Trojan Ska Rarities Box Set

Uma coleção dos sonhos para os fãs de ska. Nesta compilação de 3 CDs estão alguns gigantes da época, incuindo instrumentalistas. 50 faixas raras, todas da Trojan, são aqui apresentadas. Coleção lançada em 2005.

E um viva para a Mary Bee que me mostrou essa caixa!

Obrigado e até mais. :)

With all the recordings making their debut in CD, this compilation is every ska fan's dream. Featured on this 3-CD set are some of the giabts of the age, including instrumentalists, Tommy McCook, Don Drummond and Baba Brooks, top vocal groups, the Maytals, the Techniques and the Clarendonians, and popular vocalists, Stranger Cole, Joe White and Freddie McKay. 50 rare Ska tracks in all from Trojan, packaged in cardboard sleeves and housed in a slimline box. 2005.

A great UHA to Mary Bee that showed me this box.

Thank you and see you later.

Tamanho: 181 mB
Bit Rate: 192 kB


01. No One
02. Just One Little Girl
03. One Nation
04. My Daily Food
05. Isabelle
06. How Many Times
07. The World Is Wind
08. I Want To Take A Chance
09. Do You Keep On Dreaming
10. Last Time
11. Fine Fine Fine
12. You Wife And Mother
13. Rockin' Good Way
14. Open The Door
15. Hoochy Koochy Kai-Po
16. Windfall
17. Trojan
18. Samphey Man
19. Wildcat
20. I Love You
21. Alcatraz
22. Him Say You Say
23. Breeze Of The West
24. Day Will Come
25. You Are The One To Blame
26. You Are The One (I Love)
27. Love Will Be Mine
28. Raindrops
29. Lord Have Mercy
30. Low Minded People
31. So Long
32. We Ain't Got Nothing
33. Mally Sally
34. (Swing Low) Sweet Chariot
35. My Darling
36. J.F.K's Memory
37. You Took My Love
38. Mey Bein (My Friend)
39. Wanna Go Home
40. Clock
41. Feel So Lonesome
42. Country Girl
43. Why Worry
44. Living Soul
45. Big Brother
46. Spiritual Mambo
47. Amen
48. Remember I Told You (Aka Don't Do It)
49. Chances
50. Rocket Ship

Trojan Ska Rarities Box Set CD 1
Trojan Ska Rarities Box Set CD 2
Trojan Ska Rarities Box Set CD 3

7 comentários:

mary disse...

E dois vivas para "Just One Little Girl", que faz valer o box inteiro.

Brn eV. disse...

Caramba, se eu soubesse teria postado só essa música!haha

Zero G Sound disse...

I bought this set on cd and can recommend it!

paisley disse...

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