The Kinks

The Kinks - Lola Versus Powerman And The Moneygoround (1970)

Lyrically, Lola versus Powerman is a satirical look at the various facets of the music industry, including song publishers ("Denmark Street"), unions ("Get Back in Line"), the hitmaking machine ("Top of the Pops"), accountants and business managers ("The Moneygoround"), and the road ("This Time Tomorrow"). "Apeman" finds Davies becoming fed up with it all and expressing a desire to leave society and go swinging through the jungle. The closer, "Got to Be Free", is an anthem for maintaining personal independence in the face of all opposition. The album's most famous song, "Lola" (about an encounter with a person of ambiguous gender) actually has little to do with the album's theme.

Musically, the album is an extremely varied affair, contrasting gentle ballads like "Get Back in Line" and "A Long Way From Home" against songs like "Rats" and "Powerman", two of the hardest rockers in the Kinks repertoire. "Denmark Street" and "The Moneygoround", like much of Ray Davies's work, pay homage to the English music hall tradition.

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01. Contenders
02. Strangers
03. Denmark Street
04. Get Back in the Line
05. Lola
06. Top of the Pops
07. Moneygoround
08. This Time Tomorrow
09. Long Way from Home
10. Rats
11. Apeman
12. Powerman
13. Got to Be Free

The Kinks - Lola Versus Powerman And The Moneygoround (1970)

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Doug disse...

só porque lola é uma canção voltada para uma tematica homossexual quem curte o disco deve ser homossexual... esse disco tem músicas muito interessantes, já ouviu com atenção a música "Rats" a letra é pra lá de foda, uma crítica a sociedade, cambada de ladroes, desde aquela época.