The Badge: Previously Unreleased Songs & Demos

Smash It Up!

Vol.1: 1981-1986

1. Kanashiki Midnight Rocker
2. Tomorrow
3. Lonely Night
4. Liberty
5. ????????????
6. Rainy Day
7. Ame No Monday
8. Akanuke Skinai Moonlight
9. Niken Na Roulette
10. Winter In The City
11. Hanashiki Prisonner
12. Come On!
13. Breaking Down The Glass (Too Young To Die)
14. He Was Really Saying Something - The Velvelettes
15. First I Look At The Purse - The Contours
16. Tonight (Radio Mix)

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Strikes Back!

Vol. 2: 1979-1986

1. Angel Kids
2. Beat Jikake No Graffiti
3. Denwa Box
4. Instant Girl
5. Crazy Rendezvous
6. Kokoro Kara Aisuru Kimi Ni
7. Mada Minu Omae Ni [Hard Tour]
8. Mr. Girl
9. One More Time
10. Private Time
11. Secret Track
12. Standing In The Middle Of The Road
13. Sugarless Girl
14. Suteki Na Music
15. Yes!
16. You Are Everything

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obrigado, roberto por me falar do Badge, e obrigado leo por me passar um dos discos :D

ah, e esses discos são meu presente de aniversário pra Mary B. :)

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que maravilha !!

Anônimo disse...

Great stuff.
Could you upload their real album please?
It would be great!

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