Relespública - As Histórias São Iguais

Reviewer: Wladimyr Cruz, Zona Punk.
(Edited by Mariana "Mary Bee" Bento)

Relespública could be the salvation to brazilian rock. And why not? In an age who pop-rock bands are called melody hardcore/emo and little prefabricated groups sings proto-revolted foolish in the disk MTV or something like that, listen to an honest rock'n'roll band seems like a gift, almost a salvation.
Mod to the bones, punk in the spirit and rock-as-fuck in the sound, "As Histórias São Iguais" is them second album to show how to do the rock. Nasi from IRA! sings "A Fumaça É Melhor Que O Ar" and "Boatos De Bar".
With fast chords and heavy drums, the album has love, frustration, rainy nights and energy, all a big mod album must have, and honestly, the better one just recorded by the band.

Size: 29 mb
Bit Rate: 128 kb


1. Os Garotos São Espertos?
2. O Camburão
3. Boatos de Bar
4. Nunca Mais
5. Marcianos
6. Eu Soul
7. A Fumaça É Melhor Que o Ar
8. Notícias
9. Garoa e Solidão
10. Sobre Você
11. Essa Canção

Relespública - As Histórias São Iguais

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Anônimo disse...

Reles is the greatest brazillian band! i'm from curitiba, reles' home...