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The UK Beat Scene - (Various UK Beat 1963-66)

These 25 tracks have been culled from a host of mid-'60s artists on the U.K.-based Decca Records label as part of their critically and enthusiastically lauded "Decca Originals" series. Each thematic entry gathers hard-to-locate tunes by a variety of lesser-known acts. The Beat Scene (1998) concentrates on groups stylistically akin to the early- to mid- '60s British Invasion beat bands. However, unlike the Beatles, the Dave Clark Five, or any of their other internationally renowned contemporaries, many of the acts featured here had comparatively nominal, if any, success outside of Europe. In the case of the Poets — whose longing rocker "I Love Her Still" is found on this volume — they created music broad enough in scope to have covered the freakbeat and psychedelic subgenres as well. Almost by definition, one of the more obvious components of the Beat Scene is the hearty backbeat that drives the Game's "Gonna Get Me Someone," the Mockingbirds' "One by One," and Joe Cocker's seminal remake of the Fab Four's "I'll Cry Instead." The latter is a fascinating glimpse into Cocker's primordial sound, blending the essence of American rockabilly with a hint of skiffle tucked into the rhythm. Another notable name is Lulu, who takes the Luvvers through the Mick Jagger/Keith Richard composition "Surprise Surprise." Although pop music fans might remember the name Pete Best as the pre-Ringo Starr percussionist for the Beatles, he lends his name to a combo covering Eddie Hodges' "I'm Gonna Knock on Your Door," a one-off single circa 1964. Other Beat-era trademarks include compact arrangements, as displayed by the tight syncopation heard on Rick & Sandy's "Lost My Girl," the Warriors' "Don't Make Me Blue," and the Beat Chics' lively "Now I Know." A direct contrast is the Andrew Oldham Orchestra's faux Wall of Sound rendition of "Da Doo Run Run," with uncredited vocals from Mick Jagger. Parties interested in this edition should check out the other erstwhile installments: Mod Scene (1998) and Mod Scene, Vol. 2, Psychedelic Scene (1998), Rock N' Roll Scene (1998), and Blues Scene (1999).

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01. I love her still - Poets (2)
02. Gonna get me someone - GAME (4)
03. Each and every day - Thee
04. Walkin' thru the Sleepy city - Mighty Avengers
05. It's gonna happen soon - Naylor, Shel
06. I'll cry instead - Cocker, Joe
007. Third time lucky - Beat Boys
08. Hurt me if you will - Mark Four
09. Really gonna shake - Barry, Sandra & The Boys
10. Surprise surprise - Lulu & The Luvvers
11. Everything's alright - Mojos
12. Now I know - Beat Chics
13. I'm gonna knock on your door - Best, Pete Four
14. Don't make me blue - Warriors (3)
15. That's what I want - Marauders
16. Once in a while - Brooks (1)
17. Lost my girl - Rick & Sandy
18. I was only playing games - Unit 4+2
19. Did you want to run away - Tierney's Fugitives
20. One by one - Mockingbirds (1)
21. Itty bitty pieces - Rockin' Berries
22. Who'll be next in line - Knack (1)
23. Keep on dancing - Poole, Brian & The Tremeloes
24. Heart of stone - Hi-Numbers (2)
25. Da do ron ron - Oldham, Andrew Loog Orchestra & Chorus

The UK Beat Scene - (Various UK Beat 1963-66)

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ahhh, essas coleções da decca são maravilhosas!
A Beat Scene, então, é especialíssima, a melhor =D

TodaS aS CoreS disse...

Joe Cocker levou a vez!

Pep Sonic disse...

Olá amigos da MOD64. Saludos para vocês desde a Espanha. Viva a música. Viva a MOD.

Anônimo disse...

any chance of getting the "rock 'n' roll scene" posted?
filthy rockers.
i'd love to hear what the early UK greasers sounded like!

El disse...

Thank you guys once again!


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I just found (or re-discovered?) this blog. Outstanding!

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