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The Mod Scene - Volume 2

O segundo volume de uma coleção muito boa, a primeira pode ser encontrada mais abaixo no blog. Esse volume 2 é a versão japonesa, com 1 música a mais e a capa diferente. A capa do disco normal segue abaixo:
Obrigado e até mais. :)

The second volume of a very good collection, the first volume can be found on this blog. This is the Japanese version, it contains 1 music more than the standard version e its cover is different. The standard cover comes below.
Thank you and see you later.

Tamanho: 72,4 mB
Bit Rate: 383 kB


01. The Small Faces - Own Up Time
02. The Birds - Leaving Here
03. The Timebox - Beggin'
04. Davie Jones & The King Bees - Liza Jane
05. Alan Dean & His Problems - The Time It Takes
06. John Mayall - Looking Back
07. Zoot Money - Zoot's Suite
08. The Graham Bond Organization - Long Legged Baby
09. Bread & Beer Band - Breakdown Blues
10. Them - I Can Only Give You Everything
11. Jimmy Powell - Sugar Baby Pt 1
12. Jimmy Powell - Sugar Baby Pt 2
13. The Questions - We Got Love
14. The Crying Shames - What's New Pussycat?
15. The Presidents - Candy Man
16. The Quik - I Can't Sleep
17. Powerhouse - Can You Hear Me
18. The Knack - She Ain't No Good
19. Pete Kelly's Soulution - Midnight Confessions
20. Unit 4 + 2 - Baby Never Say Goodbye
21. Lulu - Lies
22. Robb & Dean Douglas - Phone Me
23. The Societe - Breaking Down
24. Double Feature - Baby Get Your Head Screwed On
25. Toby Twirl - Movin' In
26. The Attack - Try It

Esse arquivo nos foi trazido pelo rapaz Bernardo.

Para falar com ele acesse a comunidade Mods Brasil no orkut: http://www.orkut.com/Community.aspx?cmm=74486

The Mod Scene - Volume 2

6 comentários:

Lucas, da comunidade Mods Brasil disse...

belas escolhas!!!!

cada vez mais, vc melhora as músicas do meu pc..!

Anônimo disse...

greetings from Hollywood, Los Angeles, thanks a lot.

Bishop disse...

Greetings from Prague, Czech Republic. This stuff is fantastic and making me very happy.

Is it possible you could post track 8 from this compilation - it is absent from the .zip file.


Brn eV. disse...

Thank you for the comments and let me see where this file is...

Anônimo disse...

You have an outstanding good and well structured site. I enjoyed browsing through it »

Anônimo disse...

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