenage Letter
07. I Don't Wanna Be Free
08. Don't Sing No Sad Song For Me
09. Cara-Lin
10. We Should Get Along Fine
11. Come With Me
12. Let Me In
13. You've Got What I Want
14. Let The Live Live
15. Pink Purple Yellow And Red
16. My Gal
17. Nimm Mein Herz
18. Sei Mein Girl
19. Mi Ci Spezza Il Cuore
20. Vivi

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The Sorrows - Take a Heart (1965)

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