The Prisoners

The Prisoners - In from the Cold

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For the best part of four years I arrogantly dismissed this LP as the Prisoners worst....how wrong I was. Listening to it today (indeed at least a couple of times a week still now) it is an extremely criminally overlooked album of musical excellence, albeit a little more "polished" than the other Prisoners LPs.
Hell there's nothing wrong with a bit of Mr. Sheen though and as soon as the brass of "All You Gotta Do Is Say" kicks in you know it's got soul. Check out the vocals on "Deceiving Eye", "The More That I Teach You", "I Know How To Please You" and you will hear one of the very best Soul/RnB singers (Ye Olde Style) this country has seen and heard since the late sixties.
Lots of nods to various Kent Comp LPs and Northern Soulesqueness are evident on a good few of the tracks but there still remains that underlying seedy side provided by the haunting Hammond and ivory experimentations of James Taylor. Listen to the kitchen sink self-scathing lyrics to "Mourn My Health" and ask yourself if you've never felt like that, or the "good riddance" cold heartedness of "Be On Your Way"...great stuff. There's even a Hendrix cover here which, contrary to being a "good ol' filler" is superbly carried off and sits delightfully with the rest of these class tunes...infact has anyone ever heard anyone else do a cover of "Ain't No Tellin'"? Don't think Stevie Ray tried that one did he? And if he had would it have been carried off with the same spirited aplomb? Who cares, this version's good enough.
With a few demos and B sides of equally sound quality tagged on the end of the CD along with the presentation and sleeve notes this is nothing less than a bargain as well as an aural treat to the lugholes. Invest and ingest, and you'll be greatly impressed..I kid you not.

Size: 43 mb

Bit Rate: 128 kb


1. All You Gotta Do Is Say
2. Come Closer
3. More That I Teach You
4. Mourn My Health
5. I Know How To Please You
6. Deceiving Eye
7. In From The Cold
8. Wish The Rain
9. Be On Your Way
10. Find And Seek
11. Ain't No Tellin'
12. Lesser Evil
13. Whenever I'm Gone
14. Promised Land
15. Gravedigger
16. Pop Star Party
17. Happiness For Once

The Prisoners - In from the Cold

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john disse...

Supposedly the producer made them record each instrument one at a time resulting in the stiff but polished sound, that might be in the liner notes.

Anônimo disse...