The Prisoners

The Prisoners - Rare and Unissued

This album is a collection of live, promotional, and own-mix recordings which span the band's original seven years together. This being the case the sound quality of the album is often not at its best, but this only enhances the memories of the raw power of a live performance. For this reason, my personal favourite is the live recording of "Come To The Mushroom". As a sad old fan from the early days I have seen this done many a time and, even though during the track all semblance of a tune disappears at one point, you cannot help but appreciate the full-on simultaneous assault of wailing guitar and keyboards.

01. Coming home
02. Revenge of the cybermen
03. He's in love
04. Trophies
05. Far away
06. Ain't no tellin
07. Come to the mushroom
08. Happyness for once
09. Be on your way
10. Buccaneer
11. Deceiving eye
12. Mourn my health
13. Pop star party
14. The more I teach you
15. Mourn my health

The Prisoners - Rare and unissued

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fantastic, been looking for this one for a long time, thanks a lot!!

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Anônimo disse...

thank you

Anônimo disse...

Thanks so much, I've been looking for this one for a while - someone needs to reissue the CD!