Remember The High Numbers

High Numbers

Tracks 1-4 recorded at Fontana Studios as the "High Numbers" in 1964. Tracks 5-13 recorded live at the "Marquee Club", London as the "High Numbers" in Autumn 1964.


1. I'm the Face
2. Zoot Suit
3. Leaving Here
4. Baby Don't You Do It
5. Here 'Tis
6. Dance To Keep From Crying
7. You Really Got Me
8. Young Man Blues
9. Green Onions
10. Improvisation
11. Long Tall Shorty
12. Pretty Thing
13. Smokestack Lightning / Money

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Loren disse...

Great post!!!

Anônimo disse...

Wow!!!!!!!! superb record.
Really thanx bro!!!! i was looking for it.


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Chris McLaren disse...

ANother file deleted by Rapid Share! Can this one be re-uploaded please!

History Is Hell disse...

Wow, could you re-up this one? I've been looking for a good version of their "Dance To Keep From Crying" for years...thank you!

Anônimo disse...

Hi, could reupload this album please, can't find it anywhere else, thanks.

Anônimo disse...

dead link - bullshit!