The Creation

The Creation - Complete Collection, Vol. 1: Making Time

The first volume of the Creation's two-disc retrospective confirms that producer Shel Talmy's extravagant claims on the band's behalf weren't just hot air.
On singles like "Making Time" and "How Does It Feel" they melted Mod-era r&b in an acid bath of nascent psychedelia that had been heated to a boiling point by the group's scorching instrumental attack. Eddie Phillips' bowed guitar excursions gave their earlier records a distinctive texture, and his barely controlled feedback contributed hugely to their uninhibited vibe, but his replacements kept the fire stoked on later releases. Founding vocalist Pickett spat out his snide, rebellious lyrics with a nasal punky whine, while his successor Garner delivered convincingly soulful turns on the epic "If I Stay Too Long."

01- Making Time
02- Try And Stop Me
03- How Does It Feel to Feel
04- Tom Tom
05- Nightmares
06- If I Stay Too Long
07- How Does It Feel to Feel
08- For All That I Am
09- Uncle Bart
10- Cool Jerk
11- Bony Moronie
12- Ostrich Man
13- I Am The Walker
14- For All That I Am
15- Nightmares
16- How Does It Feel To Feel
17- Instrumental #1
18- I'm A Man
19- That's How Strong My Love Is
20- Making Time

The Creation - Complete Collection, Vol. 2: Biff Bang Pow

The second volume of the Creation's Complete Collection is a less consistent listen than the first. It includes a handful of competent covers of overly familiar songs like "Hey Joe" and "Like A Rolling Stone," and several tunes appear two or three times with different mixes.

01- Biff Bang Pow
02- Painter Man
03- Life Is Just Beginning
04- Through My Eyes
05- Midway Down
06- The Girls Are Naked
07- Can I Join Your Band
08- Sweet Helen
09- Hey Joe
10- Like A Rolling Stone
11- Mercy, Mercy, Mercy
12- Sylvette
13- Biff Bang Pow
14- Painter Man
15- Can I Join Your Band
16- Midway Down
17- Life Is Just Beginning
18- Life Is Just Beginning
19- Painter Man
20- Try and Stop Me

The Creation - Making Time

The Creation - Biff Bang Pow

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