Alton Ellis & The Dreamlets


On 2001, King of RockStady, Mr. Alton Ellis and Dreamlets decided to join forces to record a couple songs on a studio, and the result was two tunes, one of wich is the well known all time classic by Mr. ELLIS "So Much Love" originally recorded on the 60's, and the other, a new original from ALTONE's pen tittled "Lovely Place" on wich ELLIS express to the world his deepest nice feelings about Japanese people. Both tunes was printed as a 7" single with "LOVELY PLACE" b/w "DUBBING PLACE", and as a 10" vinyl with "SO MUCH LOVE" b/w "SO MUCH DUB". Both DUB versions was done by a Japan Dub Master, a DRY&HEAVY CONNECTION member Naoyuki Uchida, Also all 4 tracks was compiled on this E.P. CD Single. On this recording sessions, The Dreamlets band was complemented by guest friends from DETERMINATIONS on Trumpet and Saxophones and EGO WRAPPIN' Masaki Mori on Guitar. All this recordings was manufactured and distributed by Drum&Bass Records, always supporting the Jamaican Muzik scene on Japan. Let's hope to hear news very soon.

1.Lovely Place
2.Dubbing Place
3.So Much Love
4.So Much Dub

roberto, muito obrigado por upar esse disco! :D

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Anônimo disse...

Thank you. Just when I thought I had everything the great Alton Ellis had done! I saw him onve 10 years ago live. He was phenomenal!

Anônimo disse...

Alton Ellis plays in London next august 2007, I hope he will do some more gigs, but if not, im going there.
I really love this guy.