Amiga A Go-Go Vol.1 - Deutsch-Demokratische Rare Grooves

Deutsch-Demokratische Rare Grooves

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1.Derby - Theo Schumann Combo
2.Welch ein Zufall - Uschi Brüning
3.Hallo Carlos - Modern Soul Band
4.Es bleibt die Sonne - Gerd-Michaelis-Chor
5.Glückliches Mädchen - Klaus Lenz
6.Philly-Nova - Günther Fischer
7.Komm und spiel mit mir - Manfred Krug
8.Tentakel - Orchester W. Kubiczeck
9.Glaub nicht - Doerk & Sckikora Combo
10.Philodendron - Veronica Fischer & Band
11.Sonnenbrand - Evgeni Kantschev Quintett
12.Jede Blume blüht nur einmal auf - Reinhard Lakomy
13.Es steht ein Haus in New Orleans - Orchester Günter Gollash
14.Don Gil - Theo Schumann Combo
15.Hochzeitsnacht - Uschi Brüning
16.Premiere - Günther Fischer
17.5 nach halb 7 - Modern Soul Band
18.Morgen - Manfred Krug
19.Grashalme - Klaus Lenz
20.Finis - Pantha Rei

obrigado, raphael, por me mostrar e passar esse ótimo disco!

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MANU... disse...

super mec ! à quand le vol2 ?

Anônimo disse...

Great you're spreading the word for that masterpiece, i love so much!!!

Here some words (creepy translation of the German description):

Ten years after the fall of the BERLIN WALL the dark side of the German Democratic Republic (GDR) becames visible: "BLACK MUSIC MADE IN GDR?" It's hard to believe but in the 70s the GDR-music-scene was blacker than the black coal of Zwickau.

For musicians like Klaus Lenz, Günther Fischer or the Theo Schumann Combo this drifty beat was anything else like an expression of westerly decadence. Far from it!
They let get themselves inspired by imperalistic musicians like Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield, Carlos Santana or Jimmy Smith to absolutely funky peal performance. And this is exactly, what AMIGA A GO GO VOL. 1 unites the first time on CD: 20 rare groovy nuggets, which were recorded between 1968 and 1979, which bring the GDR musically to a completely new light.

AMIGA A GO GO Vol. 1 is the best prove that soul and socialism don't are mutually exclusive. And when today's DJs just play one of this 20 songs, finally socialism wins after all - even though only on the dancefloor.

Anônimo disse...

bingo antonio :-)